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  • Nica Noelle previously made an "In the Closet" as a girl/girl video in 2013 for her late, lamented label Girl Candy, and returns to the topic in boy/boy cinema here for her current Icon Male home.

    It's a serious, enjoyable treatment of the subject, but lacks the 3- dimensional characters of the previous Darla Crane/Dyanna Lauren (how's that for big names?) feature. Nica in her latest career specializing in Gay and Transsexual porn niches has cut to the bone (pun sort of intended) her story set-ups, each over in a hurry as she rushes to the all-important XXX content to populate the Icon Male website.

    Two closet cases are depicted here: Lawrence Portland as Darrell is married to Nica's faithful d.p. Diana DeVoe, latter seen briefly in a flashback bidding hubby adieu, as he's moving to a sublet to cut down on his exorbitant commuting time (Nica's stories are set in New England, so perhaps he's moving from one of the bedroom communities in Connecticut or surrounding areas to be closer to Manhattan).

    It turns out he is actually moving out to be with his demanding lover Billy Santoro, hence the "in the closet" status, as poor loyal Diana is in the dark. Drama of the situation stems from Billy having given Darrell an ultimatum, and though the sex is fine between them, he's angry that Mr. D refuses to tell wifey about the arrangement and even insists that they be careful not to let on to friends what's happening, for fear news will get back to her.

    The other gay blade who won't face up to his situation is Roman Todd, introduced in bed with his fiancée, an older-looking woman who unfortunately doesn't get a screen credit, typical of these porn outfits' disinterest in film history. She doesn't look like an actress, and I couldn't identify her.

    They're taking in a boarder, so Roman has one last fling while his wife's away with his diminutive lover on the side Armond Rizzo. Rizzo has his new dyed-red hairdo, and Roman towers over the Mr. Shortstuff actor, then humps him vigorously in bed.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, the two story lines are intertwined by the character played by Santoro, the most prolific actor in Nica's troupe who seems to pop up in practically all her features of late. Billy was introduced having sex with uppity and nasty Noah, played rather provocatively (most of Nica's actors are rather stiff and wooden by comparison) by Michael DelRey. He's mad at Billy for latter's communication with ex Darrell, and not even aware the guys are getting back together.

    Final vignette has Noah humping Roman while Roman's fiancée is away (again), and it's revealed that she is Noah's sister!

    After all the requisite XXX porn footage is completed, Nica provides a double-barreled coda to the story. Billy and Darrell are snug in bed, reconciled to their continued affair, though Billy would clearly prefer that they didn't have to hide their love for each other anymore (he fails to mention his own infidelity we've seen with Noah).

    The fiancée returns home with groceries and finds her brother with her fiancé Roman sitting on the couch looking innocent apres-sex. While Roman leaves the room to unpack the groceries, she remarks to her brother "I had to suffer through a lot of jerks before I found him. He's a keeper", giving the tale a touch of irony as either she's clueless or Nica's implying these siblings love to share.