Since confirming they did not know what the Darkness actually was for the first game, Bungie will have no mention of the Darkness in the second game.

Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Morena Baccarin all starred together in Firefly (2002).

Nathan Fillion reprises his role, voicing Cayde-6.

Bill Nighy as the Speaker is rumored to have a much bigger role than he had in the first game.

'Destiny 2' will carry on the popular game mode of 'Trials Of Osiris' from 'Destiny'. Only, in 'Destiny 2', the title of this game type has been altered to 'Trials of the Nine'.

This will be the first Destiny game to be released on PC. The original Destiny was rumored to come to PC, but it never happened.

Lance Reddick is reprising his role as Commnader Zavala, the Titan vanguard.

Lennie James will reprise his role as Lord Shaxx.

A release date for this game was leaked on March 23, 2017, five days before Bungie officially announced Destiny 2, when photos of a poster for the game leaked by an Italian retailer revealed a release date, 8 September, which was later revealed by Bungie as the official release date. As E3 came around, Bungie officially announced the date as September 6th, 2 days before it was originally said to be released.