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  • About as bad as the premature Hustler parody on Donald Trump's run for the presidency, this Brazzers farrago is bad beyond belief. I'll note just a few missteps in passing.

    Worst element is one popping up all too frequently in Brazzers DVD releases over the past couple of years: inept editing. Three of the 6 segments (including the 2 bonuses) here have defective editing that causes me to want to chuck the disk immediately into the waste basket.

    Worst occurs in a Keisha Grey filler bonus vignette in which she is riding along in Jessy Jones' new car, anxious to have sex with him, titled "Road Head". She bends over to give him head, in the time-honored fetish of portraying that Distracted Driving no-no of a blow-job while the car's in motion, when the scene abruptly cuts to much further in the vignette, as Keisha is being serviced doggystyle by some unknown character as Jessy watches. Omitting the blow job suddenly from an in-progress Brazzers vignette is something I've seen nearly a dozen times already, always jarring and amateurish, violating all known rules of editing. (Even an amateur sex tape doesn't reach this low.)

    Turns out the guy is Bill Bailey, and naturally the scene segues to a threesome outdoors, humping Keisha on the car hood. But the lame set-up of how Bailey got there and how the threesome evolved is left on the cutting room floor, at least on the DVD (I don't use the Brazzers website at all, preferring to remain old school in my porn watching).

    Nikki Benz facially is not a terrible choice for playing Ivanka Trump, but the anonymous Brazzers director emphasizes her huge fake boobs, spoiling any semblance of sex-parody fantasizing the real Ivanka in action. She gets serviced by a well-cast Isiah Maxwell with grey streaked in his hair, but the final facial she requests in her pornspeak way is omitted: edit ends the scene with a dry face and dry cock dangling at us in extreme closeup.

    Third edit loser comes at the end of the 4-part title show, in which a foursome involving Charles Dera as Trump, Cherie DeVille as Hillary, Tyler Knight as Barack and Yasmine De Leon as Michelle Obama has the ladies ready for the facials but instead some schmo cuts to the end credits scrolling. The money shot to end a scene is an unfortunate porn mainstay dating back to stag movies, yet here its buildup-to and then omission is unforgiveable.

    Cast is terrible, providing certainly the worst performances of DeVille's and Dera's careers, as they pull faces and provide asinine mimickry of the famous political figures. Potential humor (see: Alec Baldwin on SNL) of the subject matter never surfaces in this infantile piece of drek.