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  • And they never finished describing what a complete scum bag this guy still is. What gets me is that many of his church friends are either in denial of him being the devil or just naive sheep at the slaughter.
  • tarikbrummelaar13 March 2018
    I have never written a review before. But just because I feel conned into watching this movie I have made an account on imdb. I am sure the people who've left good reviews are insiders or have worked on this movie. The worst movie I have ever seen. It could have been a great movie, but the plot is thin. The acting is horrible, especially in the second part where Barry Minkow playing himself... It's a joke. He deserves another 20 years in prison and 500 million fine just for making this movie.
  • phredator22 November 2018
    While I have seen some dogs in my time, and it is difficult to compare one bad movie to another, I would argue that this is clearly the worst movie of this year and possibly the worst movie since the turn of the century. Tortured is how I would describe the dialogue and story. Throughout the production they attempt with the deftness of a Hippo to ineptly attempt to steal little bits from other movies (cup drop from Usual Suspects) each time to poor effect. The. Dialogue. Is. So. Stilted. This is supposed to be a "con" movie. A heist, a caper. It should be high energy, snappy. It is not. It is so very not snappy. And yet, I have to say that in a bizarre way, I was sort of entertained. The whole thing is so unbelievably bad, it's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. I actually sat through the whole thing wondering every minute if it could get any worse and becoming shocked as it surpassed it's own mediocrity with every single scene as it continued it's spiral into oblivion. If you'd like to hate every single frame of a film for wasting your time and degrading your life, than this is the movie for you. I've given it zero stars, but I'd like to point out that my rating is absolute zero which would rate at -273 on the regular scale out of ten. Save yourself. Run away from this film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I worked on this movie 8 1/2 years ago, and I have no doubt Minkow was using the film production to create loss sheets, presumably to hide stolen money. One day he and his assistant went around set issuing "bonus" checks for $100 to crewmembers. No records were kept as to who received what, they just wrote checks for $100 and handed them out blindly. Mine cleared. Several did not, I heard. In 12 years' professional experience I had never witnessed anything like that before, and haven't since.

    In the 8 1/2 years since we wrapped production, the most I ever heard from this show was that Minkow (WHO WROTE THE SCRIPT AND STARS IN THE MOVIE, a fact the ads do not highlight) had made an appearance on Hannity, where Hannity swore the movie deserved all the Oscars. Perhaps it's a fitting end that Minkow's back in jail, where he belongs.
  • Overall, the movie was a total dud. The concept was promising. One Star. The cast had me excited. Add another Two Stars. Then...nothing!

    The story jumped all over the place with holes in the plot and poor character and plot development. We get nothing in return for the time invested. I can get more action from a Google or YouTube search.

    The ending was just plain bad. But, I was excited that it ended. Would have been better if it "self-destructed after viewing" like Mission Impossible. Definitely sits at the bottom with Vanilla Sky and Jason X.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was such an amateur movie, the moment when the church scene happened I thought I wasted my time with this movie but when I found out he conned the church I had a blast and here is 2 stars, well deserved just for that.
  • I can't believe the shameless plugs by the makers of this movie as positive reviews here on IMDB. This movie is made by a ragtag team of high schoolers looking for something to do during the summer break. Its creators have no clue about storytelling. The theme had potential since I remember Barry Minkow's rise and fall. In better hands this could have been made into a great movie going experience. I am partial to conmen movies but this rendition is definitely not it. It is one hour forty minutes of your life you will regret wasting.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All you need to know is in the first couple of minutes, when Minkow is shown as the battered hero of a prison football game. Later he heroically saves a man being beaten up in the showers. And then he bravely goes after a wicked conman who won't give back $250k to one of his parishioners. Finally a soft-hearted FBI man hands him a valise containing $125k after Minkow chases two huge bodyguards trying to do a runner. What a hero this man is. What I was waiting for was the bit where he stole his grandmother's jewellery, or the bit where he stole millions from the church and parishioners that trusted him. Instead all we got was this hideously partisan TV movie. Don't waste your time on this...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I read the description and viewed the trailer for Con Man, expecting a faith-based film with the assumption of the ol' bad guy turned good thanks to God-Thank You Jesus. The cast is made up of a lot of heavy hitters but some of them are known to do side projects that aren't about money so I was really looking forward to the message this film would bring.

    The film is rather wishy-washy for the first hour, like one of those after-school specials from the 80s, but once that hour mark hits the message is definitely a serious one. The next 40 minutes delivers what I expected:the introduction to finding God, going to prison and finding a mentor, release from prison and living the righteous life, working with the FBI to bring down a bad guy and defrauding his church of millions while being convicted again of securities fraud and insider trading........wait, what?

    The film Con Man lives up to it's name-it cons viewers into anticipating a feel good movie about a bad turned good guy, when it actually tells the tale of a bad guy turned bad guy who stays a bad guy as of the date of this review. Because there is such a thing as Internet, I did my research on the shyster known as Barry Minkow. First off, Barry pulled the 'I found God' con-oh, that one pisses me off the most. Next he setup a for-profit firm that investigated things like security fraud, and then conned the FBI into believing he was some kind of 'fraud expert'. Barry became really good at conning the Media, which didn't appear to be very hard as he reeled in 60 Minutes, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal-but that wasn't enough as he conned more people out of more money to create a short film about himself called Redemption(look it up on IMDB) and this travesty of a film, all while sullying the careers of dozens of outstanding actors and actresses. How bad is Barry?-this ending of this film Con Man had to be changed after he was convicted a second time.

    In Summary, if you wish to get angry-watch this film then look up Barry Minkow online. If you work in the industry, stay away from any project that's even remotely connected to Barry Minkow-Inmate #87560-012 once he is released again 06/06/2019.
  • This film subject is a great film to explore but the film fails on many levels! One thing is the fact the fact the real life subject plays himself. (Never a good idea). Also the film also is "Too Bright". The colors or over saturated. The is a crime story. Also the screenplay doesn't cover what happened to many of the people that helped Barry create his con.

    In case you don't know the story Con Man is the real life story of Barry Jay Minkow, a son, businessman, fraud buster, actor, pastor... and felon. Born in 1967, Barry Minkow went on to set up a highly successful carpet cleaning company but was imprisoned in 1988 for one of the world's largest investment and accounting frauds through a Ponzi scheme..

    This case is so interesting that I am positive another film will get made. I am sure it will be better than this attempt.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a biopic of Barry Minkow, a con artist who bilked people out of millions of dollars. It starts when he is 16 operating a rug cleaning business and shows him slowly becoming more and more criminal in a step process.

    The problem with this crime drama is it is white collar crime with limited action. The screenplay didn't make it. Mildly interesting. Prison football scene that was the longest yarn. The film has many falling stars.

    Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity.
  • heretic3692 March 2019
    The movie about con-gangster Minkow, often mentions how charismatic he was and had to be to be succesful. But seeing him playing himself in the second half of the movie (a very strange effect imo), made me question this. He doesn´t come over as charismatic.. or anything special. On the other hand he seems to have talked quite some known names from Hollywood to be in this flick.. so maybe it is true after all.. or he just paid them well (what i think is the reason for his "success" anyway.. greed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It almost had me sucked in - I was tolerating the cheesy script and over acting, only because Mark Hamil was in it (What was he thinking!!). As soon as the God sub plot reared itself I switched off.
  • Wow, I feel I was conned into watching a horrible movie... I am a big fan of Ving Rhames and James Caan. Talia Shire, Gianni Russo and Mark Hamill are in it too and I think they were all conned. I hope they were paid for their work. This is something you would see as a TV movie. I'm sure the true story is good but this movie isn't. I'm giving 5 Stars only because of the actors in it, not for the content. Could have been maid so much better but I hear Barry Minkow took the money. I say watch it and keep an open mind but don't get conned into thinking Barry Minkow is reformed or a Hero of any kind!
  • The story behind this film is one that could be told in so many different ways.

    If you know anything about the sociopath that is Barry Minkow, you'll recognize that Bruce Caulk (Director) did an excellent job capturing the essence of what it's like to be in the presence of someone that literally has zero empathy, and no moral compass.

    While the film plays like a reenacted documentary due to voice overs from various narrators being woven throughout, I found myself drawn in and wondering how it was all going to wind up.

    With a "Catch Me if You Can" type of flow to the plot, I was engaged the entire film.

    If you're into Wall Street scandal genre flicks, you'll definitely want to check this one out.
  • The writing/screenplay by novice writer/producer/director Bruce Caulk was bad. The story was all over the place with major plot issues. What got me was these narrators on screen telling their part of the story/events, not knowing who they are until the very end, and then realizing they are mainly nobodys. Why even have them in the film? It was enough having just the voice commentary. The 100 min length was fairly paced, but had it been written and edited better, it would have been better enjoyed.

    Bruce's direction of the cameras in general was ok for a b-grade film, but he failed in directing some of the celebrity actors and made them seem like amateurs, as where the rest of the cast. James Caan was the only convincing character, and in a distant second place was Mark Hamill.

    The score was atrocious... something that at times belonged in a Disney adventure film. The editing was just as bad.

    The only reason I gave this film a very generous 6/10 was for introducing and telling the viewer the true story of Barry Minkow (who was also in the film as himself). I ended up learning more of his story by Google-ing him. Would I see it again or recommend it? Nope. But if you're into these type of white-collar criminal biographical films, it may be interesting enough to see.
  • I have been interested in Barry Minkow's story for years since the ZZZ carpet days. I knew that he tried to make a movie about his rise, fall and redemption and that it was never released because he got put back in the pokey. He actually stole the money that was used to produce the movie! what a piece of work. Director Bruce Caulk has found an interesting way to remake parts of the movie and tell the truth about what really happened to Barry. I wont spoil the ending but definitely worth the time to watch.
  • I was impressed by director Bruce Caulk who takes the true story of Con Man Barry Minkow and pulls back the red curtain. The victims are given a voice at the beginning and end of the movie that brings the story to life. The movie is interesting and compelling along with an impressive cast. The director clearly knows how to move the camera and creates a unique look for the movie. I highly recommend taking a spin.
  • If you liked Wolf of Wall Street, see this! It's been a while since I enjoyed a movie with class and style.Great acting by a star studded cast. Loved the 80's vibe for the first half. It just looked and felt like a winner. The character arc of the main character was heart breaking and exhilarating at the same time. Definitely a great flick. Also great performances by Ving Rhames and Armand Assante. Star Wars fans, Luke is in here too. Bravo, whoever directed this!
  • ethantriinh3426 April 2020
    Warning: Spoilers
    Why take steroids and let down everyone important in your life... oh wait it's apart of the symptoms, this movie sets terrible examples of character and advice to folks who want to start up business or their actions in general. They should've made a documentary instead of a movie or a book, that would've made people more interested. This film was trying to be Scorsese's Wolf of Wall Street in some ways, trying hard enough it's terrible. Don't watch this movie, it's a waste of previous time and effort, watch any other greater movies other than this.
  • unyan18 April 2020
    The lead actor was 34 at the time of filming this dreadful film when his character is supposed to be16. Tells you all you need to know.
  • Overall I liked the story, and the performances were well done by such a great cast. The crew should also be very proud of a job well done. I don't necessarily get the angst against this movie.
  • I really enjoyed this movie! I just saw it and thought it was pretty darn good. I think that some of the interviews that were placed in there reminded me of "Reds". There was a great cast in there lead by a strong director. Imagine having to direct or even work with a con man!! Not at that top of my list of things to do. Nevertheless, it was a well done film. All of the negative reviews that I had read are extremely false considering this movie wasn't even been released when they published their reviews... ignorant. All in all, I would say that this movie definitely deserves a watch.
  • Loved how this played out! Really showed the behind the scenes of what made Barry Minkow run! The narratives from those who were there 1st hand ...excellent! Acting GREAT! And, what a cast! BRAVO Bruce Caulk! Great Job!
  • siriusly198612 March 2018
    Reading the so-called reviews here I would have passed on watching the movie thinking it was not well-done film. But a closer look at these same reviews it seems to me people give it a down rate and a bad mouth simply for being a "Christian" movie (and not expecting it to be). Rather unfair really! Having watched the film the movie is not a bad film at all and YES it does tackle religion/faith and that is because that's how Barry Minkow's life really went. That would be like watching a Unabomber film without mentioning Kazcinsky's Manifesto. Faith plays a huge part of Minkow's story that's just how it is but despite that is not Sunday School material either - this was not a good man.

    As for the movie, the acting was good particularly the guy who played Minkow. He really reminds me of THAT GUY, manipulative, scheming, ambitions, and using his charms to get the upper hand. The production is okay but what do you expect from a drama? The subject would likely touch people because its pretty down to Earth. If you like "life-changing drama" with a little crime - something out of real crime documentaries like MASTERMIND and AMERICAN GREED then give it a go you will not be disappointed.
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