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  • Sweet Sinner's jailbait series was losing steam when this was made: James Avalon's 4 vignettes are quite lame. One expects more than generic sex with stag movie-level intros from the great director of old.

    Best examples star has-beens Evan Stone and Tommy Pistol, looking flabby and unpresentable as they schtup young starlets. Evan is a meanie of a still photographer bossing around his assistant Molly Manson and insisting that she be subservient to him, almost laughably. Tall and willowy MM obviously deserves better but has failed to win any major roles during her spotty career.

    Tommy Pistol is unbearable as usual, playing an art teacher who bamboozles lovely budding artist Liza Rowe with bad advice and then unsubtle seduction. Watching this segment I wanted to make a citizen's arrest to protect poor Liza.

    Marcus London plays a martial arts instructor trying to train Adria Rae, who has a day job but wants to earn belts in her chosen avocation. He watches her rear end as she exercises and unsubtly sex between them results.

    Closest to a successful dramatic vignette stars Adrian Maya as a most able young woman, who is an accountant, skilled in mechanical trade and also dabbles in modeling. She seems too good to be true to Tommy Gunn, owner of an auto repair shop who is working on an annual calendar which promotes his business with the usual cheesecake pin-up girly photos.

    Cameo as still photographer looks like Ralph Parfait (who doesn't even get a screen credit for cameraman here), and Adrian reveals she has had a crush on Tommy since childhood, and we see them hump. He's a widower and she just might be the next Mrs. Gunn. This scene is contrived, but at least has the germs of a story plus a warm performance by Adrian.

    Credit on screen and DVD box liner awards writing (credit or blame) to director Avalon, while IMDb for some reason shares it with Allison Leigh.