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  • With a well-written screenplay by Nica Noelle (creator of this series for Sweet Sinner), James Avalon delivers an offbeat entry in the kinky sex genre.

    Logan Pierce portrays a quite unsympathetic lead character, shown treating his ex-girlfriend Jodi Taylor quite callously in the opening sex scene. They have sex, and then he informs her it's over, period, dropping her like a hot potato.

    At work he is smitten with his boss Marcus London's new client Julia Ann, signed with a hefty advance for his publishing house as a big-name author. She turns out to be a dominating type, giving Logan a taste of the dark side, which he finds a bit much at first, but has become accustomed to by movie's end.

    Several master/slave bondage performers are featured briefly in action at Julia's home, but are omitted from the screen credits. But frequent crew member Amazon Beard is listed in the end credits for her effective NonSex role as Logan's co-worker.