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  • Kirpianuscus6 December 2018
    ...because the Rubik cube was, in childhood period, one of my favorit toys. Because it is a real well crafted short animations. Because I know what means kill the time in a train station. And because the message is so sweet ( and wise) , than this pledge for old fashion fun is more than lovely. A film about a cube and its "victims". Not exactly a manifesto against technology temptations but a honest, lovely pledge for discover the reality near yourself.
  • brlfrndz11 November 2018
    It's a pretty simple and straight-forward short film, but it's consistently engaging and good for younger viewers. It may come off as predictable to anyone who regularly watch short films, but it's fantastic for kids to watch because it shows the old and new still having conjunction with each other, in addition to the importance of trying new things and not giving up.

    I won't give away the ending, but I love how rewarding it is that the story goes on and that the girl makes an interesting decision. Give this one a watch on YouTube or Vimeo. It's positive and funny as well.
  • Take a modern teen who just missed a subway, having to wait for the next one, playing her little hand held video game. Add to that a Rubik Cube that is all mixed up, but has a soul. And watch as the little old toy eventually takes her out of our time back to many years ago when things were simpler. This is nicely paced and rather sentimental.