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  • I came across this and thought I would take a chance on watching it. There was not a plot summary listed here on IMDb so I went into it blind. I'm not sure how to summarize it well enough to add a plot but maybe reading my review ay help someone decide whether they would like to watch it.

    The best way for me to describe this is to say that it is an anthology film that sorta ends up being linked to each other. The first story is about a delusional woman who is set on finding a man who will not leave her. The second story is about a delusional woman who creates a relationship that is not real. The final story is about a delusional man who believes he has seen a woman begging for help while being held hostage in an apartment.

    While the stories were creepy, I'm not really one for anthology films and I never really grasp the actual connection between the three stories. At one point I thought they may have been liked by the individuals involved in the stories but then I started to think maybe they were linked through the building complex. I never came to a conclusion though.

    The acting wasn't awful but the stories were so vague that I was having a hard time staying interested. This is a Chinese film though and I should be fair by stating that I don't speak Chinese and that leaves me a bit disadvantaged due to not knowing whether the subtitles are relaying the story adequately.

    Considering all things, I chose to give it 4 Stars.