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  • robinsmerryband16 September 2018
    Do not give up on this show. It has a rocky start, but gets really funny- like laughing when you are alone funny. All star cast drives the script.
  • tomasbruk13 April 2018
    There are only 6 episodes? I knew it was too good to last. Each episode contains many good laughs. The dialogue is great, cast is wonderful and storyline is easy to relate to. Some great camera work there to as well as shots of our beloved Thames somewhere around Twickenham and Richmond. I have enjoyed every single one of the episodes and was looking forward to many more. Also, it has this gentle quality to it one feels rejuvenated afterwards. Thank you creators.
  • waddlesmom19 September 2018
    Makes me laugh out loud! Enjoy all the characters. Classic!
  • Really enjoyed this. I get the feeling that many are critical of this show simply because the shoe is on the other foot. People in their seventies are the ones that are tolerating and making fun of the puerile behavior of younger people. God forbid we have a show with older people who are independent, don't want their kids to move in with them and simply want to live their lives without all the unnecessary drama their kids try to impose on them.
  • freeflyingmom8 April 2020
    Loved this series!! Love the English humor! Worth the cost of Britbox!
  • tish-4771125 March 2020
    Enjoyed this very much. Interesting funny characters. After just watching the wedding episode, I am very much in love with John Cleese! Pls do more shows!
  • amoore-2950022 September 2018
    Thoroughly enjoyed this, binge-watched on Britbox. Laugh out loud funny in spots. All the players do their jobs well, standouts are Alison Steadman as Edith, great as always, other favorites are Roger the ne'er-do-well son and Mr Dugdale.
  • For people who do not have to see foul language, farting and over the top panto as the only comedy. This will be enjoyed long after "In" shows fawned over by Pro critics have gone.
  • John Cleese still makes for good laughter. This TV series is very funny. Those who did not enjoy it must not have a funny bone in the body. I enjoyed it immensely and laughed out loud. Every since Fawlty Towers Cleese has just gotten better and better.. I wish he had another weekly show now.
  • This show is funny and lovable. John Cleese and Alison Stedman are adorable together and both very funny. Honestly, those two are my old age goals (sans Roger and Sandra who are each detestable in their own ways).

    And Bonus! We can watch this with our 5 year old because there is no foul language and no sex scenes (thus far), which is quite refreshing.

    I am desperate for a second season. 6 episodes a d a Christmas special are just not enough.
  • Awful. Stereo typical 'Terry & June' Metropolitan/Home Counties suburbia. (Might be Maidenhead, the bridge looked familiar?) Silly, but not in a good 'Reeves & Mortimer' way. The script obvious and very unoriginal. So I expect the Beeb will already be commissioning another 10 series to bore us for the next several years. Hope not.
  • An atrocity and an abortion of a tossed-off snorefest.

    It's like this was written by Alexa after a tin of Vimto was poured on her, and then directed by one of those hoovers that you switch on, go out and leave to bimble around at random.

    Did anyone in the world laugh when this was broadcast? I mean, anyone whose brain isn't overrun with worms or dementia or syphilis and doesn't laugh involuntarily as a result?

    Parts of my soul died watching this. I aged about five years but was gripped with a grim, prurient fascination at a mediocrity which almost assumed physical form, like a big, globby, pulsing wall down the centre of my room, and I couldn't turn it off. I longed for Leatherface to suddenly steam into the faceless, pointless neighbourhood where this staggeringly inconsequential dreck takes place, and fill the air with criss-crossing geriatric entrails.
  • Love British humor ! Worth having a look at. John Cleese never misses a beat and the other actors are great too. Am enjoying it and am looking forward to the next season.
  • mpak424 March 2019
    Absolutely hilarious!! Stellar acting. So great to see John Cleese again.
  • guidokuwas26 March 2018
    It's sad that some reviewers are slating this as poor or bad. They are used to sitcoms with constant swearing and lewd humour obviously. This one is refreshingly clean and aimed at people with decency. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. Alison Steadman is amazing. I liked her since she played in Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Shame how old and bloated John Cleese looks now... :(
  • kate-9465320 February 2018
    Bad is actually too generous. The script is utterly appalling and it is just a wonder how it got past the cutting room? Over acting and Steadman shrieking every line, it was so painful. And sad.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As an oldie I suppose I should be rising above resentment at "Hold the sunset" being denigrated as aimed at the pensioner market by a reviewer contemptuously dismissing a significant proportion of the country's population as having no cultural awareness or value,but,hey,it happens everyday on TV and wireless programmes aimed at mindless twenty - somethings with the attention span of a spaniel puppy. So I shall. Pensioners Cleese and Steadman manage to find their way round the set without falling over an achievement by itself,evidently. They are joined briefly by pensioner Egan before surrendering centre stage to Jason Watkins who isn't quite so aged - but then he isn't quite so funny either. In fact he isn't funny at all. The script calls for Mr Cleese to be good humoured,even smile from time to time. For a man whose default character setting is smug Oxbridge snob he does a good job. It is left to Miss Steadman to charm her way through the piece and make it worth watching. She and Mr Cleese are the Love Interest;a couple almost star - crossed in that their wish to be together is thwarted by the arrival of her son,a 50 year old pre - adolescent who's prime regret is not cementing a relationship he had when he was seven. He has left the marital home and gone back to mum. Bugger what she thinks or what plans she may have had. There is a word for him that is usually preceded by "Selfish". I am reasonably sure Cleese and Steadman will prevail in the end,and I will personally be very happy to see Jason Watkins sleeping rough on the streets of whatever posh borough he lives in - perhaps it's Windsor who's plans for ethnically cleansing their homeless population I would be willing - in his case - to heartily endorse.
  • ThreePointFive28 February 2018
    We felt like giving up after one episode, but we decided to see if it was first episode syndrome. We wish we hadn't bothered. It just isn't funny. There's nothing else to say. If a sitcom isn't funny, then it isn't a sitcom. We won't be back for number three. You'd have to be mad.
  • Thank goodness for the wonderful acting and timing of Jason Watkins to make this sitcom watchable. First his delightful performance on W1A and now saving this.
  • It doesn't surprise me to see the generally negative reviews, sadly it wasn't the joy fest that many had hoped for. When you look at the cast, Steadman, Cleese, Scanlon etc. it should have been so much better. I found it watchable, typical Sunday tea time viewing, similar to Still Open all hours and Last of the Summer Wine in its latter years. The kind of show you don't mind washing the dishes to, before the real Sunday Night viewing starts. The ideas for the show were really good, the scripts however weren't up to much. I will praise Cleese for his presence, and I always find Steadman very watchable, but the only real highlight was the comedy that Jason Watkins brought, although he was done a disservice by the scripts.

    The humour seemed dated, but dated in a 90's ITV kind of sitcom way, as opposed to classic 80's BBC.

    There is something good lurking here, good actors, good ideas, but if it returns, we need some new writers on board please.

    Mediocre, 5/10
  • yvettelangbridge19 February 2018
    Who on earth commisioned this? The heads of BBC comedy should be shut in a room with all the classics, such as, One Foot in the Grave, Ever decreasing circles,Dads Army,Porridge,ect,ect, and not allowed out untill they understand the meaning of comedy!!!!!!
  • geoff.murrell27 February 2018
    What were JC and AS thinking, getting involved in this dire 'comedy'. I enjoy a good laugh, but this didn't even bring a smile to my face. I even watched the second episode to see if it was anomaly, it wasn't!
  • This must have been intended to follow in the footsteps of the other "retirement" comedies out there. Pensioners get ready to sail off into the sunset and enjoy their lives but "Boomerang" kids return home, bringing problems, and supposed laughs. Just doesn't work! The format is just a series of slapstick and one-liners, delivered in a way that has it better suited for a stage play, much like the format used in the days of early TV. Gone are the days of witty writing that dealt with this issue of aging and retirement! This is nothing as subtle, witty or clever like the 90s comedy, "Waiting for God"! I have no idea what the creators were thinking other than the hope that "Star Power" would make it work. They were very, very wrong!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All six episodes were just shown on the American PBS channel and I pvred them all because I saw Alison Steadman's name in it and I'd recently seen her in Boomers on Vision TV in Canada and she was really good in that. This was very different from Boomers. No laugh track at all (which is a good thing) BUT I was unsure if it was a sitcom. After half the first episode I was ready to stop watching but I persisted. It got better but it really wasn't that funny but then I don't like obvious humour and I don't think it was meant to be OTT. There were elements of sarcastic blood pressure rising John Cleese but not really enough. However, I'll probably watch the second series as long as the son and daughter-in-law get what's coming to them.

    Did anyone but me wonder WHERE the twins were - the grandchildren? Roger didn't seem to give a fig about his own kids. Bizarre.

    It was also good to see Anne Reid playing Queenie. Such a different character than the one in Last Tango in Halifax. This is before my time but I believe she was in Coronation Street in the 60s playing Ken Barlow's wife who dies after electrocuting herself with a hairdryer.

    The woman playing John Cleese's former stalker ALSO starred in Corrie St as Dev's wife before she herself was killed off. This bit of casting was extremely odd - the actress must be at least 40 years younger than John Cleese yet we're supposed to believe she stalked him??? Um, nope.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What to say about this train wreck that hasn't already been said? Whoever pitched this show, I hope that they were later fired. The humour and the plot is ancient! This kind of comedy was probably popular when we were painting on the walls of caves, but audiences have evolved.

    This is your typical sitcom aimed at elderly viewers before the watershed. I bet John Cleese probably has nightmares about this. Hold the sunset? No, make the sun set quicker on this monstrosity! The characters have about as much personality as a plank and it makes you think, "What happened to sophisticated comedy?"

    If I could go back in time, I would go back to when they pitched the script for this show and say "DON'T MAKE IT! This show is so dated it makes Dad's Army look like SAS: Who Dares Wins".
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