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  • I find it a little sad, as the boy has to hang on to his dreams for so many years.
  • Kirpianuscus28 December 2018
    At the first sigh- more than bizarre. A lemonade stand, the passing ages, a lot of money for a not reasonable purpose. Beautiful animation but a story who could be, in extreme, about the inner child desire, remaining the same across decades. But, if this remains the start point for see it, nothing change. Maybe, for a child works in reasonable manner. For a not so young man, like me, the film remains ...eccentric. And lovely. For good intention, for humor - who is almost hidden - and for animation itself.
  • This animated short is made using CGI and is quite lovely. My only complaint is that the film looked a bit jerky...and the smoothness I expected in such a film isn't quite there. This could be due to me seeing a bad copy on YouTube. What I do know for sure is that the animation, despite this, looks quite nice.

    The story is about a boy who desperately wants to become an astronaut and spends his entire life selling lemonade in order to make his somewhat insane plan come true. Worth watching and cute.
  • A young space obsessed kid spots a rocket-ship ride outside the grocery and can't wait until he tries. Disappointed with the initial outcome, he hatches a plan.

    I loved this film but the sentimental me was just waiting for the kid to learn the lesson that life disappoints us all. Thank goodness I was wrong.

    This 5 minute animated short is available on you-tube and is well worth the viewing time. By all means check it out.
  • Hitchcoc20 March 2019
    I thought this was so moving. A little boy's dream is to go into space. When he sees one of those supermarket rides where you put a nickel in the slot, he thinks this is the opportunity. Of course, all it does is go up and down and side to side. What happens next is what we do when we have passion. Of course, it's not realistic, but it's touching.
  • Winner of the Crystal Award at the 2017 Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films.

    Subtle metaphors that we can all relate to. An emotional short that explains everything in a very short time.
  • 197 have given it an average rating of 6.3. And it's way better than most of the Pixar shorts. Obviously, can't compare it with Pixar in terms of animation. But just, had it been made by a bigger company, it would have surely been laden with awards. I wish the production was a little better though.

    Or maybe that people don't like happy endings. They want to see only realistic endings, but they don't realize films can be imaginary and exaggerated as well.

    I put it alongside Geri's Game and a few other great short films.
  • I am not a fan of short films for children but I can say that this one intrigued me at the end of the viewing. A young boy with a passion for space discovers a rocket kiddie ride and decides to try it by inserting a coin. Disappointed that the rocket didn't go into space as he had planned, he decides to open a lemonade stand to get more money to go further in the kiddie ride. Several years later, the young boy, now an old man, sees the machine that will make him a child again. The story seems a bit short but the director's message is eloquent for older viewers. The graphics are beautiful and colorful. No wonder this film won 2 awards in the year of its release.