ICE Officer Michaels: Sign the form.

Manuel: No.

ICE Officer Michaels: Sign the form!

[Grabs Manny's hand to force him to sign the voluntary departure form]

ICE Officer Michaels: SIGN THE FORM!

Manuel: I'm not signing anything! I HAVE A RIGHT TO SEE MY LAWYER!

ICE Officer Michaels: SIGN THE FORM!

Manuel: I want to speak to my lawyer. I just want to talk to my family.

Myeong: [Looks at ankle monitor] I know I have to wear it but I feel like a criminal.

Manuel: That's why we gotta fight your case!

Ahmed: What case?

Manuel: Let's go to the Law library to figure it out.

Ahmed: For what?

Manuel: So you can learn about your case. Don't just take the deportation when you don't even understand your situation.

Ahmed: I understand my situation. Look man, I am not like you. No one gives a shit that I'm in here.

Manuel: Look, my lawyer's coming, you should try to talk to her because if you don't defend yourself, no one will.

Attorney Sara Garcia: If you sign a voluntary departure, you will be barred from returning to the U.S. for ten years.

Deportee: Donde? Where go?

ICE Officer Williams: Disneyland.