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  • It's hard to fault Lasagna Cat. It's practically the pinnacle... the apex... the conclusion... of internet humour.

    It's never anything less than funny and, at times, it enters almost profound, mind-blowing levels of humour so intelligent that they work as both a stupid gag and a deconstruction of the nature of comedy itself.

    I'm sure I'm putting more thought into it that the creators ever did by speaking about it on these terms, but at the same time, that's not to take away from what they've done here. Some people are just naturally talented.
  • I've seen every single episode and I still don't even know what it is. 11/10

    PS. it quite possibly has the greatest unexpected comeback of any artist ever. I don't even know if the guy who did it hates Garfield to bits or loves it too much. Quick note: episodes are either a few minutes long or an hour or four, so prepare yourself. That's it. I have nothing more to say. I hope you enjoyed my review. I sure enjoyed writing it. Yeah... Lasagne cat. woo.
  • edwardlewing28 March 2017
    I have watched every episode of this bizarre madness of this YouTube show and you know what i don't know. I DON'T KNOW. there was an hour and a bit of some guy over analysing a Garfield comic strip and it was just that the worst bit about it was that I WATCHED ALL OF IT. and I enjoyed it its just weird but in a way it is art just like the original Garfield itself. THIS IS TRUE ART!
  • I was at first very skeptical of "Lasagna Cat". I had no idea what this would even be about. But after watch just one episode, I was hooked. Lasagna Cat makes perplexing and somehow very deep videos. Each are stricter the same, it starts with a live action Garfield comic, then it plays a laugh track and shows the original, and finally it ends with a jokey, short bit. Each being original to each episode.

    I feel Garfield on its own, can sometimes just not be very funny. But the way Lasagna Cat replicates these mediocre and turns them into masterpeices is just wonderful. Lasagna Cat is a perfect representation of the internet, and what makes it such a fun place to be.
  • I love Lasagna Cat. The original set of videos from 2007 quickly became a favorite among my friends in high school upon its release, and the 2017 series is an amazing follow up that didn't lose any of the funny. It would be incredibly easy for this kind of series to become formulaic and boring, but Lasagna Cat always finds ways to surprise you, and the 2017 series became even more experimental.