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  • This one came as a complete surprise to me: behind the rather playful title lies an unexpectedly harrowing, mean-spirited and nihilistic tale that leaves quite the emotional impact.

    Lin Shu-wei (Yu-Kai Teng) is an unpopular high-school student who faces daily bullying from his classmates and a lack of empathy from his teacher. When Shu-wei is accused of stealing money, he is given community service, along with three of his most cruel tormenters, led by callous classmate Duan Ren-hao (Kent Tsai). Sent to work at an old people's home, the class bullies abuse the pensioners, with Shu-wei joining in, relieved to not be the target of the torture for a change.

    One night, the four teenagers sneak into the home to steal a locked case belonging to an elderly ex-soldier, believing it to contain valuables. During the burglary, the lads encounter a ghoulish flesh-eating girl that chases them out of the building, only for her to be knocked down by a car (which promptly drives away). Taking the creature to their hideout, the bullies set about inflicting pain upon their prisoner, with Shu-wei a reluctant participant. Meanwhile, the cannibalistic kiddie's older sister is on the hunt for her missing sibling...

    With almost no genuinely sympathetic characters, the message of Mon Mon Mon Monsters is that humans are the real monsters. We lose much of our sympathy for Shu-wei when he joins in with the bullies, his teacher is heartless, the driver of the car that hits the little girl immediately flees the scene, and Ren-hao and his pals are sociopaths. For some, this will mean that the film will prove too much to handle, but for those who enjoy disturbing cinema, this is a well-directed treat that keeps on surprising, right down to the bitter end.

    7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.
  • thesar-24 April 2018
    It's probably not a good idea to either capture a monster...or make one.

    I love to go into a movie as cold as I can, and the barely little I saw of this led me to believe this would be a kiddie monster movie for fun, like The Monster Squad. Oh, hell no. I'm guessing this is "supposed" to contain "humor," but this gets dark, fast and gruesome, just for adults.

    This is NOT for kids. Even if it mainly stars them.

    Bullied student - and not just by his peers, gets to join his closes adversaries for the day and while he wants to be accepted, he realizes, slowly how dark, disturbed and horrific they can be. And then a monster shows up.

    They capture said monster, or at least, one half of a pair that doesn't like to be separated from each other. NOT a good idea.

    Just like I like to go in cold into a film, I've only given you 1/100th of the movie and there's so much more you can explore. And needless to say, you'll experience more than you bargained for.

    I loved the originality, the acting, film-making, but not so much the fake CGI and CGI blood - one of my biggest pet peeves as of late. It's lazy, cheap and beneath any real filmmaker. Do it practical or up your CGI budget to real filmmaking standards.

    As mentioned, this gets dark and once the movie remotely starts to dim...there's no going back. So, if you like that, buckle in and enjoy the ride.


    Final thoughts: School's out. Time to start learning some lessons. Well, the audience anyways.
  • I was so impressed with this film. It starts out as the story of a boy bullied at school, then turns in to a monsters movie, then throws out all the rules and will have you asking who the real monsters are. Perhaps we're all monsters and maybe society forces some people to become monsters no matter how hard they fight to be good. Even though it's got a young, fun, horror, gore vibe, this film can make you think a lot deeper if you want to go there. There's definitely some decent comedy parts but my favourite bits were the emotional gut punches that come as you find out the reasons why people are the way they are. It seems everyone is a bully in some way, each being kicked by someone above them or by society or by an unfair situation that they've found themselves in. While this isn't quite true to real life for everyone, there are a multitude of scenes that are going to resonate with anyone who has been bullied, been a bully or knows someone who is either. Look out for a scene in the teacher's office after a fight that will make you question everything you thought you knew about one of the bullies and the school he attends. The climax will similarly have you making quick changes about who your sympathies lie with. And that ending; oh that ending!!! I could go on but I don't want to give too much away. Just watch it and take those emotional gut punches as they come. I should also mention that there was some great acting, especially Kent Tsai who I hope will become a bigger star soon. And there are several great set pieces, like that bus scene which has now put me off watermelon smoothies for life, lol. I'd really highly recommend this film. Don't listen to the bad reviews, which I can only guess were written by people who don't like horror or who failed to see the power of the bullying storyline. This film has so much to offer. Go see it now.

    ( I saw it on Shudder in the UK, but it's truly well worth getting in dvd/blu-ray if you can't find it on a streaming service. In fact, I'm off to buy a copy now so I can watch it a couple more time in future.)
  • 9/10 movie but i am giving it 10 just because there are so many negative reviews and I don't want people to miss out such a good movie because of the reviews. One of the best film i have seen in ages!! I believe most of the negative review come from people who did not like the director of the Movie due to some drama that happened years ago, I think it is only fair to Judge the movie by itself not how the director handle his own personal affairs. I would definitely give this film more then 10 star if I could. This is definitely a brilliant movie that stands out from a typical horror film.
  • From the title and poster, I thought this was going to be a cute monster movie with cute boys but it was actually quite depressing (in a good way!) Proving that bullying is the REAL monster!!

    Side note - I have really enjoyed a majority of the International films released on Shudder. Movies like this one are totally worth the subscription price alone!! -not a paid endorsement-
  • There is may horror movies today , many hare bad but some are very good , sometimes exellent and some just transend the genre , and this one do . Don't expect anything else than great horror, humour, and a powerful ,brutal and mercilless social drama .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love Asian horror movies so was excited to watch this after seeing positive reviews. This movie is listed as horror/comedy, I found nothing about this movie funny, at all. I really hated this movie and feel it was very mean spirited. I'm not sure what kind of person would find this movie funny but trust me, there is nothing funny in it besides a few short scenes in the beginning. Anyone can throw some nice gore into a movie :boring: what makes a horror movie good is the story and characters. I hated both but mostly the characters.

    A bunch of boys capture a little girl that is a ghoul, the little ghoul has an older sister whom she lives with who is also a ghoul. They live in boxes in a crappy area where homeless people are forced to live. Yes they capture and eat people to survive, they only show them kill one person and they do it fast, like predators that only kill for food.

    The boys that capture the little girl ghoul take immense pleasure in causing everyone around them pain. They torment the helpless whenever possible, namely older people who can't even feed themselves. They torment a classmate and the teacher is very apathetic, she acts very bizarre. The classmate they torment ends up hanging around with them for reasons i won't get into since it doesn't really matter and goes along with everything they tell him to do. You lose all respect for him and feel no sympathy at all since he is too weak to do the right thing. He is a selfish little twit that only cares about himself and not getting beat up by the other boys.

    They then go on for the entire movie to torture a little girl ghoul who is chained up and helpless. They delight in finding new ways to torture her, pulling her teeth out one by one as she screams, burning her and even beating her. They drill a metal plate over her mouth using screws. The bullied classmate feels bad about all this yet does nothing to help her, he in fact joins in with the others.

    I only watched it to the end hoping to see the older ghoul find the younger one and exact her revenge, I couldn't wait to see those little brats die slowly and see the younger ghoul saved, but nope...couldn't even get that satisfaction. The ending sucked and I hated every single one of the characters, all but the "monsters". But of course the "real" monsters were the students. The movie ended leaving me with a sick feeling....

    TLDR: a group of boys torture a little girl and just when you think you can't hate them more any more than you already do, especially the weak minded selfish bullied one that acts like a victim instead of standing up and doing the right thing, you do..the end
  • Very disturbing and hard to watch at times, but has a pretty interesting and unique plot.
  • You really have to understand Asian/Chinese/Taiwanese cinema and culture to appreciate this film. The main idea is this: who is the real monster: a monster who eats to live, or humans who delight in tormenting others? As someone who was bullied in school, I appreciate this film. A monster made a monster through no fault of her own, trying to survive, versus teenage humans who take great joy in tormenting and hurting others. Who, indeed, is the real monster? And, what can turn a good person into a monster? Is there redemption for such a person? Do parents create monsters in their children? This is a great film if you understand themes in Asian cinema. Keep in mind that it is magical realism, like many Asian films. It is both in reality, and in a fantasy world. It is both a story, and an allegory. It touches many themes in Asian culture, too many to list here. If you are willing to explore the rich world of Asian cinema and culture, then you will enjoy the hell out of this masterpiece. If you approach it from a Western horror movie mindset, then you might not like it.
  • Not sure that I understand the hype behind this film. I found it to be mostly uninteresting and even boring. None of the characters are likeable and most of them are honestly just very annoying. Would not recommend
  • Had to turn it off. Couldn't get past the bullying and apathetic adults. Ya, I know it's just a movie and I normally love Asian horror (best horror movies by far). Not this time. Perhaps I'll revisit this film at a later time.
  • gingerwildheartmail29 September 2020
    Pointlessly cruel, mean spirited and really, really annoying. The only movie I've watched in a very long time that I wish I could unsee. Absolute feel-bad trash, and not in a good way.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a Taiwanese film with subtitles in English, French, and Spanish. Some high school students capture and torture "a monster." The monster was once a girl changed by voodoo and act like Juon who is a zombie and vampire. The monster has a monster sister who wants to free her.

    The film was not as interesting a "Deadgirl" even though the boys were boob crazy. The teacher was extremely bad and I am not sure of the point they were attempting to make about liberal education. I regret paying for the film, but not watching it.

    Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Spoken language didn't line up with subtitles.