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  • This too showed up in my Netflix recommendation, and I thought I'd give it a shot since the format is nicely kept at 25mins each episode. About 5hours straight-on bingeing if that's your thing. Good God, I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised by how riveting this series was. I've seen my fair share of Japanese series, but personally, this is truly a refreshing take, perhaps it's due to the genre change. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I remembered kept saying to myself, "What the hell is going on?" positively in an inquisitive direction several times during the 12 episode series. Initially, it's palpable how bland the main male character was, but the performances of all the main female characters (which I love individually) really brought out very interesting dynamics with him in the household, which brings that much weight to his character. If you want something short and refreshing (even if in a foreign language), give this one a shot like I did!
  • adiwsusanto24 August 2017
    I'm happy that this show popped up in my recommended section in Netflix. The story line was intriguing & so captivating that I finish all episodes in 2 nights. It's story telling is much different than Hollywood, yet if you enjoy drama in general, you will enjoy this. Scene by scene changes in an unpredictable way. You feel like you want to know more about its character stories and you are teased with clips of flashbacks, side stories etc. LOVE IT.
  • This is the type of film that could easily be talked about and discussed in universities. If it isn't, then it's a tragedy. This complex, amazing character study rivals some of the best films and shows that I've ever seen in over 40 years of viewing.

    This film is truly a work of art. Each character brings something refreshing, new and compelling to the table (almost literally!).

    This powerful character study is about a novelist with a tragic past who is unable to become a successful author. For some strange reason, five women are invited to live with him for a million yen per month. When he's not writing, he cooks and looks after them. Each woman is different in age, occupation, personality, and background. Part of the mystery is in trying to figure out why the invitations were sent, what the purpose of the women being there is, and who sent them.

    The author learns to accept his new living situation, and finds that there are rules for his interactions with them.

    The story weaves like a fine tapestry of tragic, complex pasts in the lives of all of the characters, and basically what drives people to do things and be who they are. It's riveting story-telling that keeps you hooked, and makes you wince when the number of episodes left to watch dwindles. You want more. You crave more, and you find yourself grateful for finding such a unique and exquisite gem such as this series.

    This is a series that can easily be watched over and over again. It's touching and heart-breaking that compels the viewer to dig deep within themselves; about the walls we put up to keep from being hurt; about the fear of loss, and the fear to love.

    I can't recommend this series strongly enough. It's a story with characters that stays with you long after you've finished, and that's the mark of something so powerfully artistic in how it captivates its viewer.
  • I was amazed with every episode. With this show I realized how used I am to Hollywood films and TV. The story is so unpredictable and my jaw drop at every scene. Funny, sweet, sad, charming and mysterious, this series has it all. Even tho I didn't like much the actor for Shin at the beginning, the series sure did won me over. This is a very Japanese show, so it can be weird for western audience to see how the Japanese people are always so polite and stoic, but also, very charming. I would totally recommend it 9/10
  • thekingsdom20 August 2018
    I absolutely loved this. It's different, it keeps you guessing, it's well acted, well written and well filmed. Very addictive and overall superb.
  • "Million Yen Women" is a Japanese TV series on Netflix that is based off a manga. The protagonist is Yojiro Noda, lead singer of RADWIMPS, the band that did the very popular soundtrack of animated film "Your Name."

    The structure of "Million Yen Women" is the basic set-up of a "harem" manga. "Harem" is a a popular sub-genre in manga where a clueless man lives together with many young, attractive women, many of whom develop crushes or fall in love with him. Although the harem set-up is fine for comics, it rather loses its tenuous credibility in live-action film such as in "Million Yen Women." However this TV series has a twist, an element of mystery, that is almost as fantastical but rather more welcome. Kudos to Yojiro Noda, anyway, for making his protagonist likable anyhow.

    Harem is not particularly my cup of tea, but I did enjoy some of the character development in the series and some surprising moments of depth and pathos sprinkled throughout.

    Although "Million Yen Women" contains elements of romance and murder, it also is about Yojiro Noda's character, who is an upcoming novelist, and his rivalry with a popular established author. This rivalry is pretty basic, but I did enjoy some of the discussion about novels and expression and "creating a new emotion" and etc. There's an odd peace about Yojiro Noda that makes character as a novelist believable, and makes him unique against the backdrop of criminal intrigue he stands against.

    Unfortunately however, the rivalry between the two authors isn't as resolved as I would like, and there are various other plots of the drama that seem rushed or underdeveloped or sort of like afterthoughts. (I haven't read the manga so I make no comparison.) Nevertheless, "Million Yen Women" does have a degree of substance that elevates it beyond a typical boy's fantasy, and it is mostly fun and enjoyable to watch so I recommend it.

    This drama also has Japanese audio description and Japanese captions for those wanting to learn the language.
  • I really love this drama, curently the first memorable series in my life.. cringe, i know.. but if u have any similar series that u know please let me know..
  • If the IMDB description of the show didn't make you watch the show, nothing else will. Nonetheless, let me give it a shot. The series setting, unusual at first, is like a puzzle whose pieces seems to be permanently lost, only to emerge out of nowhere. All the female characters are so developed. After the end of the show, you will develop a crush on al of them. Highly recommended
  • Wonderful adaptation of a manga. Gripping and dramatic story line. One empathizes for the characters. All in all binge worthy! I give it an 8.9
  • faithtinya8 December 2018
    The semi slow page of the series kept me on edge every episode. Would have given it 10/10 if it weren't so short.
  • An unsuccessful writer is suddenly visited by five women that claim to have been invited to live in house under strict rules. One of them is that the monthly rent for each of them is 1 million yen per month.

    Right off the bat each woman is so distinct that the guy seems bland and boring in comparison. With every episode you learn more about the women and the guy and every interaction uncovers another layer.

    This is the kind of series you can binge in one sitting, Every time an aspect of someone is revealed it leaves you wanting to dig deeper and learn more.

    The filming style is artistic and beautiful, writing is sharp and the acting is superb. It's proof that you don't have to shout everything to the heavens to make your point. Sometimes just a quiet moment would do... or a kick to the rear!

    It's a very Japanese show with people being too polite and subtle which just adds another layer of charm to it. Watch it!
  • It is very refreshing to watch something else than the standard kind of series we are used with. It is a different kind of storytelling in a different culture. Very addictive and unpredictable story about a man, writer of crime fiction, housing five women and getting paid 1 M Yen a month for it while he is trying to understand and uncover what is going on. It is a really great series of twelve short episodes of circa 25 min each. It combines so many qualities: its intelligent, polite, complex, soft, scary, violent etc in a unique combination you don't get watching the standard Hollywood output.

    This series increased my appetite for more quality Japanese drama, thanks Netflix for bringing it up on my recommendation list

    Don't miss this artful and intriguing drama !
  • There are times when Netflix gets ahold of some really great tv shows and their foreign selections rarely disappoint. This one will pull you in from the start if you just give it a moment. Intriguing from the start as five women just show up at a frustrated writers home each bringing with them a million yen for him. At first he's taken aback at this wondering why this is happening but for whatever reasons just accepts the situation, what man wouldn't. He's expected to cook and care for them which he does as he's also preoccupied with his attempts at whatever it is he's writing to question why, all he has to go on is what a friend of his told him he has to do he's looking out for him and thinks this is what he needs in order to help him complete his tale since he's stuck, not having been able to get past even a title. Nice friend to have! Anyway, give it a shot, the 12 episodes are only about 28 minutes long and imo the shorter most of these shows are in terms of how many episodes and the length of each with the rare exception here and there, means they'll get to the heart of the matter without branching off in needless directions while the writers figure out how to bring to a close the show. It's just something I've noticed in that they feel like pilot eps that get a good reaction from viewers but then the producers need time to finish them hence the unneeded storylines or they're just milking it for all it's worth and rarely are any of these shows worth it, they don't know when to quit, that also being the problem with second seasons, there's only so far you can take something before it's pointless but this one isn't one of those. So dive in and enjoy the show!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have always been a fan of Japanese anime that is why some of the elements shown in this drama was not new or suppressing to me! This did not ruin the drama for me, instead it heightened my enjoyment. I loved very minute of the drama but I did not like the ending completely, I was still sad and not happy although I should have been happy! It should have been a bit longer so that I can get over my sad feelings and accept the ending.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am so in love with this drama! It is different, exciting, thrilling, complex yet refreshing, super sexy, social, with a powerful metaphorical story telling and more plus GREAT performances. Male leading role is soft, even could be weak for some but he is only a good lonely heart that needs love and companion desperately and he finds it in the most unexpected way but the best thing is that he embraces it despite of previous pain and misery in his life because he accepted he deserves happiness. I was really fond with all the symbolism in this Beautiful 'movie' and the best thing was to see Yojiro Noda (lead vocalist of the Japanese band Radwimps, creators of animated Japanese film Your Name OST) playing it. BRILLIANT!!