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  • A girl who keeps growing extra fingers lives as a recluse due to bullying. When she sees a possible solution to her condition, it takes her on a path to a much different outcome.

    It is interesting, and probably advantageous, to read about the thought process behind this most odd film. I saw this on Short of the Week, and in the write-up the director spoke about thoughts about automation of the mail service and the impact on the workforce. Knowing it has roots in reasonable thoughts, and that the absurd fantasy grew from such ordinary roots is interesting, and makes me appreciate the film for what it came from and where it ended up. Without this context though, it is perhaps less successful – or at least narratively. This would be because the moral is pretty simple in the end, and all the weird stuff just seems pasted on top.

    That weird stuff is still engaging though – but moreso when you know the root of it all. Without this (my first viewing) I didn't get into it, and found it weird for weirds' sake. I still appreciated the animation, the world that was created, and the commitment to that world despite its madness.