Queen played "Somebody to Love" live from 1977-85, and a live performance of the song is recorded on the album Queen Rock Montreal.

In addition to these live performances, there were collaboration tributes to "Somebody to Love" after Mercury's death in 1991. The song was played live on 20 April 1992, during The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, with George Michael on lead vocals.

Since its release in 1976, the song has appeared in a number of television shows, such as American Idol, The X Factor, and Glee, as well as movies, including Happy Feet and Ella Enchanted.

The song is written in the key of A major.

Anne Hathaway sang this song in her role as Ella in the movie Ella Enchanted.

Brittany Murphy sang this song in the movie Happy Feet as her emperor penguin character Gloria.

The song was briefly featured in the 2015 film Minions, in a scene where the minions desperately sing a chorus of the song, after the whole empire is built.

It reached #2 in the UK and #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US.

This song made it clear to fans that "Queen could swing as hard as it could rock, by channeling the spirit of gospel music."

"Somebody to Love" is a soul-searching piece that questions God's role in a life without love.