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  • Please let the Gods of all things zombie bring this series back from the dead. The original movie was fantastic and this teaser gives us zombie-lovers something to hope for. The Wyrmwood franchise is dying to come to life!
  • I accidentally watched the movie, I loved it, every second was entertaining and the acting by the main 3 or 4 stars was relaxed and fitted in really well. If the series is anything like this movie I will watch every episode............
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Wyrmwood: Chronicles of the Dead - Teaser" is a really long title for a pretty short live action film. This Australian production was released in May 2017, so it is not a year old and it was wriitten and directed by Kiah Roache-Turner. I am a bit confused as I see that he made a full feature film about this subject already, so maybe they will make a series now and this short promotes said series? I am not sure. But yeah, it is the usual you'd expect from post-apocalypse zombie scenarios: lots of blood and violence, a psychopath, an attractive woman who is more resilient than she seems to be initially and a great deal of gore. Well, I would say I liked the first half of this 7-minute movie more than the second, even if the ending wasn't too shabby out in the open eventually. But judging from this one here, I have no interest to watch the movie or watch a potential series anytime soon unless they step things up. It really only is for everybody who is totally addicted to the genre that received a huge boost through The Walking Dead a couple years ago and the hype still seems to be going strong. Okay what else: Unless you're Australian, you probably won't know any of the actors, maybe not even then, but it is obviously not an actors movie at all. Dialogues is non-existent, so even if you don't speak English, then you won't need subtitles. But hey, if you don't speak English, then you probably would not have made it here in this review right? So yeah, I give it a thumbs-down as I did not feel it added anything really new to the genre, but it does solidly in combining old aspects from other productions, also including make-up and costumes apart from the stuff I mentioned earlier already. My suggestion is to skip it though unless you really love the genre. It's not a failure, but I found it ultimately rather weak and forgettable.