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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The basic story of this movie is exactly what you expect from the title, a five-headed shark is attacking people on the coast of an island, except that there's a stupid twist that the shark is shown to have four heads throughout half of the movie until we see that its fin is a fifth head, which makes this movie even more stupid. This is a terrible movie with terrible dialog. There's one scene though that's so bad that it's good. The boat of the team trying to kill the shark is disabled and a helicopter is coming to rescue them and as it arrives, the shark jumps out of the water straight up into the air, grabs the helicopter with its jaws and pulls it into the water, which was ridiculous. Unfortunately, the rest of the movie isn't that entertaining.

    I know that this movie is not meant to be taken seriously, but the shark showed up way way too early and it's in the movie way too much. Every single one of the "characters" is stupid. In the beginning we see the policeman scrolling through photos on a camera and he doesn't even notice the picture of the five-headed shark at first. They're so dumb that they even visit our marine biologists to find out if multi-headed sharks can exist. Our main character, one of the marine biologists, whose friend has just been killed by the shark in front of her eyes changes her mind about not going out into the water again for no reason and decides that she wants to study the shark despite what just happened. And she just happens to know a fisherman who has advanced weapons to... I guess to kill big fish, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend and the romance concludes as stupidly as it was set up because they decide they want to marry after killing the shark even though they only knew each other again for like one day. That guy might be the worst character in the movie. Not only is he sexist, he also says words like "yo" and "boom" all the time. The whole team is stupid. They should never have let the head of the research team on the boat again because he was responsible for the first shark attack even being possible.

    All of the acting is terrible. Especially the policeman has terrible line delivery, but in a movie like this it really doesn't let him stand out from the crowd because everyone is at this level.

    I'm surprised to say that the quality of the shots above the water is actually not that bad but the CGI destroys that only redeeming quality. The CGI water looks fake and the shark looks atrocious. The attack scenes are terrible, nothing about them looks real. When the camera is underwater you can totally tell that it's all done on a computer and the few halfway-underwater shots are somehow even worse. The opening credit sequence with the over-the-top music was stupid and abrupt. Everything is edited so awkwardly.

    And the shark can growl like the one in "Jaws: The Revenge"...
  • bryno9230 July 2017
    You know this movie is going to be ridiculous before you decide watching it. It's that kind of movie that you watch just to laugh at, sort of like Sharknado.


    • Hot girls

    • Hilarious shark attacks

    • Hilarious looking shark


    • Acting is terrible

    • CGI is bad obviously. I mean, why would anyone spend a crap ton of money making a realistic looking 5 headed shark.

    • No connection to characters at all. They make poor attempts to try to get you to not want someone to die.

    • Attack scenes are very drawn out. When the shark is swimming, it makes it seem like it's going super fast and close, but then the camera cuts to the people and it's somehow not even close to them.
  • Ok so lets get right to it. This movie set a new low for any movie. The acting stunk. The special effects were high schoolish. I could write a book on how stupid the writing was. No one would act this in a real situation. But what has been seen can not be unseen. Unfortunately. The only good thing about the movie were the bikin shots which weren't all that great.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Five writers ( ! ) all worked separately on this genetically mutated sequel about a five-headed shark attacking locals in Puerto Rico, and marine biologists and Quint-lite are all drafted to hunt it down.

    After two of their number ( Sean and Lindsay, their names are repeated numerous times ) are killed by sharkzilla, it becomes personal, and the plot goes into revenge territory. It takes them a while to find it, because in most of the close-up shots of them on their boat, they don't appear to be moving. When they do eventually find it, the shark flickers and jumps, from what looks like missing frames, and sluggish CGI, and they decide to play pre-recorded dolphin sounds, to annoy it to death.

    This doesn't have the same imbecilic character behaviour as its predesessors ( 2 Headed Shark Attack, and 3 headed Shark Attack ) , which makes me think the writers took this more seriously than the writers of the unapologetically stupid original film did, but the problem is that it robbed this film of any​ potential unintentional laughs.

    In the final act, I was more distracted by the constantly changing storm clouds in the background, than anything.
  • By the numbers multi-head creature feature. Movie poster is not accurate. Shark has four heads in front; one on it's hind quarters. The rear head never eats anything. All five heads are angry though. Shark appears bullet proof. Insatiable appetite for twenty somethings and, ironically, a helicopter.
  • Now don't get me wrong. I knew the moment I saw this movie on the TV guide, and decided to watch it that it was going to be a pretty bad movie. However, I've found a lot of movies from Syfy are pretty good, even if they're bad - they're those corny little gems that are totally rubbish, but worth the watch just for the laugh.

    This was not one of those hidden gems.

    The acting was pretty amazing, to be honest. I was really taken aback by just how well the actors did, especially on an emotional level when things happened throughout the movie. The story line really wasn't gripping in any way, and was mild at best. It was quite a bore to get through - numerous times I found myself checking to see how long was left because I was just so bored. The concept behind it? Totally ridiculous; especially when the fifth head came into play.

    This was a movie I really regret watching and I honestly wish that I could get the time back it took to watch this all the way through.

    One of the first shark movies I've come across to actually show marine biologists, but of course, they lumped us all under the "tree hugger" stereotype which, as a marine biologist myself, is really, really annoying.

    Only one pro, and tons of cons. Give this one a miss.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler Alert!

    Let's be frank: there are movies we watch to get a good laugh, and this is one of them for me. Not because of the punch lines in dialogue or scripted humor in the acting, but a number of mistakes beginning with a release poster that's lying, and the overall idea of filming a 5-headed shark terror, (probably) the 5th sequel to the 1999 movie, Shark Attack that already failed to please it's audience; Shark Attack 2 never did, Shark Attack 3 never did, 2-headed Shark Attack was junk, 3-headed Shark Attack was garbage, and 5-headed Shark Attack is crap. The beautiful scene with the humpback whale (before it was attacked) and the presence of other one-headed sharks, which were about the only things I liked in the movie made up only about 5 minutes of the whole movie. It was easily cancelled out by 115 minutes of poor directing, bad acting, lack of suspense, laughable plot and unrealistic graphic elements.

    I didn't get the story quite well, but I get the fact that a 4-headed water predator (the 5th head was practically useless; I'll come to that) was lurking around the waters of Puerto Rico. Shark movies like Deep Blue Sea provide us with believable reasons for the sharks' intelligence, aggression and rampage. This movie simply rules it out as being "new species" that goes about eating everything it can find, including helicopters. I also understand that this is science-fiction, but that's not what I see here. SyFys take us out of what we see everyday, out of planet Earth to other worlds of mutants, giants, myths and monsters, and try to persuade us that what we see happened, by means of illusions and realism (not the illusion on the release poster). SyFys by default are horror and thriller-oriented, but for this....*yawn! It looks like fiction we might likely see on The Scooby Doo Show. Hey, give us reason to believe your story.

    The cinematography and CGI were below standard for a 2017 movie. Many of the human-shark contacts especially outside water were unrelated and way too unreal. Sometimes while you think a shark is right behind somebody, in the next shot, it seems they have out-swum the shark to a great distance. Tons of repeated scenes with the shark and the boat propellers, even after viewers complained about the same thing in the prequel. Look, if you're going to repeat scenes (it's quite normal in animations), space them out as distant on the timeline as possible such that we won't even remember seeing it before.

    For the first few minutes, I thought I was watching the wrong movie when I saw a 4-headed shark in a movie titled 5 Headed Shark Attack. I thought one of the heads would be severed and have 2 grow in its place, like in the previous movie. Only to have my hopes dashed and plunged below disappointment, when the shark's tail morphed into a head without cause (or was it the arrow?) That was the crapiest piece of crap in Craptown. I'm sure none of the cast nor crew know anything about marine biology outside this movie, or they'd have known that the build of a shark's tail fin is what aids the shark's speed and motion. So, its absence should rather render the shark immobile, let alone swim at high speeds. The large body of the shark will also require a larger tail fin if it must maintain stability and relative speed.

    Adding to these, I just heard of the 2018 sequel, 6 Headed Shark Attack. We might as well have 7 Headed Shark Attack by 2020, and 10 Headed Shark Attack by 2025. Call the cops! I'm outta here!

    0 of 10, if I could.
  • I've seen some reviews that give this a 10/10 or say that this is the scariest thing they have seen (scarier than "Silence of the Lambs" or "The Shining" - WTactualF?!?!?! - They must have been paid to write the rubbish!

    The title should give you an indication that this is not a super epic or realistic film, and on that it clearly delivers. A typical SyFy film with over the top CGI, bad acting, poor story and impossible feats of reality and nonsense. As the title suggests, a mutated aquatic predator is on the loose. It's up to the local coast guard and scientists from a Puerto Rican Aquarium to stop it before the kill count rises. Along the way you'll get the usual, and expected pointless deaths and tongue in cheek dialogue delivered in an all too camp way. A follow-up to "3 Headed Shark Attack" which won't ruin your cinema/TV movie experience if you miss it and don't bother. If you are a fan of tacky shark based films you'd probably be better looking at "Sharknado". I knew what to expect before watching this and still it failed to deliver any real enjoyment, just anther SyFy Shark film jumping on the bandwagon of an over populated shark infested water of films.

    I won't leave spoilers, I'll save them for the Goofs section instead because there were loads of mistakes throughout, but FTR the shark does have 5 heads, it just isn't apparent till half way through because of bad editing, or because the production team only decided to add a fifth 5th head halfway through editing FFS.

    2 out of 10 and that's being generous!!
  • Before I begin my critique- no my appraisal of this masterpiece, let me shed some light about a serious issue. The underappreciated of genre of 'Sharkterrorism' is one that has plagued our film industry, with box office hit singles such as 'Sharknado' and 'Sharkzilla'. 5 Headed Shark Attack is the next step, a revolution, of marine organism entertainment. When I stumbled upon this movie, I thought 'Who the f*** is so sad to make a movie about 5- Headed Sharks?". But something magical spellbound me- as I spent 5 hours re watching the movie, I reached unparalleled levels of euphoria. I have ascended to a different dimension as a result of this movie- it has enlightened my lonely Single Christmas into a date (with my right hand).

    This movie has changed my life. Hence I would definitely recommend this.
  • The first thing that comes to mind is 'who comes up with these ideas?' That being said then I must admit that I am a sucker for these creature features despite the chances being well in the high area of the movie being questionable at best.

    I will say that "5-Headed Shark Attack" was not a particularly thrilling movie, it was as predictable as they come, and it seemed that not even the actors were fully believing in the movie script.

    The shark and the CGI was actually good enough, although the design of the shark was so ludicrous that it was actually hillarious to witness on the screen.

    There are far better shark movies available and putting 5 heads on one shark doesn't make it five times as intense, it almost works in quite the opposite.

    If you are a fan of the creature feature movies then you might find something enjoyable in a movie such as this, but if you are expecting something in the likes of "Jaws", then your money is better spent elsewhere.
  • msmetallica31 December 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    I love a good B grade horror flick as much as the rest of the horror fans do. I love fake blood and gore as well. But this....... 15 minutes in i could not watch anymore. Not because if the unrealistic blood and CGI, but because of the horrible direction or editing. B grade films we are used to fake blood over acting and a lot of T and A, so I was expecting it with this film and prepared to watch it for shites and giggles. I had to turn it off because the director who allowed this editing needs a wake up call. Make it as fake and phoney as you like but at least have the beast heading in the right direction on each scene change. One minute you see the beast heading to the victims above water and below, then swerves as if circling, then heading away from the victims, then pointed back towards the victims closer.....WTF Like I said i love a good farce and a good laugh but to edit the film like this i like taking the joke across the line. Enjoy the over acting, enjoy the ridiculousness of it but at least have this shark moving in real time......... Does this review contain spoilers???? Maybe maybe not. Why??? I am spoiling it by saying unless you are blind and do not mind a shark moving in an instant all over the ocean and suddenly attacking and finding it enjoyable, I have just spoilt it for you lol..... I have not spoilt it by protecting real connoisseurs of the horror film, B grade or even Y grade type films who can have a laugh at such films but can not fathom how anyone let it go this far down.
  • We start with a cover graphic that can not count to five. It shows five fierce shark heads where, in this film there are only for on the front of the fish. I say 'suicide by shark' for good reason. Of course the shark heads must be 'fed' by unlucky actors but how about just a tad of creativity! We know it is suicide by shark to stand at the very tip of the boat, leaning toward the water, look for the shark while at the same time you might as well wear an 'eat me' sign. Or tip toe along the edge of a small craft, hardly able to keep your balance so that falling into the water is certain.

    The project head, Thaddeus, wants to catch the shark. He takes his mostly eye-candy crew and, so far as I could tell, not a shred of equipment he would need to capture the shark if it swam to the boat and said 'take me.'

    Red was the shark hunter type character from Jaws. Sadly he was given the silliest lines in the film. Does anyone see the shark, know where it is? And, my favorite, he's still alive... bullets won't kill him..... this after he handed out guns and has his crew shooting. Why, if bullets are useless?

    Worst is the use of hand guns to kill any large monster. Red gives a girl a hand gun while others get rifles. The two cope on the police boat can have any weapon they wish. What do they choose against the beast....yup...little bitty pistols. There is nothing sillier then using and shooting little pistols at any large, thick skinned beast. Red was, of course right, bullets can not kill the beast. Boats are under attack for ten minutes before the cop calls for help. Someone said there were five writers. If true then they needed 8 or 10 to easily fix the above, unnecessary fails. On the plus side there were fun moments, especially the opening shark attack where all four 'major' heads decide its meal time!
  • qormi20 December 2020
    Taking it for what it was, an intentionally schlocky movie, I enjoyed it. Good special effects and that 5th head I the shark was quite a surprise. Very good acting, and the actors did their best with the lame dialogue they were provided with.
  • doomedmac8 August 2020
    Boooooo! Boooooo! This movie SUCKS! Everything about this movie is lame.
  • plevimuzik28 March 2020
    They need 2 stop wasting money on garbage & make some real movies instead all these shark movies will never top jaws!
  • This is hilarious.... Puerto Rico is being terrorised by a great big shark; except it is a great big shark with four heads; and it is quite capable of taking out a decent sized boat too. Then, just when you think things couldn't get any scarier (sic.) it grows another head at the other end - and so becomes a two-pronged shark... Luckily for us, we have a team of nerds and geeks led by a gung-ho Chris Bruno ("Red") on the case, so the conclusion is inevitable. That is, of course, if you stick around that long... How anyone could ever have funded, let alone produced this nonsense is beyond me; the CGI is truly abysmal - but on the plus side, remember "the ocean teaches us many things about ourselves"...!
  • Look, it's a stupid premise and clearly just a cash grab. But, the scenery is great and there are plenty of laughs at stupid.

    I don't know why anyone would rate this poorly. It's not serious cinema, it's a stupid movie to get a few chuckles over and in that arena it shines. Ranking it as if it's a sequel to Gone With The Wind is just being pompous.

    Grab some popcorn, watch for the B grade CGI and have a few laughs with the significant other.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is not a bad movie but the CGI could have been done better. The acting is OK. With the CGI it seems at times the body of the shark is skinnier making the 4 heads seem even larger. At other times fatter. Also at the first attack the tail looked like a regular shark tale. Later the tail started morphing into the 5th head. Toward the end the 5th head lost the fin that made it look like it had a Mohawk.

    The other reviewer missed a scene. The 5th head does in fact eat, one time. When the female cop falls off the boat the 5th head gets to enjoy the meal too.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This must watch film gave me a new perspective of the genre. Instead of making the shark look like a total bad guy, they gave it a new light. This film taught me to stick close with your friends like how close the 4 sharks did at the beginning; but always remember you can suddenly mutate a new shark friend and let others into your group making it 5.

    The inspiration that the first dead geeza Sean gave me was impeccable. Like he did for the others, his death made them have hope and keep going. Therefore this gave me inspiration to not let my hamsters inevitable death stop me from becoming Pakistan's new leader.

    Sean, you made me feel like i should sacrifice my life for Pakistan.

    Also i liked that there were no boobies and made me feel good about my own boobies yes.
  • Horrible watch, won't watch again, and can't recommend.

    This is a movie that was designed for a Bad Movie Night: the only way I can justify watching this trash.

    To think that someone worked so hard on that shark for this.

    The best thing about this movie is that Nikki Howard is hot: and that's a sign that there really anything good going on in the movie itself.
  • julianscott-7927511 September 2019
    GOOF: In one scene the officer is shooting at the shark with a regular what looks to be a 9mm The whole time there is a semi automatic rifle in front of him
  • Being neither a purposely ridiculous joke film, nor a "so bad that it's good" B-movie, this movie just hovers in a dull middle territory that makes it not worth the watch.

    Typical creature feature with all the dated and contrived plot points of random attacks which are first met with disbelief, followed by curiosity, and the eventual plan to go out and get/kill it. Not an ounce of creativity or originality (not that I was expecting it, but just another point in how dull it is) save for the shark having five heads. Although it doesn't match the film poster and does not look like a "demented starfish". It actually starts out with a believable enough four heads, but the fifth head that comes later requires too much suspension of any logic.

    There's nothing too alarmingly or comedically awful about the production quality or the CGI (I mean, you can't expect Hollywood quality in the first place). Coupled with the contrived and sub-par writing, this leaves nothing to be entertained by, whether you planned to take the movie seriously or get your schadenfreude kicks out of mocking it.
  • All things considered this film was not super horrible. I actually enjoyed making fun of it and what really was a bit crazy was the fact that the five headed shark in this film looked fairly decent. I am not saying it was the greatest thing ever rendered, but I had watched another Asylum film, "Planet of Sharks" and the sharks in that one looked worse than this and they were just regular sharks, not five headed ones! That being said, it is pretty bad as the plot is terrible, the actors are really lame and there really is no reason for the four headed, I mean five headed shark!

    The story has what starts as a four headed shark on the loose in the waters of Puerto Rico. Of course, we have an complete ass of a character in the form of the head of an aquarium who has enough pull to make interns and a professor go out on a boat and try to capture said beastie! Not only that, he can get them back out after it kills one of their own! Seriously, they are interns, if this guy suggested this to me, I would drop the internship. Well, they are shocked to see the shark has five heads so they know they are over theirs and hire a dude who kills sharks! Meanwhile, the professor female suddenly becomes like one of the girls, all air headed, and is like a totally different character, the shark finally gets its fifth head and another helicopter goes down in one of these films!

    The film is very fun to riff, which seems almost a shame as they did manage to make the shark look decent...for an Asylum studio shark anyways. The plot was just to ridiculous though. I mean, the shark sprouts the fifth head where its tail is and no one even acknowledges this. There isn't even a reason for this thing other than a global warming line. All Asylum shark movies have this go to line, "It's cause of global warming". It is the equivalent of toxic waste of the 80's only that was more believable than global warming causing a shark to grow another head on its butt!

    So, not the worst Asylum shark movie I have seen, that honor goes to Planet of the Sharks. Still, it has too many stupid things going on to be considered anything but bad. I could make a script with a better plot, better dialog and better origins than they do at Asylum, I guarantee it. I understand a low budge hindering somethings, but horror movies thrive on small budgets. It is generally one of the most profitable genres. They just seem to have a bad time delivering a decent story, but their movies are fun to watch if only for the laugh factor.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    5 HEADED SHARK ATTACK is the third in The Asylum's series about multi-headed sharks wreaking havoc on unsuspecting coast dwellers; this follows on from the two headed and three-headed variants (although a four-headed shark was bizarrely missed out). The film very much copies the look and feel of PIRANHA 3D throughout, chock-full of bikini-clad bimbos and dumb jocks having fun before they get chomped on by the mutant menace. Being an Asylum film, the CGI effects are cheesy beyond belief and the whole film lacks in realism. The acting ranges from the godawfully wooden to the just-about-managing, while the plot drags together all the usual genre tropes and cliches, from the fame-hungry human villain to the escalating attacks. Only B-movie lovers will enjoy this one.
  • Never seen a movie like this. Everything is so bad that it's actually is fun to watch. I believe my kids could had made a better movie.
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