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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we got "Girl Gone Wild", the music video to a Madonna song from 2012. I read that this was made by a pair of fashion photographers and you can see it in the overall style for sure. They made sure all these models don't take away any attention from Madonna by including male dancers exclusively. The most known cast member from these is Kortajarena I think. This one runs for minimally under 4 minutes and I would call it a piece of style over substance really. The visual side is relatively forgettable I must say, maybe even a bit pretentious. The song is okay, nothing bad, but also nowhere near the artist's best from a while ago. And if Madonna still looks like that in her mid-50s, then I guess it is also fine she keeps calling herself a girl with that age. But all in all, a mostly forgettable number. Listening to the audio is enough as except Madonna's looks, nothing is too flattering about the visual side here. I give it a thumbs-down and I'm glad it was this short.