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  • As a Newcastle supporter, I looked forward with some trepidation (based on other North East real life supporter programmes shown on Amazon Prime) and worried that it was potentially going to show the fan base in a poor light. How wrong could I be. It's a delightful (although sometimes short on game action - presumably a licensing issue) look at what it takes, and what it means, to support Newcastle Untied. What it means to the city, what it means to the area and more importantly what it means to the supporters of a club that has been without real success for many many years.

    The backdrop is the Championship winning season under manager Rafa Benitez, who had stayed with the club despite relegation the previous year, to continue his "project" and continue to build the club back to where it should be, striving to compete against the bigger clubs (in terms of financial muscle), and bringing hope back into a long suffering fan base who have the club, its players and the city, at it's heart.

    It's wonderful to meet the central characters and their weekly rituals and brings back memories of my own rituals when I was fortunate enough to be able to go to matches on a regular basis. Their obvious love for the city and the club, is a joy to behold and even now, as the club is battered with wave after wave of bureaucratic red tape, financial constriction and league interference in preventing the club being overtaken by new management, that love shines through.

    This film is unable to rely on game time footage and instead focuses on the people to whom the club means everything. It certainly proves the comments from Mr Jock Stein (ex-Liverpool manager) that "Football without fans, is nothing". The footballing hierarchy would do well to remember this.

    A must watch for every Newcastle United fan, and fans of football generally. A glimpse into the pride and passion of supporting your club.
  • A fantastic documentary from the fans perspective. For any Newcastle fan, this is a must see.
  • This is a production I would love to go to a cinema to watch over and over again it was that good. Please cinema deluxe derby get this on your screens as your missing out on cash. A must watch for all toon fans around the world and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

    Get it now 10 stars from me
  • An enjoyable reminder of a brief period during Ashley's disastrous tenure as owner where we had a club we could be proud of. Told through the eyes of the fans and charting the rollercoaster ride that was Newcastle United's 2016-17 Championship season, the film explodes the myth of the "deluded Geordies" and shows a genuine fan base uniting behind their club and the World class manager they'd inexplicably landed. The perfect antidote to the apathy many feel about the club under the current "head coach" and with hopes of an ownership change fading.
  • Guaranteed to put a smile on your face! An extremely well made film, and celebrates everything there is about being a Newcastle fan.
  • markflemmar17 June 2021
    As a life long Newcastle United fan this excellent film captures everything that is at the very heart of our wonderful football Club. Passion. Raw Emotion. Dedication & Hope.

    Every time I watch it i get a lump in my throat and a big proud smile on my face.

    I love We Are The Geordies. 10/10.