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  • This is one of the few Bigfoot movies that doesn't depict the creature as a psychopathic killer whose sole purpose in life is murder and mayhem. Even though it will not win the Oscar for Best Picture, it is a pretty good movie. Can definitely recommend this for Bigfoot movie fans.
  • I went into this movie with no expectations not knowing anything about it. It is very well done on the low budget the film had. The locations are beautiful and the soundtrack sets it apart from other movies done in this way. All the actors did a fine job in getting the feelings of their characters across. You will wish Roxy was your daughter minutes into the movie. This film shows almost all aspects of human nature both good and bad. And that sometimes it does one well to remember how kids look at things. It is said this is a Bigfoot movie but it is so much more. Yes Bigfoot is the running backbone of the film but it brings out so many more emotions then that. You will do yourself well to check this film out.
  • I thought the heart and soul of this little indie film was amazing. It was touching and a great story/lesson. It should be mandatory viewing in schools.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What is it about Western PA that leads to so many Bigfoot movies being shot here? This is at least the second in as many years, but A Wish for Giants is unlike any cryptozoological movie you've ever seen.

    9-year old Roxie goes from a normal life to dealing with an inoperable brain tumor. While she still has time, her family connects her to the Wish Kingdom Foundation, whose job is to try and get kids' minds off their plight by granting a wish. Roxie doesn't just have any wish. She wants to meet Bigfoot.

    Sophie (Naysa Altmeyer, the best part of this film) is the grad student who becomes obsessed with making that wish come true. Nobody understands her, including her boyfriend. Making things tougher for her is Derrick, a senator's son who just wants to screw everything up for her. Beyond having some incredibly interesting chest hair, he's also evil just for the sake of being evil, messing up the wish every step of the way. I wish his motivations were explaining a little better. Is he negging Sophie because he thinks she'll sleep with him? It certainly seems that way at one point. And at others, we're sympathetic to him because of how his father treats him. We're so close to a real motivation for him and it's just a little off.

    The real story? The roads that Sophie must travel to try and find a real Bigfoot. She's a true believer and perhaps that why Derrick dislikes her so much. His idea is to just put a Russian wrestler in a costume. That wouldn't be good enough for Sophie or, more importantly, Roxie.

    There are some bad line readings here and there. And some of the pathos feel piled on at some points. But to be honest, this is a pretty interesting idea for both a book and film. If it's a little earnest, well, not every film has to packed with subtext and gore. Add in that it was shot for around $25,000 and it's actually astounding that the film looks as good as it does.

    There are also some deep cut Bigfoot facts in this film. You won't hear this much Sasquatch info in your traditional Hollywood fare.
  • Great story, I loved this indie film. It's made with passion and heart. Bigfoot enthusiast will enjoy the way the creature is portrayed in the end.
  • As an independent film, A Wish for Giants pulls from local resources and talent from the western pa region and deploys a fast-paced family-oriented film that stirs the heart. It may not win any academy awards, but the story theme and combined talent make this a proud win for western pa...definitely a must-see!
  • This story really grabbed my attention. Emotional in its very nature and well written. For the most, scenes were believable and the music was phenomenal! Delivery was good, especially with the main actors. Disappointments came from sound imbalance and color. I had to turn up the volume to hear some lines then quickly back down so not to get blasted. Also, there were a few places the picture was either not completely focused or the lighting was bad. I'd love to see what Hollywood could do with this.
  • I recently watched this Bigfoot indie film and came away impressed with the production. It is a pretty impressive film considering the movie was so low-budget. The positives of the film include the acting from most of the main cast, the outstanding music that really enhanced many of the scenes, and the cinematography. There are two parts of the film that are simply amazing, those being a sequence in the middle where each of the three main characters are confronted by someone close to them and the ending which is more than satisfying. No matter what someone thinks of the rest of the movie, the ending is worth the watch. Bigfoot fans will enjoy the way the creature is portrayed throughout the film but the viewer does not know if a real Sasquatch is in it until the very end. The negatives of the film include inconsistent performances from the supporting actors though none could be described as being bad, a character that takes up too much screen time but is well-played by the actor, some stiff and cliched dialogue, and redundancy in a few of the scenes in about the first thirty minutes. A Wish for Giants is definitely worth viewing, especially for Bigfoot fans.
  • The filmmakers did a professional job, the music was excellent and what a take on the big hairy guy, very well done! The rich kid was a little much, but the story of the two lead girls and the wish was handled and portrayed beautifully - great job!
  • rjoni15 May 2018
    This is a beautiful story! It should definitely get attention and if there ever is one I'd love to see the sequel.
  • I was really impressed with this local film after seeing it at its premiere and wanted to check out the book that it was based on, also by an area author. Wow, it is BAD. Whereas once you take away the entire "local" bit about the film and see its flaws and shortcomings, it is still fairly decent and way better than I'd expect from a local "independent film." Upon reading the book it becomes clear that most of the problems with the movie come from story itself. The movie does a way better job than the book in cutting the fat and staying more focused on the story, as well as in keeping the bad dialogue in check. This movie definitely deserves a look, especially if you're from western PA; just do yourself a favor and avoid the book its based on.
  • This is well made with some really good acting that makes Armstrong county look really good, but the story takes a left turn for no reason for like the entire middle of the movie for no reason and brings in an Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabe trying to be a tough Russian wrestler for some reason.

    Definitely check it out as it's pretty professional all-in-all, it's just too bad the story gets in the way of itself.
  • I got the chance to check this out this weekend and thought that the actors all did a great job and that the movie looked and felt like a real movie, but the story was a mess. Without going into spoilers, there are characters and subplots that don't do anything other than take away from the main story of the little sick girl and the woman working to grant her wish. It looks professional with good performances, but it just doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • missklog16 April 2018
    This is a sweet movie about a young girl dying of brain cancer and the big-sister type character working to grant her wish to meet Bigfoot. This movie looks and feels legitimate, despite some bad writing and stiff dialogue, and stirs the emotions; though maybe a little too intentionally in a few places. Despite trying a little too hard, A Wish for Giants is a sweet little movie that gets much more right than it gets wrong and is worth your time to check it out.
  • edkel-889169 August 2020
    It has it all. a search for Bigfoot - beautiful scenery - a protagonist in danger - a 'helpful' antagonist - a love story - a plot with more twists and turns than a backwoods road - and an unexpected ending. Not only do I give this movie 10 stars, but I also award it 5 tissues. It;s one of he best Indie films I have ever seen.
  • ddabaldo7 August 2020
    I loved how the characters were very believable and sincere. Very well done. Not a typical Bigfoot movie. It's a real heart-tugger and beautifully written and filmed. Great job!
  • bstreamss7 August 2020
    This movie is a cute Indie film that will pull at your heartstrings. I found it enjoyable to know most of the landscape in the film. Keep in mind that this film is a small independent film with local actors...but they do a good job getting the point of the storyline across. I watched it with my young children so it is family friendly.
  • They played this at Riverfront Park the other night. It was really cool to see familiar places and even some people and to know it was made locally. The movie looked great and moved along nicely. The acting was pretty good for the most part but the dialogue and the rich kid subplot wasn't the best, easily the weakest part. Strongest part was the music which, along with the professional look and solid actors, helped to make up for the cringe dialogue and pointless subplot. Very cool this was made in our backyard!
  • I really enjoyed this independent film. The performances from the actors were very solid and the adaption to film from the source material was really well done. It's a truly inspiring film to be enjoyed by all ages. This will hopefully give some spotlight to the hardworking indie filmmakers from this area of the country that we sometimes overlook. Definitely recommend a viewing.
  • aaronlaney18 April 2018
    I really liked this one! The Bigfoot as a sick girl's dying wish was a neat twist, the two lead actresses did a great job, it looks slick with a distinctive visual style and the music really adds to the overall film. A few criticisms would be some of the supporting actors seemed like they were just randomly pulled off of the street and the Derrick subplot gets a little ridiculous, even for a Bigfoot movie, but all-in-all it's easy to see that this indie was guided by a competent director with a passion to bring the most out of the story while keeping the pace even and shortcomings well balanced and in check.

    This film should do well in festivals and have no problem landing on streaming, so give it a watch if you get the chance - it's well worth your time!
  • I finally got to see this recently and was really excited because I knew people that worked on it, which is why it's so disappointing that it kind of sucked. Don't get me wrong, it was a well made movie but the story itself was just bad and some of the dialogue was a joke, and a bad joke at that. I tried out the book, but it's even worse.

    Kudos to making a real movie, just a shame that it's a bad one made well.
  • The movie looked and sounded really good, had great acting and music, but there were a few subplots and characters that were unnecessary and caused the film to be good and not great. The ending is beautiful, one of the best I have seen in a movie. As other reviewers have said, skip the book and watch the movie.
  • This is what indie film can be! The look and direction of the film by Don Swanson is excellent and accentuated all the more by the haunting score by Mark D'Errico. The two leads, Naysa Altmeyer and Alexa Mechling, shine in their parts and Conner McClain does a nice job as Derrick considering the material he was working from as the writing is this movie's weak point. The plot around Derrick gets muddled and a lot of his dialogue is just bad, which brings me to the writer and producer, Aaron Dunbar. He gave a Q/A after the screening and managed to never really mention anybody that made his book into a movie for him; needless to say I was less than impressed. However, despite a few pitfalls, the production and cast of A Wish for Giants raises this film beyond what it easily could've been and is a shining example of what independent filmmaking can be!
  • At first glance this is a fairly slick movie that, much to the editor's credit, doesn't linger too long on any one scene as to not let you catch how flawed it really is.

    Upon a second viewing the muddled plot, inexperienced actors struggling with ridiculous dialogue, just a little too over the top score and occasional technical issues become more apparent.

    The opening playground scene and last 10-15 minutes are superbly done, showing great promise from the filmmaker at the helm. There are also moments from each leading character that land near perfection despite the absurdity of what they're saying or the situation they're in, as well as some beautifully shot moments that shine brighter than the film they're a part of.

    There is talent at work here, but it's not enough to overcome the inherent flaws and limitations of what the film is, making 'A Wish for Giants' a well done amateur hour.