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  • The "in charge" mentioned in this Sweetheart series title is code for Domination, as each vignette features a woman getting mad and forcing her femme partner to have sex. Every time it's only a matter of seconds before the other lady is turned on and having a ball.

    Director Dana Vespoli stars in the opening segment, finding young cutie Jessie Andrews in her bathroom after taking a shower (softcore eye candy for the fans). Angry at her husband's obvious infidelity while she was out, Dana takes charge and humps the girl on the bathroom floor, ending with her admonition: "My husband has good taste".

    Sex in the kitchen is the theme of the next vignette, actually loaded with lots of story material. Redhead Elle Alexandra gets her revenge on roommate Ash Hollywood. Ash poisoned Elle with laxatives (like slipping her a mickey) and the resulting sickness permitted her to take Elle's place at a fashion show in Paris. Elle found out and now it's time for punishment, in the form of sex.

    Big boobs dominate in the next segment, as pouty Taylor Vixen rebels against her coach Ricki Hunter, as she practices a speech to help her win a beauty contest. When Taylor tries to fire RIcki, a violent catfight breaks out, but soon changes into Sapphic sex.

    Finale has Keira Kelly making like a cat burglar as she invades her ex-boss Chanel Preston's home. Meanie Chanel fired her, and she's there to get even, involving spanking and forced sex.

    These scenes are very well-done, and it remains a mystery to me why fans have made the vanilla, non-conflict series like "Girls Kissing Girls" much more popular.