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  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Madonna: Vogue" is a 5-minute short film from 1990, so this one is already older than a quarter of a century and the title already tells us what we have here, namely the music video for the song "Vogue" by recording artist Madonna. Around that time, she was probably at the peak of her popularity, so it is no surprise that this one here also received a pretty solid deal of awards recognition. I cannot agree with that though. I have seen and liked a lot of stuff by Madonna and it's nice to see how she kept reinventing herself in more unique ways than one could ever imagine, but her take on Marilyn Monroe here did not impress me that much. The black-and-white movie as well as the song did not send me as much of an artistic message as some of her other works. A bit of a shame as here we have Madonna (in her early 30s) collaborating with David Fincher (in his late 20s). Madonna turns 60 next year and she left us an amazing heritage, but these five minutes are not en vogue in my opinion. Thumbs down.