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  • James Avalon gives Julia Ann a plum role in Volume 8 of this hit series, playing a free-spirit, hippie character in today's world.

    Her daughter played by Karla Kush is uptight, the opposite of her mom, and frankly embarrassed by latter's openness. For example, when she brings our humble narrator played by Logan Pierce home with her, mom preparing breakfast in the kitchen in the nude (not recommended, considering bacon may splash hot oil while cooking on the stove top) causes some eye rolling.

    Well-scripted with Dani Santitas (whoever that is, but at least a screen credit is doled out), the story has an unusual structure for Sweet Sinner, as the first hour has both XXX scenes featuring Kush, first in flashback humping her college professor, big-dicked Daniel Hunter, and then in the sack with Logan. Kush's character is an unreliable narrator, as she switches in her retelling the actual roles of good girl and temptress in the college prof flashback, also featuring Abigail Mac in a NonSex role.

    Julia Ann teaches Logan to paint, inluding body painting on both of them, and relates a flashback showing what happened to Karla's dad: Erik Everhard running off and humping cute hippie girl Ariana Grand. There follows, as the night the day, the finale of Julia getting down with Logan -the hallmark of this particular series.

    Avalon's visuals are quite colorful, with loads of pastels representing the hippie era. He takes considerable artistic license as regards the time frame, since for this contemporary story our present-day Moonrose (Julia) and daughter Sunshine (Kush) are of ages 40s and 20s, so the flashback with its '60s look is over 20 years too old.