Jesse Eisenberg memorized the entire script before recording started. This was confirmed by him and the director at the Toronto International Film Festival. The director also confirmed that the story was fictional but that it reflect advances in trading technology.

Alexander SkarsgÄrd's eyeglasses show no refraction during the film, indicating they are only cosmetic.

During the world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Salma Hayek jokingly flicked off Michael Mando on stage after Mando made a joke about the film using her private helicopter as a prop. This made homage to the scene where Hayek's character flicks off Eisenberg and Mando from inside a private helicopter.

This is the First Movie with a 100% authentic network! Belden (the #1 manufacturer of Cabling & Fiber Optics) trained the cast on how to properly run and setup their network, as it is done in Real Life. Anything not seen done by the cast, was completed by Belden, making the Fiber Optic network 100% functional. This is the first time in the history of movies where a network was built in accordance with ALL GOVERNMENT & INDUSTRIAL Regulations.