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  • This is probably the sexiest video ever in the history of mankind. The King of Pop is amazing to say the least. A classic video. That every adult should watch. Hot hot hot
  • floydcarey-4534215 October 2018
    Classic tune, iconic movies and and video. Michael looks great and happy in this short film. Such a genius he was. He will be missed. He is the greatest entertainer of all time for a reason.
  • Can I get the original visual of this vedio... I mean hd quality... Please suggest me where can I get HIGH DEFINITION visuals of this song ...thanku
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we got the music video for the Michael Jackson song "In the Closet" that was released back in 1992, so it had its 25th anniversary last year. Director is the famous photographer Herb Ritts who also made many other music videos before his untimely death. As for this one here, MJ was in his mid-30s when it came out and his supporting "actress" Naomi Campbell, the famous model, was still in her early 20s. In terms of both video and song, especially video probably, I don't think this was nowhere near Jackson's best. And the music is not half as catchy as I wanted it to be. This one runs for pretty much exactly 6 minutes, but there's nothing really that stands out about it, not Jackson, certainly not Campbell who added absolutely nothing for me and not the desert setting either. All in all, very much a thumbs-down from me and nobody except the very biggest MJ fans want to check this one out.