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  • This is for the second time I gave 0/10. Three times my reviews got deleted without em containing any spoilers or abusive lines.

    This movie doesnt entertain nor does it enlighten. Its filled with trash.

    Only followers of Anti Christ will enjoy A Serbian film, this one and Salo.
  • Sekho8 March 2020
    I like gore movies and this one was reputed to be extreme. But it is very bad. The protagonists and their decisions throughout the film are stupid. Actresses' performances are appalling and unbelievable, especially in torture scenes. There is the typical absurdly indestructible villain. I thought the movie would be more grotesque, but I even found it soft, except for a couple of scenes. Something positive is the music. I do not recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Released by a company called Artsploitation, Chilean shocker Trauma is hard to label as art (a couple of time-lapse shots of a bird decomposing doesn't quite cut it), but it definitely ticks the exploitation box, delivering extreme violence and sex from start to finish.

    The film opens in 1978, during the Pinochet regime, with a pre-credits scene that sets out to match A Serbian Film in terms of sheer deviancy: a teenage boy is forced by at gunpoint to have sex with his own mother, the humping continuing even after the woman has been shot in the head.

    After this eye-opener, the action moves to 2011, where friends Andrea (Catalina Martin), Magdalena (Dominga Bofill), Camila (Macarena Carrere), and Julia (Ximena del Solar) - that's one straight, one bi-curious with a bad hair-do, and two lesbians with big noses - drive to a remote house for the weekend, stopping at a dodgy looking tavern for directions, where they attract the attention of the drooling locals (a textbook exploitation set-up).

    Once at the house, the girls relax with a few bottles of wine and crank up the music, but their partying is interrupted by two men: Juan, the kid from the opening scene, now all grown up and more than a little disturbed (now played by Daniel Antivilo), and his equally loopy son. The demented pair submit the girls to a harrowing ordeal involving rape and brutal violence, before shooting Magdalena in the head (the exit wound making a right mess of her face). Having had their fun, the men leave and the girls call the police, who vow to arrest the reprobates.

    However, when the law come to slap the cuffs on Juan and his boy, who have since kidnapped little girl Yoya (Florencia Heredia), they find themselves outsmarted, and are slaughtered in an orgy of violence (the blood really flows in this scene). As Juan and son return to their factory lair with their young captive, Andrea, Camila, Julia and wounded cop Pedro (Eduardo Paxeco) arm themselves and head off to rescue the girl and even the score.

    What follows is somewhat silly - the women's willingness to risk their lives to rescue a girl they barely know, when police back-up is on the way, is rather far-fetched - but it's also gloriously over the top, the gory mayhem handled brilliantly by writer/director Lucio A. Rojas, whose film is not just sick but also technically slick, with impressive camera moves, smart editing and effective special effects (my favourite being a jaw-dropping gag in which one of the women has her mandible torn off).

    As far as the sex is concerned, there's the mother and son opener, a fairly graphic lesbian scene featuring the ladies with the large beaks, and, of course, the repugnant rapes. If all that doesn't tickle your exploitation bone, then you're watching the wrong genre.

    7.5 out of 10, rounded up to 8 for IMDb.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A proper opening scene for a film should establish tone and theme. It should give the audience a reasonable expectation for what is to come while also wetting their appetites. So, what does it say when a film opens with a son being forced at gun point to have sex with his recently tortured mother only to have her shot and killed midway through the act and he just keeps right on having sex with her now dead body? Surprisingly, not as much as you might think.

    A quartet of females, sisters Andrea and Cami, Cami's girlfriend Julia, and their cousin Magdalena, head out into the country for some drinking and relaxation. Unfortunately, the local serial killer and his son get wind of their arrival and decide to set upon them with predictably violent results.

    Yes, I said THE local serial killer, because the film makes it clear that people around there seem to be fully aware of his violent tendencies and are basically kosher with it. But before I get into the (many) issues with the script, we first have to talk about the violence as it is the big selling point for the film. Besides the aforementioned murder/incest/necrophilia bit, the film features the expected scenes of gang rape, shootings, stabbing, beatings, and assorted other violence. It's bloody, it's grim, and it's all staged reasonably well, but it's also oddly unaffecting. Part of this is because the film places it's most vile bits early on so that everything afterwards pales in comparison. Another part is that for as hard as the film tries, other films have done it better and done it more disturbingly (ie A Serbian Film, The Man Behind the Sun, Frontiers, etc). But the biggest part is that you simply don't give a damn about any of these characters.

    Which brings us back around to the script. In short, it's bad. The begin with, the film has almost no plot; group of gals get wrecked by psycho and his son. That's it, no other twists or surprises, it's the same run of the mill home invasion plot you've likely seen dozens of times at this point. But that's not the worst of it, for as basic as the story is, the characters are even worse. The four ladies are given little personality and even less back story. So much so that they feel less like proper characters and more like place holders where characters are supposed to be. This somewhat surprising as most of the first act of the film is devoted to them hanging out and talking about heir feelings, it just doesn't amount to anything.

    Main girl Andrea kinda comes off as kinda stiff and surly, but you never get what her deal is or why she is so gruff. Her sister Cami probably comes of the most likable of the bunch, but only because she seems a little bubbly and a touch innocent, just like her sister you will end the film knowing essentially nothing about her. Her girlfriend Julia manages to be pretty unlikable, since she keeps telling Cami how much she loves her, but can't even wait a whole day before putting the movies on Cami's cousin Magdalena. Speaking of Magdalena, she achieves the feat of being the least likable of the bunch; not only does she make out with her cousin's girlfriend, but the movie makes it known that she has a long term boyfriend, meaning she is cheating on him too. Charming.

    Now, if you are think that this relationship drama is gonna has some pay off, don't get your hopes up. Just as Julia is doing a strip tease for both Cami and Magdalena's benefit and Andrea looks on less than pleased with this development, the killers shows up and none of it is ever mentioned again. You quickly realize that the last 30-ish minutes of film were kinda pointless and most of it could have been removed without significantly altering the film.

    The second act fairs better. Once the villains make an appearance the film finally finds some energy and forward momentum. The ladies all get violated to one degree or another, with Magdalena easily getting the worst of it. Afterwards, the killers just up and leave and the remaining femmes call the cops. This is when we find out that local law enforcement knows all about the two criminals in question and has long let them do their own thing. Because reasons. The girls eventually convince the country bumpkin cops to pursue the killers back their hideout and the film swiftly loses any pretense at being a serious film as quickly falls into a string of increasingly preposterous violent set pieces.

    The third act starts by revealing that the evil daddy guy is the illegitimate offspring on Rambo and John Wick. I joke, but it's not far off. The dude goes from being a run of the mill rapist and suddenly becomes a walking murder machine. Not once, but twice in the film a group of four armed individuals have guns drawn on him at a distance of about 15-20 feet and yet he walks away both times completely unharmed, but with the good guys dead or dying. He goes about killing the hell out of just about everybody while the 'heroes' are so grossly incompetent it's surprising they have survived to adulthood. It's stupid.

    In the end, after beating the dick out of the son (literally) and dissolving the dad in acid (cuz shooting him eight times didn't do the trick), Andrea finds the incest baby the dad made with his sister and decides the baby its intently evil because of his parents and shoots it. Yep, our heroic final girl shoots a baby. Karma comes quick and she is immediately gunned down by the police. The end.

    This is a bad movie. The characters are empty, the story is simple, and the action is ridiculous. There is lots of violence, but there is nothing holding it together. About the only person I could see become engage with this is a viewer who is just starting to tip their toes into extreme cinema and haven't seen any of the good ones yet.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm still not quite certain how I should rate "Trauma". On one hand, I'm continuously on a quest to trace down the worlds' most graphically raw and shockingly sadistic horror/cult movies, and from that viewpoint "Trauma" is definitely a big fat winner. On the other hand, I find it somewhat hypocrite to state that the cruelty and sickness of the film got inspired by the violent history of the country (Chile during Pinochet's dictatorship) and then subsequently stuff it with gratuitous sex and extreme gore. Is Pinochet's regime responsible for spawning deranged incestuous bonds between psychopaths and their sons? I doubt that. Or is it his fault that lesbian sex sequences are exhibited in great detail?

    Fundamentally, "Trauma" is a very basal and thus utterly clichéd & unoriginal horror film. Four girls from Santiago decide to spend a short holiday in the rural Chilean outback, basically in a region where it's totally irresponsible for attractive young women to travel to alone. They enter the turf of the barbaric Juan; - a man traumatized by the horrible things he witnessed and experienced during the Pinochet regime. Together with his own son, Juan entraps the four women and subjects them to a series of inhumanly sick and excruciatingly painful humiliations. You can't deny that "Trauma" is one of the vilest and most repulsive horror movies ever. Lucio A. Rojas' script may not be flawless, but he certainly knows how to generate a raw and disturbing atmosphere, and some of the special effects are unequaled in terms of gross details and anatomic accuracy. In this film, you truly see what damage a close-range bullet to a face causes, how acid burns through human flesh or how an antique wolf trap messes up a cute front. The flashbacks to the late 70s, back when Juan got turned into a monster by his father, are hardcore mortifying, but it's only a faint attempt to link the gritty film to a requiem for the dictatorship era.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Considering the reputation this movie has, I was pretty shocked to see it was only rated at 5.3 at this time of writing this. Shocking? Yes. Brutal? Yes. Sickening? Yes. However, in my opinion the most shocking scene is at the beginning. Sure there's more rape, torture, and general horribleness, but that's stuff you can see in a lot of other movies that don't get the reaction this film has gotten. All around, a pretty good movie. Kind of a mix between the shockingness of A Serbian Film and the revenge story of I Spit on your Grave. If you've got the stomach for it, definitely worth a watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Just got this preorder from Amazon today, and had to give it a look. I'm not sure how I knew about it, but it is always compared to "A Serbian Film" as far as being inspired by extreme atrocities for political events. This movie is very extreme, and very well made, and the graphic nature of the violence may be too disturbing for some people. It doesn't hold anything back. It starts out with three women going on vacation meeting up with a fourth lady. Soon, a deranged Father and Son break into their home, and graphically rape and torture the women, and finally leave. When law enforcement shows up and goes after them, they become even more targets and except for one, the other cops are killed and one is decapitated and the two escape. When the remaining girls and the one cop decide to go after them, it gets pretty bloody and even more disturbing. This is not a movie for the fans with a weak stomach, this is very strong stuff. The whole movie is top notch in production and acting values, and the graphic violence is about as realistic as it can be. I got this on a special from Amazon for about 8 bucks plus shipping, and I'm glad, because it demands repeated viewings, if you have the stomach for it. It is in Spanish, with English subs, and that doesn't bother me at all. The very first scene in the movie, is about as disturbing as anything in "A Serbian Film". I have to give this a very strong recommendation, but only for those that can stomach a movie like this. 4/5
  • mrsaalvarado4 February 2019
    As a fan of watching movies with the most shock value possible, I really enjoyed this. Some of the acting was a little silly and a few cheesy scenes were rather drawn out. I certainly can stomach watching some of the most disturbing scenes out there, but I have to admit....there were a couple in this film that had me rather squeamish (especially one where a baby was involved). No babies and no animals for me! So be prepared for that. I like the story line and the name, which goes hand in hand with ones being raised in a traumatic environment, dealing with the reprocussions of trauma and how it can make people dive to the deepest dwellings of sadistic behavior.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Saw a few recent vlogs comparing this to other modern shock social horror flicks like "A Serbian Film" and thought I'd see what the hype was about.

    This is pure shock and horror for its own sake. Nothing really resembles a coherent story line and what it does try to do with the plot is so terribly put together that it just comes off as all round "B" movie material.

    There is no social commentary in regards to the Pinochet dictatorship, its just a mask used to show horrible characters doing horrible things that make no sense in context.

    Avoid this at all costs, sure there are some extreme scenes but all of these lack the weight and impact really needed to become memorable due to the hopeless direction/acting/writing.
  • Heading out on a trip together, a group of girlfriends stops off at a remote friends' house for a relaxing vacation trip only to come upon a degenerate soldier and his son who are leaving a trail of destruction across the countryside, and after getting caught up in the events set out to seek bloody revenge.

    This was an exceptionally graphic extreme genre outing. What really sells this one is the way it offers such exceptionally brutal and confrontational material from the outset. Opening on the image of a teenager forced to rape his beaten and bloodied mother at gunpoint is extreme enough yet once she's shot the fact that he keeps going on his own gives this a real punch to start this out with. Once they arrive at the house as the home invasion factors heavily into this, they're beaten, threatened, raped in front of each other and sadistically mutilated in long, squirm-inducing sequences that not only break them mentally but also become increasingly uncomfortable which is the whole point behind it and sets the brutality in motion for the final half. That third half is where this one really lets loose by offering all manner of graphic and brutal efforts. Not only featuring the great sequence in the bar that shows him wiping out the rescue party singlehandedly but the flashback to the brutality of the war that provides plenty of emotional and logical motivation for the ensuing rampage. With the confrontation in the factory full of endless corridors, trap-filled rooms and full-on confrontations that pile on the ruthlessness of the two to ensure they keep their legacy intact against their determination to stop them that keeps this moving along through the thrilling action, top-notch gore and a fantastically downbeat ending that helps to sell this one further. Part of what makes the film so unflinching is the message behind it all. The political ramifications of the film, going back to the original time in the flashbacks showing the way all the different soldiers and police forces have been corrupted by the effects of war around them is an intriguing contrast. As the war around them rages on, the effect it has on those caught up within it creates a wholly chilling concept of always begetting violence and perversion. As the old guard in this society has to continually prey on the next generation to survive, they're forced into ever more extreme exploits to overpower the stronger one, creating the violent culture personified here. Some of this ends up making the film run longer than it should but that's the main issue here.

    Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, several rape scenes, Full Nudity and Graphic Language.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Trauma (2017) - if deathcore were a movie

    Full disclosure, I am not a big fan of extremely violent movies. I believe the term is "Exploitation films" where, just like extreme music, the focus becomes less about creating a story, but more about what violent imagery and story line the director can come up with.

    I do my best to not let violence distract me from what the story is about, since there are movies like Hostel, that achieves in raising awareness that there is a very dark and sick demand for violence in parts of society we choose to ignore. Such is proof, that recently, the news just brought into the light of a children abduction group, where children are abducted for something as cheap as 1,000 pesos per child, and that these children are raped by pedophiles on webcam.

    And again, a Filipina has also been caught with her caucasian husband, streaming the torture and dismemberment of a child they picked up in the streets.

    Yet again, more recently, a 16 year old girl was found dead in Cebu with parts of her face cleanly peeled off, along with her tongue, trachea and esophagus ripped off from her throat.

    As much as I will not count Hostel as one of my favorite movies, it did discuss a very uncomfortable reality we live in. Violence is real, and we do not know when it will strike. I still reference that movie, especially in the light of recent events.

    Trauma is a very violent version of Strangers in the Night. It is the stuff that can give you nightmares, and should be deemed X-Rated for the various scenes and sequences shown in the film.

    The movie walks us through the creation of a psychopath family, that started when a boy was forced to watch and be a part of extreme brutality that I do not want to describe in any detail. Just think of how Winter Soldier was created, multiplied by a hundred. The movie also claims to be "inspired by true events."

    However, at the core of this movie ... it still is a typical slasher flick, where the heroes make the dumbest choices, and the fact that they have worse aims than the entire Storm Trooper and Cobra batallion combined. It is very annoying, and unrealistic, especially since the psycho murderers have the skills of Liam Neeson in Taken and the durability of Jason in Friday the 13th. I wonder, why they did not just go all the way and gave them the Predator's stealth technology, and shoulder cannon?

    For the biggest part of the movie, you will just find yourself aghast with the violent scenes (it makes I Spit in Your Grave like a cartoon show), and pissed off with the ineptitude of the main characters.

    But within those feelings, I began to realize that, just like the main characters in the movie, a lot of us are in total denial of the existence of violence in this world. We like to cover the eyes and prance around the safety of our homes, totally oblivious.

    The movie slips in this metaphor that the main characters were (mostly) lesbian females, who seemed to only be concerned with the most superficial things in life ... and cowardly men (the sheriffs), who allowed psychopaths to fester in their local community, until they finally suffered gruesome dismemberment.

    You see, the only way to protect yourself from this kind of violence, is to accept the fact that you can be as violent as these psychopaths. The violent man can never be reasoned. There are no negotiations with him. There aren't even financial bribes to keep him at bay. The only language a violent man understands is a knife or a bullet through his violent heart.

    In this day and age, it is important to always be a prepared. Such is the call of being a man; he has to be able to protect his family and friends from the violence of men. Being weak, and choosing to ignore the realities of this world, will make you a perfect victim for these violent men. That is what the movie is about.

    I wish the movie did not go through those extremes to make its point, but I guess, it was a stylistic choice of the director. Either that, or just like most deathcore bands, he has no clue what he was doing, as long as its brutal.

    I am kidding. The movie has very good lighting, and the editing never felt choppy, eventhough it has a lot of sequences that did not occur in a linear fashion. The flow and the flashbacks were very seamless, so it is fair to say, the director is perfectly aware of the story's pacing.


    I DO NOT RECOMMEND this movie at all. Just like Cannibal Corpse, 8 out of 10 humans will MISUNDERSTAND the intent of the music, and would either think that violence is cool, or that this is a disgusting glorification of violence and deparavity.

    However, if you go beyond the superficial aspects of the movie, you will get a wake up call to train yourself for violent situations, and perhaps find a reason to apply for a licensed firearm (recommended if you live in areas with weak law enforcement).
  • Well let me start by saying it's not as bad as people think it is. Its brutal but not bad. Good story, Great effects, and good acting. "A Serbian Film" is much worse.

    Anyway .. not for the faint of heart though. And not a movie you should see with your parents or a first date type of deal. Unless she or he is into those type of movies.
  • Yeah....this movie is really terrible.....though the scenes were graphic....and well if u do know it....still that scene make u wonder......the gruesome scenes in this movie was very far above the level compared to any tortured movie(that make sense). This movie containes a very deep story that will only be understand, if u watch this movie from the persepective of the person who was seemed the villian in this. Talking about the acting...then it was okay from few actress....but few male did a very great job.

    Though, in the first 15 minutes you will understand where the movie is about to go(i mean the tortured level)......and then movie will carry you to the end very soon with its thrill and torment, its worth watching.
  • deweyc-584226 December 2020
    Wasnt sure how to rate this film,if you can get past first 4 minutes, you ll make the rest of it...its definitely up there, as far as exploitation n violence.......gotta b in your wheelhouse..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I FINALLY received the DVD of Trauma by Lucio A. Rojas and watched it yesterday evening and now i TRULY NEED a PSYCHIATRIST (just kidding)!!!!

    Really AMAZING movie with ASTONISHINGLY, GREATLY INTENSE PERFORMANCES!!!! The actors and actresses are so GREAT (when it comes to Ximena del Solar it would be a sin to not tell that she is BEAUTIFUL, but all four lead actresses are anyway and they give UNIQUE PERFORMANCES under such ABOMINATIONS that their characters are going through and the actors impersonating the VILAINS are DISGUSTINGLY AMAZING and DISTURBING like none others) and the SPECIAL EFFECTS are BEYOND EXTRAORDINARY and FEEL so REAL!!!!

    I was TRULY DISTURBED by the scene where the character of Magdalena (played by Dominga Bofill) dies and the sight of the body afterward will haunt me for a long time!!!!

    I don't want to give away a lot but i RECOMMEND this MOVIE to anyone who wants to see a REALLY and i mean REALLY INTENSE piece of GREAT EXTREME CINEMA!!!

    The ATROCITY of POLITICAL TYRANNY, WAR, CORRUPTION and the most DESPICABLE and DISTURBINGLY EVIL (not in a religious sense but a very human one) BEHAVIORS and their ATROCIOUS CONSEQUENCES are represented so PERFECTLY in the movie and it is with a RIGHT IN YOUR FACE effect that makes us think about REAL UNIMAGINABLE ACTS and WRONGS that are going on (and have been going on) in many countries of this world and are not TALKED ABOUT and this is what's so SCARY!!!

    At last, all i can say is that this movie is certainly not for everyone, but for those who can handle it and see beyond the extreme violence and understand the message(s) underlying it all... It's a MASTERPIECE!!!!
  • For the gore hounds this Spanish spoken film shocker from Chile is a delight and one of the best extreme gore films since many years.

    It's not as good as "A Serbian Film" (certainly the notorious opening scene will remind you of that classic) and not as sickening as "The Human Centipede II: Full Sequence" so I guess it kind of comes in as third as the Best in Extreme Hardcore Horror.

    Artistically it's a very strong film: a good cast (especially the main villain), an entertaining story with some nice surprises that doesn't follow the same path as many other genre films, and convincing and grotesque gore.

    After five minutes you'll already know if you have the stomach for what comes later on. There are some brutal rape scenes, mutilations, incest and excecutions but it's packed in a thrilling story with a shocking finale.

    If you like the films mentioned above or titles like "I Spit On Your Grave", "I Saw The Devil" or "Carver" don't miss out on this one.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Imagine something like a recipe made with one part "I Spit on Your Grave", one part "I Saw the Devil", and sprinkled with the seasoning of "A Serbian Film" and, voila, you get "Trauma".

    The movie, overall, is not bad for its type in the genre of exploitation / horror. For those who have never seen flicks like "Salo", "A Serbian Film" (uncut), or "Irreversible" I'm sure this film will absolutely ruin your day. But those who have experienced the sheer horrors of the aforementioned movies may be underwhelmed.

    Dont get me wrong, there are some truly shocking and vile scenes (most of which take place in the first 30ish minutes of the film). The opening where a boy is drugged / jerked off and then forced by his father to have sex with his bloodied and tortured mother only to have her brains blown out during intercourse is one such scene. Another scene that I found particularly upsetting was the flashback to the father as a young man with jar of lube which lead to fingering a baby in its crib at the command of his own psychotic military politician father. And then theres the ever-so-gross father & son incest scenes that take place between the boy from the beginning (all grown up, now the father) and his son who was born out of incest with his own sister (who he keeps chained up in his weirdo dungeon cave).

    Some aspects that cheapened the overall effect for me were things like CGI blood splatter (always looks dumb to me), the antagonist John Wick-ing an entire room of guys with guns drawn on him (great choreography, but a little over the top in terms of believability), and the countless times throughout the movie that the victims could have either escaped or killed the bad guys but didnt (I found myself yelling at them more than the villains eventually).

    After the first 30 - 40 minutes of the film it plays out more like a catch-me-if-you-can vigilantes on a rescue mission type of film. Only, nobody really wins / lives in the end

    So, again, for the type of movie this is it wasnt bad, but it wasnt anything I'd rank as "top 3 most shocking / brutal movies of all time." (Unfortunately, theres far more gross / shocking movies out there...)
  • One of the best horror films in the history of Latin America
  • Shame on all the actors, how could you even be in a film like this vile trash!!!!
  • egzistans16 March 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    An impressive beginning with the scene of military tortures (with the victims' screams from other cells) during Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile. Also, inspired by true events. Not a bad context, isn't it? But the rest of the movie? Actrisses' bad and demotivated performances, almost undestructable main villain cliché, simple story, stupid actions etc. etc. Maybe, can be thought a reference to "Srpski Film" (2010) et al, but not enough to say this is a great movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I love the movie. Not so great(the acting of the girls were esp. Ximena. Sex,violence,gore,bloody...this is what you were looking for in this type of movie/genre. The ending was not justified for me though. Andrea could have spent her life regretting for not protecting her sister,instead they finished her off.
  • butterypancake18 February 2021
    The rape was a bit much. but they had some baddies no cap
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film opens in 1978 Chile in a Pinochet torture prison. We see a boy being forced by his father to have sex with his mother who was a "communist." We get flashbacks to the boy's life throughout the film. Meanwhile, 4 young ladies opt to flee Santiago for remote Las Agustunas, where there is her uncle's cabin. This is near the location of the torture prison, where our psychotic boy is now a man with incest children. At this point, I will just say, "I Spit on Your Grave."

    The film had multiple rape scenes and one of necrophilia. There was plenty of blood, torture, and gore. Some might call it "gore-porn" but it had a plot..." inspired by true events."

    Guide: F-word, sex, nudity, rape, FF sex, FF nudity (Catalina Martin, Macarena Carrere, Dominga Bofill) English subtitles