The film is based on the self-published 2015 novel 'A Wish for Giants' by Aaron Dunbar.

Producer Aaron Dunbar was less than a month from the first day of principal photography when he first approached filmmaker Don Swanson after a previous filmmaker dropped out of the project for personal reasons.

This film was self-financed by Aaron and Mary Dunbar on a budget of approximately $25,000. On the low-end, the film production would have required a budget of approximately $250,000 if not for the many local businesses who donated locations and props not to mention the many volunteers.

The movie took approximately nine months to film. The first day contained the most extras on the film, with over 80 children invited to the Kittanning Township Elementary School playground to be part of the scene.

This is Don Swanson's first independent feature film.

Producer Aaron Dunbar compensated filmmaker Don Swanson with the camera and accessories production assistant Chris Garritano and he recommended prior to agreeing to take on the project. Swanson supplemented the camera setup with several thousands of dollars of his own money in additional upgrades and accessories in addition to providing all of the lighting and sound equipment to be used for principal photography.

Nicole Stewart, who plays Nicole in the film, is a cancer survivor and was herself a Wish Kid.

Stan Gordon, who has a cameo in the film, has been researching UFO sightings, Bigfoot encounters, and other mysterious events in Pennsylvania since 1959.

Alexa Mechling's hand was used for the cover on the original novel A Wish for Giants. She later played Roxie in the film.

The film won the Best Dramatic Feature category at the 2018 Culdee Arts Reel Entertainment (CARE) Awards.

The film won second place in the Best Family Feature category at the 2018 Indie Gathering International Film Festival.

The script for 'A Wish for Giants' wasn't entirely finished until after the third day of principal photography.

"A Wish for Giants" was nominated for 4 Awards at the 2018 Chautauqua International Film Festival: Best Director - Don Swanson, Best Cinematographer - Don Swanson, Best Editor - Don Swanson and Best Music Score - Mark D'Errico. It won Best Feature & Best Cinematography with Merit Awards for Directing and Editing.

'A Wish for Giants' has raised enough money to grant several wishes with ongoing charity screenings following its premiere as well as donations by individuals and businesses on behalf of the movie.