As of 2017, the program has aired every single Tuesday since its debut in 1995. The only exceptions have been the years in which Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve were Tuesdays. Those weeks, the program aired on Mondays.

In its early programs in the 90s, the show was divided in two parts: one before and one after the movie. One of the sections after the movie was called "Version Original" (Original Version) and it featured clips from the film in the original language, so the audience could hear the actors voices.

Initially little more than a container talking about the film of the week, it soon started gaining recurring sections and a distinct personality.

Season 24 featured an unusually high number of films (20) set in or around WWII and Nazi Germany, almost 40% of the shows that season. Between shows 24x01 and 24x37 the longest gap of no WWII films was 7 shows (24x09 to 24x14), one of which one was set in WWI (La noche de...: La noche de... Testamento de juventud (2018)) That gap was followed by a string of 7 films, 6 of which were set in WWII. Fittingly, the season premiere La noche de...: La noche de... Al lado del enemigo (2018) started with a reenactment/homage/parody of Casablanca (1942), famously set during WWII.