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  • I've been a fan of Kino No Tabi since I first saw the 2003 mini- series in 2013. It was a coincidence, with the passing of Ryūtarō Nakamura that same year.

    Nakamura is also known for directing Serial Experiments Lain, so his style is easily recognizable. The reason I bring up Nakamura is that he set a high standard for Kino, even with his limited use of animation.

    Kino No Tabi: The Animated Series tries to adapt some of his techniques from the 2003 series (something I've noticed). I am impressed to say that even with the different art style and voice actors, it still feels distinctly "Kino," as if Nakamura were involved in this production.

    My hope is that this series will stay on the path of philosophical discussion. My favorite episodes from the mini-series are "A Tale of Feeding Off Others," and "A Kind Land," some stories that got me hooked on Kino for the depth of stories they present.

    Regarding the art style of the 2017 series, it's a tad moe, and that can be off-putting for some people. But I feel it's in the line of art that Kuroboshi provided for the recent light novels. I also think their use of colors, especially for the op, is beautiful!

    Some people complain about the excessive use of guns, but I don't have any complaints about that. It's a prominent theme throughout the light novels.

    My only complaint as an avid Kino fan is that they didn't put Mikuni Shimokawa in the singing spot, or Ai Maeda (the original Kino) on the cast.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This anime series follows Kino, a traveller who's gender isn't clear till the penultimate episode and his/her talking motorbike, Hermes, as they visit various very different countries. Kino never stays more than three days in any country irrespective of whether it is a friendly country or somewhere oppressive. On her travels Kino crosses paths fellow traveller Shizu and his talking dog Riku. While most episodes are centred on Kino and Hermes there are some where they barely appear. These include one where Shizu and Riku are joined by a young girl named Ti and one that features a girl who is being kept as a slave. It later emerges that the episodes aren't in chronological order; most notably the one which shows how Kino became a traveller in the first place.

    Having loved the original 2003 series I was a little unsure about this... would it be a sequel or a reboot. It turns out it isn't really either. Some episodes do cover stories that were previously shown but most are new, but very much in the spirit of the original. I liked how Kino's gender is ambiguous until the penultimate episode, which is effectively a remake of the fourth episode of the original series, where Kino starts travelling. Anybody not seeing the original may think the idea of a traveller and a talking motorbike might be rather twee but in fact it is quite dark at times; it doesn't shy away from tragedy and we see that Kino's two pistols aren't just for show. The animation is good and the character designs are impressive; the characters are easily recognisable as those from the original without being identical. Overall I heartily recommend this to fans of the original and new viewers.

    These comments are based on watching the series in Japanese with English subtitles.
  • nogu-0634619 August 2019
    Definitely worth a watch. Although some episodes are hit and miss on storytelling. (Episode 4 Ship Country - On the Beach)
  • Derache29 December 2018
    You hit the ball, but yet you missed. This is Kino no Tabi, the re master.

    I enjoyed it more than the original, but yet people still manage to love the original a lot more.

    This one is superior in many ways.

    The story brings forth many constant philosophical and psychological themes. It was amazing. However, the last few episodes did not keep this up. I loved the story, and I won't ever be able to forget it.

    The art was a masterpiece. This is one of the most beautiful animes I have seen. I have seen a ton of anime, but this is different. This is an amazing and beautiful trip across this land.

    The sound was on point. I don't have any complaints or any comments.

    The characters were great. Majority of them were only there for an episode to help show the philosophical or psychological theme, but despite that, they were really good at serving their purpose. Motor rad and kino were a duo while feeling like one.

    The enjoyment of this anime is high. It was a journey across this world which is beautiful, but yet disgusting, a world full of laws, that is great, but yet terrible. It was so enjoyable and memorable.

    This anime stood out for me. It wasn't just another anime that was a clone of another one, but rather it was itself.

    Majority of the animes that are put out may reach the top charts, you see the anime one day, but you forget it in a few years. It does nothing unique, it just may do it better.

    This did, what it did, like nothing else. it had a substance and it was really good

  • I dropped this series the episode after the episode "The country of liars". This series has fantastic animation and voice acing. The premise is also great along with the main character. There are just a lot of little things about this that kind of annoy me that aren't really problems that made me want to stop watching. Also, some of the countries are a bit boring. Overall, I would recommend this series.