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  • jessicalmiller3 February 2019
    I no longer have faith in the IMDB viewer rating system. Don't waste your time or money on this garbage. It is a movie comprised of a few worn out comedy formulas that only someone born after 2010 isn't tired of. Barely worth commenting on except to save someone else from making the same mistake clicking on it.
  • I have never written a review on here until now. I was deceived by all the other reviews.. I can't believe so many people thought this was a great movie.. were they even watching the same one as I? The dialogue was painfully slow.. the acting was mediocre at best. The one scene where the butter face chick with the fake boobs asked for a signature, was just so cheesy on top of cheese. It would have been funny if one breast was lopsided or an elderly lady asked instead.. So many more things I can criticize about this movie but then I'd be writing all day. Please people. Don't trust those 10/10 stars!
  • zathan-3284819 June 2019
    This got boring and annoying very quickly. After 30mins i had to turn it off. Stay away
  • Nothing but a rip-off of Weekend at Bernie's and a very bad one at that. Don't waste your time.
  • If you come into this movie expecting a cinematic masterpiece, then you need to re-evaluate how you choose your movies. Take this for what it is, it's a fun, entertaining, stoner comedy. Have some friends over, throw back some beers or light a joint and prepare yourself to laugh at the hilarious hijinks. It's hard to find good comedies these days, this movie is better than a lot of blockbuster comedies hitting theaters the last few years. I was thoroughly entertained, laughed a lot and went with the flow of the movie. I don't understand all the hate. Keep your expectations in check, laugh and roll with the movie. Don't take everything so seriously.
  • abdooaldeep22 June 2019
    I don't usually review movies on the internet but I don't understand why some people say it's bad. Not because it does't have big names in it, that means it doesn't have a chance to be good. So, I have to say that I laughed all the time and the storyline kept me entertained all the time. Really recommend this one.
  • I thought it was a great movie to watch when you just want to not think + curl up with a glass of wine and just lie back and have some giggles and laughs.
  • A fun movie with a great ensemble! Watch it, you'll be delighted.
  • I look at movies as independent constructs and this is billed as a comedy. Did it make me laugh? Yes! Was it unique or a masterpiece? That's for you to decide. All I can say is it was a good movie to check out from this crap world for a moment and look at something funny made by people that want to make people laugh. It did just that and I'm glad I watched it.
  • If "Weekend at Bernies" is "Jaws"......then "Wally Got Wasted" is "Sharknado"....don,t bother...I had such a hard time to go through it that reminded me of my nightmarish weekend at a rich but extremely homely girlfriend,s mansion
  • Movie was a damn good movie. A must see you will not be disappointed. Just when you think things couldn't get worse for them in the movie it just gets worse and funnier..
  • "Weekend at Bernie's" it is not!!! Same concept, yes. But "Wally Got Wasted" expands on this idea and succeeds in creating a funny lite comedy.

    For nonsense style movie lovers with goofy but likeable characters, this movie is just the thing. Nothing violent or grotesque to challenge the viewer. Plus the adventure to do 'what with Wally' is entertaining in itself.

    The three main characters carry this story without letting the pace sag and that keeps it fun!
  • JasonCroot16 January 2019
    I usually don't watch new movies but this was recommended by a friend she told me it is so funny, once again I approached this with an open mind, but she was spot on, I laughed throughout the cast were very strong and storyline, highly recommended
  • This movie delivers laughs and relatable humor all the way through. The three main characters felt like my own friends because the conversations and arguments were the same types of scenarios I had with my own pals growing up....but without murder lol. Adam William Ward, Patrick Cavanaugh, and Aaron Groben cracked me up with their wild antics and I even paused the movie to make a sandwich because I didn't want to miss anything....and my Tv is viewable from the kitchen. Lisa Lauria is dynamite in both beauty and chemistry with the other actors. I was very impressed with the whole script and loved the cameo of Larry Hankin. I'd strongly recommend this movie to people who know how to let go and have fun. If your life has been stressful lately, this is definitely the comedy to bring you back to center because it proves that things could always be worse!
  • fimbuff16 January 2019
    The movie was hilarious if hangover and weekend at Bernie's had a baby this would be it. An Instant classic
  • asmultani17 January 2019
    This movie I think people will look back at for years to come. I feel like a have discovered a gem!! I think the acting was on the level and the story was fantastic!! Kept me entertained the whole time. I agree with the others a must watch!
  • schulanernick11 February 2019
    Admittedly, the story was a little predictable at some points, but it doesn't make it any less funny.

    A fun little challenge: See if you can spot the writer, Seth Hymes, in the movie.
  • Wally Got Wasted was a blast! It reminded me of the 80s comedies I always loved. Lots of fun, memorable moments throughout, good pacing, and overall just a good time. We need more movies like this!
  • traceysayed25 March 2019
    So funny!! I laughed the whole movie!! Casting was great. Story was superb!! It gets better and better as the movie goes along. Reminded Me of an 80's movie.
  • Hangover meets weekend at bernies for sure!! I loved the movie. I also watched the behind the scenes on YouTube. Amazing what everyone involved did. Really loved it!!
  • This move was very funny! Loved all the references and the journey of the characters. Totally a top contender with other famous comedy movies (The Hangover). Wally got wasted is recommended if you want to laugh with you family and friends!
  • zzwardmusic18 January 2019
    Such a great movie to watch any night of the week! So many good laughs and close calls, this movie kept us on the edge of our seats the whole time! Every character holds their own while seamlessly supporting each other in such a special way. My favorite character is the female police officer with the blonde hair, I wish she had more lines but it's ok. I could watch this movie over and over again it's that good. I can honestly say it's up there with the greatest comedies ever made!
  • I did not expect much cause I never heard of this movie until a friend said to watch it. I was blown away!! This should have went to theaters. No it does not have any big names but it was so entertaining!! Feels like Gonnies with a weekend and berrnies twist. A little slow at the start but stick in there. It is worth it!!
  • It is a must watch.. So funny. It kept me on the edge of the seat for a hour and an half. I highly recommend to watch this.
  • marilynrosen16 January 2019
    This movie is so well done. Funny, filled with action, touching, excellent editing, catchy music. All around a worthwhile viewing experience.
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