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  • James Avalon surrounds young superstar Keisha Grey with new faces in this invigorating episode of the jail-bait series.

    Keisha's segment is titled "Passionate", with her a doting fan who seduces author Steven St. Croix after he rents the cottage oy back fom her mom. Character actress playing her mom looks like Tina Tyler but goes uncredited.

    A new actress who closely resembles Keisha, named Josie Jagger, stars in "I'll Protect You". She seduces her shrink Alec Knight after being paranoid in bed (thinking someone's out to get her) one night.

    An actress making her porn debut is Shauna Skye, humping her friend's dad, played by Evan Stone. Stone's character was a B genre movie star years ago and he is amusing as a hambone reliving past schlock glory in "Bad Ass".

    Avalon is briefly acting here as a director whose leading lady fails to show up in set on time. We do get to see perennial crew member Amazon Beard hanging around.

    Scene is titled "Let Me Make It Up to You", what careless young beauty Elektra Rose expresses to Marcus London, apparently her agent, when he comes to fetch her, ultimately giving her a creampie.