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  • Have you ever noticed that? I mean when you rub 'em. I just noticed.

    My buddy Zeke Picard gave me a bottle of Zorth. Pretty good stuff. Made way for new cobwebs.

    I like this video and song a great deal. This is good, I recommend it.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Here we have the music video for the song "Everytime" by Britney Spears in 2004, which means this one already 15 years old. Really a long time. Director is David LaChapelle and he's been making music videos back then for a while already and not too long ago he worked with Britney on recent projects, now that she is moving closer to 40. Kinda unreal to say that about someone who was like 17 when she had her big breakthrough. How time passes. Anyway, I know there are a lot of critics out there who are relatively harsh on Britney, always have been, also when she was the biggest star on the planet perhaps, but I think here in her early 20s she does a pretty good job with her voice in terms of hitting the right notes. But theer always is a warmth to her voice as well and this music video is a good example for that. There is something fragile in here, yet touching. So definitely a thumbs-up for the song. For the video I am not entirely sure. They got actor Stephen Dorff playing her boyfriend in here and all he does is basically raging and destroying stuff in what seems to be a bit over-the-top enfant terrible performance. Oh yeah and he gets her head out of the tub at the end too. I think the video gets worse the longer it goes. It does not succeed with the impact it tries to make about a really serious subject like suicide and that is really close to a deal-breaker. Also the parallel between beginning and end in the most human sense atg the end feels fairly shoddy and try-hard and not effective. And what was that thingey about Britney at the end showing her head out of the water and laughing? That really made no sense at all. Was it so that dumb teenage girls would not actually think she died? Or were they too scared of the video being rated in a way where Britney's younger fans would not get to see it? I don't know honestly, but it felt really half-baked for me like in the sense they were daring to go for a death scenario and then eventually picked a "oh hi here I am I'm fine it's all good hehe" route. Ridiculous and overall I think it may be better to listen to the song instead of watching the video. I give the entire project a thumbs-up, but yeah it is a really close call and this is nowhere near Britney's best, especially in terms of the visual side, but the song proves that she can pull off ballads too better than pretty much everybody else.