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  • sleijeri17 November 2017
    Not the best, but still worth seeing
    Warning: Spoilers
    As a huge The Big Bang Theory fan, right away there is two things that bother me in the Pilot episode. The father is Leonard's bully Jimmy Speckerman and the piano lady is Mandy Chow, also from The Big Bang Theory.

    I do understand that good actors for the part might be hard to find, but if you do a spin-off series, don't use same actors, and specially those who plays totally different role in the original title.

    The good parts of this are Sheldon, Mary and Missy. Mary's resemblance is very good compared to the original, but let's see how all of these will work in the upcoming episodes, really waiting to see how this evolves, hopefully for the better direction.
  • Ed-Shullivan26 September 2017
    A FEEL GOOD sitcom that blends humor with a greater appreciation for the unique
    I love it! Young Sheldon being the prequel to the adult Sheldon of the multiple EMMY award winner The Big Bang Theory will thrive based on the eclectic cast of characters who are living in the 1980's. I see very little need to compare it to TBBT but I will say that it has taken sixty (60) years since the family themed Leave It To Beaver once aired, and I do see comparisons between the Cooper family and the original (Beaver) Cleaver family.

    We see how young Sheldon and his family cope with his genius whereas the rest of Sheldon's family are a normal working class family. Sheldon's father is the high school football coach, his mother (who is played by the real life daughter Zoe Perry, of adult Sheldon's mother played by Laurie Metcalf) relies on her faith in the church, his big brother is a jock, and his twin sister has a mouth on her like a bar maid.

    I cannot wait to see when they introduce the audience to the other woman in Young Sheldon's life. That person being Sheldon's mee-ma who apparently will be played by Annie Potts (Designing Women). Another pleasure of Young Sheldon is the series is void from that horrible staple of many comedy series, that being the canned laughter box. Thank you, thank you a thousand times thank you. Let's let the audience decide what is funny and what is not. For now I am laughing and I really enjoy Young Sheldon.

    A perfect 10/10
  • nate-242-68388725 September 2017
    Practically too cringe worthy to watch.
    This show seems to suffer from an identity crisis from the get go. It's very clear that the show was given the green light based on the intellectual property of Big Bang and not the merit of the writing, direction or talent involved.

    I literally had to look up the alleged genre to figure out if this was intentionally un-funny. I was surprised to find that this is classified as a comedy. Deadpan comedy can be great, but this falls flat on it's face from the start and stays there.

    Let me say, I'm not a huge fan of big bang, however, I can't deny that it's formula works in a big way. I don't need to enjoy it to recognize the powerful IP that it is. For that, it deserves respect regardless of critics.

    Why on earth would the creators abandon the trusted format for this abomination? I hate laugh tracks but why not cater to your baked-in audience and use them in this format?

    What was the director thinking with so many cuts per scene. There must have been over a dozen in the locker room - and they were totally needless.

    There is not character development at all. Given the right format such as sitcom like Big Bang, no one cares - but this verges on a drama from the way it is presented.

    Fine, you don't want to use a laugh track, then Why not inject more narrative like like "Everybody Hates Chris" and make the narration and scene cuts really count and invoke comedy?

    Worse of all, the casting was horrible. The young Sheldon has some lines a fan would expect but the actor makes them all fall flat. A complete disappointment.

    I gave it a 3 instead of a 1 to not pass judgement too quickly. I would be VERY surprised if this gets picked up again beyond existing contractual basis. If it keeps this way a third season is more elusive than the missing link.

    Verdict : skip until it's proved it's format, which is doubtful.
  • bobcobb30125 September 2017
    A Weak Pilot
    Warning: Spoilers
    On paper this seemed like a good idea: a throwback sitcom based on one of the most iconic characters of the last 15 years.

    The problem is that all of Jim Parsons' skill gets lost when it is a different actor reading his words. Things get worse when you give us a Goldbergs rip-off without even trying to throw some jokes in.

    It didn't have any heart or emotional moments despite there being opportunities to introduce that tone such as the father's firing, the mother's struggles or the sibling rivalry.

    I am sure the ratings will be strong, but the episode wasn't.
  • Renato Padilla30 September 2017
    Boring and Annoying
    I gave the pilot a chance, given the excellent quality of it's "mothership" The Big Bang Theory, but had my suspicions that it would not live up to it. What give TBBT its appeal are the nerdy characters in awkward situations. It even has lost some of it's shine because it used to be mainly about Leonard and Penny, the awkward guy and the girl out of his league, a situation many of us could relate to. Sadly now it's all about Sheldon, a funny character whose main quality is being annoying.

    Now, to make a series completely orbit around an annoying character with an annoying mother, an annoying brother and an annoying sister, without the jokes (didn't see any on the pilot) will result in an annoying series.

    Gave it a chance, moving on to Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams, Inhumans, The Orville (excellent by the way), ST Discovery, or Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency (weird but really fun).
  • johnrridge29 September 2017
    Horrible and terrible
    seriously I don't know what people saw in this show. It was horribly written, not funny in the least and the only show in recent memory that made a 1/2 sitcom feel like an hour long funeral (for the record I've been to funerals that were more entertaining than this). Do us all a favor and cancel this before episode 2.
  • lindsaygray26 September 2017
    'genius' lacks knowledge
    Very enjoyable show, Sheldon is a child brainiac projecting a likable insouciance. He offends with his blunt opinions, usually to do with his strong need to understand other people's behaviour as rational and just. His casual innocence gives him a charm, notwithstanding his critical darts. One curious thing in the writing of the pilot: They had Sheldon tell his little sister, after she had threatened to 'kick him in the balls', that it was okay because he didn't have balls. I'm only nine, he says, 'they haven't descended yet'. Then the voice-over of the adult Sheldon is heard to say that 'they didn't descend until I was fifteen.' The line is supposed to be funny, of course. But it is a strange kind of urban myth that I've heard used in comedy on TV and movies more than once. I often wonder why that is, because it is patently false, although many Americans seem to believe that it is true (perhaps those who have never had boy children). The fact is, even very little boys sport a pair of descended testicles. Boys' testicles descend at birth, or shortly thereafter, otherwise it can be a serious medical problem. I suppose the error is trivial, except in this instance it is strange indeed for a supposed know-all like Sheldon to say it. Maybe a little bit more research is needed on the part of the show's writers?
  • dncorp26 September 2017
    Could have been much better
    Warning: Spoilers
    A very long time ago, Decades, I lived at a Town just like that. I was the "Runt of the Litter", and usually sickly, thankfully my Mother was a Nurse. Football and Cars was everything, Academics what's that was the attitude. I found "Sports" ridiculous as Historically previously used to determine the best Warriors, as absolutely nothing to do with what the purpose of School is.

    As a U.S. Military Dependent I ended up going to School at many different U.S. States and Overseas, because of the different levels and standards at each School I ended up sometimes like Young Sheldon, and was put forward into the next Grade, when I returned to the other State I ended up being put back one Grade, making me feel like Georgie (Sheldon's Brother).

    Like Young Sheldon my interest was Science instead of going outside to play (because I was usually sickly). Unlike Sheldon, age 15 Puberty, I was extremely early age 10 which caused a problem in Gym Class, suddenly I stopped being so sickly. I started to go outside more often to play with the neighborhood children.

    Like Sheldon's Family being dysfunctional, mine was similar, I started to mow lawns around the U.S. Military Base's Housing Areas to buy a 10 speed bicycle so I could mow more lawns further and further from home for $5.00 even though the lawns were huge greater than 40 feet across the front. I joined Boy Scouts, as previously I was a Cub Scout, and Webelos as insisted on by my Mother, because I was previously sickly and anti social, so I can relate to Young Sheldon. The Boy Scouts instead of ridiculing my interests in Science, Space, Space Flight, Aviation, Model Rocketry, Electronics, rewarded me with earned Merit Badges. while toughing me up with Camp Outs, Hikes, 50 Milers (Hiking, Canoe), Survival Training, Drown Proofing.