Granny Goodness: [having located the Response-o-Meter] Yes.

Batgirl: [off-screen] Put that down!

[she swings in along with Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, and Starfire]

Granny Goodness: Furies, finish these Supers!

Big Barda: [blocking the doorway] Hey, Granny.

Granny Goodness: Out of my way, Big Barda!

[they charge at each other and lock weapons]

Big Barda: I don't take orders from you anymore! I make my own choices now!

Mad Harriet: [holding Batgirl hostage] Give it back. Or Batty gets it.

Big Barda: [whispers to Supergirl] Supergirl. Harley's buggy.

[Supergirl notices Harley's buggy right next to Mad Harriet. She takes a deep breath and uses her super-breath to push the buggy over, distracting Mad Harriet and allowing Batgirl to escape while the buggy falls onto Mad Harriet]

Starfire: [after Korugar Academy wins the next-to-last portion of the Games] Congratulations.

Blackfire: Where did you go?

Starfire: To save the people. There was a fire.

Blackfire: You sacrificed winning the championship for some humans?

Starfire: It is just a game. Principle Waller teaches "there is no greatness without sacrifice."

Supergirl: [confronting Lena] Come on, Lena. We don't have to fight. Just turn yourself in.

Lena Luthor: That would be so easy, wouldn't it? Just another time that Supergirl doesn't even have to try!

[attacks Supergirl]

Supergirl: What?

[throws Lena off of her]

Lena Luthor: All you had to do was land on Earth to get superpowers. I tried everything to get them! Chemical accidents, close encounters with meteors, genetic mutations!

[blasts Supergirl back]

Lena Luthor: Day and night I've been working on these Kryptomites. Even when it was so toxic that my hair fell out, I didn't stop!

Frost: [spraying the Kryptomites with a chemical substance] So cool.

Poison Ivy: [high-fives Frost] Science for the win!

Batgirl: [after beating the robots] Nice work, Blackfire.

Blackfire: That was some pretty great super heroing, Batgirl.

Starfire: [after Platinum defeats Brainiac] Platinum did it!

[Batgirl finds Platinum's core in the wreckage]

Batgirl: Platinum. She saved us.

Hippolyta: [after the battle] Diana!

Wonder Woman: Mom!

[hugs her]

Hippolyta: Thank Hera you are safe.

Wonder Woman: I'm sorry I disappointed you about the summit.

Hippolyta: Disappointed? Diana, I have never been prouder.

Wonder Woman: But I thought you wanted me to go to the summit to learn to be queen.

Hippolyta: There is nothing more regal than standing up for what you believe. You will be an excellent queen.

[Wonder Woman smiles warmly]

Platinum: [joining the girls for the award ceremony] Can I squeeze in with you?

Supergirl: Sure thing.

[Platinum slides into the seat between Batgirl and Supergirl]

Batgirl: We always have room for another hero.

[Platinum smiles]

Granny Goodness: [fighting Supergirl] I should have finished you off last time!

[hits Supergirl with her staff, knocking her back. Stompa leaps up and catches her]

Stompa: Look at what Stompa caught. Can I keep her?

[Batgirl is fighting Lashina. Lashina attacks Batgirl with her whip. Batgirl dodges acrobatically, but the whip catches her ankle. She tries to get it off]

Lashina: Nuh-uh, Bats.

[electrocutes Batgirl with her whip, knocking her unconscious]

Bumblebee: Oh, no!

[flies down to check on her. Artemis shoots arrows at her, but she shrinks to avoid them. She fires her sting blasts at Lashina and Artemis, but they dodge the blasts. Supergirl breaks free of Stompa's grasp, throws her into Granny Goodness, and flies over to Batgirl]

Supergirl: Batgirl, wake up!

[Batgirl stirs and sits up]

Mad Harriet: [attacking Starfire] Slice and dice!

[inflicts a deep scratch on Starfire's arm]

Starfire: Good Gorga! I am oozing my life goop!

Lashina: [as Big Barda blocks their path] Come home with us. You were born a Fury and you'll always be a Fury.

Big Barda: You're right. I was born a Fury, but I changed. I fight for good now.

[Lashina attacks Barda, but Barda blocks all her attacks. She hits Lashina with her Mega-Rod, knocking her out. Granny Goodness tries to escape, but Barda throws her Mega-Rod at Granny, tripping her]

Supergirl: You did it!

Big Barda: That's one way to use a Mega-Rod.

Girl's Father: [pointing Starfire out to his daughter] There she is! That's the girl!

Little Girl: Yay!

[runs up to Starfire and hugs her legs]

Little Girl: Thank you for saving my daddy. You're my hero.

[holds out a flower]

Starfire: [takes the flower and sniffs it] Mm. Thank you.

Lena Luthor: [addressing the stadium] Think about it, Metropolis. That robot attack was because of the Supers! Eclipso, Dark Opal, The Female Furies! Super villains target our city because these Supers are here!

Girl's Father: Hey, that's not true! You're wrong!

Lena Luthor: Join my side and we'll free Metropolis of Supers!

Steve Trevor: Never! The superheroes saved me!

Girl's Father: Me too! I'm with Super Hero High!

Little Girl: [chanting] Super Hero High!

Crowd: Super Hero High! Super Hero High! Super Hero High! Super Hero High! Super Hero High!

Lena Luthor: Alright, fine! Whatever. Kryptomites, attack!

[the Kryptomites start attacking the crowd]

Principal Waller: [telling the heroes what to do] Flyers, get the citizens to safety. The rest of you get those Kryptomites!

[to Supergirl]

Principal Waller: Supergirl, bring in Lena.

Supergirl: Yes, Principal Waller.

Katana: [after slicing a robot to pieces with her sword] Attacking Super Hero High will cost you an arm and a leg.

Ambassador Bek: [at the award ceremony] Since Korurgar Academy ran away before the last competition, they have forfeited. And therefore, it is my pleasure to award the Intergalactic Game championship to Super Hero High!

[last lines]

Brainiac: I will destroy those Supers.

[Wonder Woman is fighting Mad Harriet. Mad Harriet leaps at her, knocking her down, and causing her lasso to fall off her belt. Wonder Woman throws Mad Harriet off of her, causing her to crash into a cabinet. Speed Queen streaks up and throws her disks at Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman blocks them with her gauntlets. She reaches for her lasso, but realizes it's not on her belt. Speed Queen tries to grab it, but Wonder Woman grabs her wrist]

Wonder Woman: Not so fast!

[Lashina's whip lashes out and snags Wonder Woman's wrist. The whip then electrifies, electrocuting Wonder Woman]

Speed Queen: [after grabbing the Response-o-Meter] Can't beat me, Barda!

Big Barda: [to Bumblebee] Bumblebee, sting Speed Queen's skates!

Bumblebee: Yeah!

[fires her stingers at Speed Queen's skates, breaking them and sending her crashing into the wall, knocking her out]

Starfire: [after Batgirl and Bumblebee win the robot battle portion of the games] Give to me the highness of the five!

Bumblebee: Oh, yeah!

[Starfire, Batgirl, and Bumblebee all high-five]

Batgirl: Thanks, Starfire.

Wonder Woman: [confronting Lena] Lena, I'm sure we can resolve this. What do you want?

Lena Luthor: What I want? What I want is to rid Metropolis of Supers!

[punches Wonder Woman into a wall]

Platinum: [emerges on stage during the award ceremony] Oh, hi, everybody.

Batgirl: Platinum, you're okay!

Platinum: Rebuilt and better than ever.

[the students cheer for her]

Doc Magnus: [walks on stage] Platinum, you're not finished yet!

Platinum: But they're having a celebration, and I've never been the type of girl to miss a celebration.

Doc Magnus: That's because you've never been any type of girl before.

Platinum: First time for everything.

Supergirl: [being hit by Batgirl and Bumblebee's battle bots] Ow! Hey!

Batgirl: Oops.

Bumblebee: Sorry, Supergirl!

Batgirl: Pow! Blaster success. Intergalactic Games, here we come!

[high-fives Bumblebee]

Bumblebee: They might as well give us the gold medal now, cause the Batgirl and Bumblebee battle bots are the bomb.

Wonder Woman: [arriving in Metropolis] We heard the Save the Day alarm.

Flash: What's going on?

[they see the robots trashing the city]

Batgirl: Robots.

Starfire: You shall not do that on the watch that is mine.

[blasts Lead away]

Platinum: [holding Steve Trevor over the edge of a building] Return Lead and Iron to me or the human shall be destroyed.

Steve Trevor: Help!

Wonder Woman: [drops Lead] Steve!

Batgirl: Supergirl, stick with the plan. Magnetize her on three. One, two...

Platinum: Time's up.

[Platinum drops Steve. Wonder Woman flies down to save him while Batgirl and Supergirl magnetize Platinum with their ship's blasters. Wonder Woman catches Steve before he hits the ground. Steve hugs Wonder Woman in relief while she blushes]

Lois Lane: [reporting on Lena's attack] It appears that Lena Luthor, alias Lena Throul, sibling of known villain Lex Luthor, has launched a full-scale attack on the Supers.

Beast Boy: [tending to Supergirl] You okay, Supes?

Supergirl: I am now.

[falls over, but Beast Boy catches her]

Beast Boy: Gotcha.

Supergirl: [smiles at him] Nice catch.

Steve Trevor: [after the robots break into the cafe] I-I'm sorry for yelling at you about breaking our window. I should've known. The customer's always right.

Platinum: Initiate protocol. Crush human.

[tries to crush him, but Supergirl swoops in and flies him to safety. The robots follow them outside where Bumblebee confronts them]

Bumblebee: Over here, you hunk of hardware!

[fires her stingers at Platinum, but Platinum morphs her body around the blasts. While she and the other robots attack Bumblebee, Supergirl sets Steve down in an alleyway]

Supergirl: Stay here, Steve. You'll be safe.

[flies off]

Steve Trevor: Thanks, Supergirl!

Iron: [preparing to attack Wonder Woman] Iron will crush Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman: Bring it!

Supergirl: [attacking Platinum with her heat vision] Feel the burn!

Platinum: Heat vision approximately two thousand degrees. Melting point of Platinum, 3,215 degrees.

[Supergirl tries to punch her, but Platinum catches her fist]

Platinum: Platinum fist velocity, two hundred miles per hour. Supergirl fist velocity, 168 miles per hour. All part of superheroes's faulty programming.

Supergirl: I'm a person. I don't have programming.

Platinum: Shame. Platinum is programmed to protect herself and preserve her power. But Supergirl will predictably save humans above all else.

Man: Help!

[Lead is attacking a person on the street]

Lead: Crush human.

Supergirl: Oh, no!

[flies in and grabs the man and carries him to safety]

Man: Thank you!

Lashina: [after getting the fingerprints from Big Barda] Fed her a sob story about that stupid song she always sings.

Granny Goodness: Big Barda has always been a sentimental fool.

Lashina: What a perfect punishment it'll be for her to know that she is to blame for the Furies acquiring the universe destruction technology.

Principal Waller: [after the Furies are defeated] Good riddance. The Metropolis Special Crimes unit will take care of the Furies now.

Ambassador Bek: I do not envy them the paperwork.

Wonder Woman: I'm just glad the school is safe again.

Ambassador Bek: Thanks in no small part to your efforts. Which is why I'd formally like to invite you to join us next week for the summit.

Wonder Woman: Really? Oh, my Hera! My mom is gonna flip her bananas. Thank you, ambassador!

Lena Luthor: [after retrieving the Response-o-Meter] Letting the Furies do the hard work for us was a nice stroke. A tip-off to Batgirl's security system and bang-bang-bing-bang! The Furies are out and the Response-o-Meter's ours.

Harley Quinn: [after one of the robots is destroyed] Torn limb from metal limb! Oh, the humanity!

Beast Boy: [turns into a manatee] Did someone call for a manatee?

Supergirl: [after Lena shows up in her suit] Lena Throul?

Starfire: She has the suit of the powers!

Bumblebee: That suit. It's like Lex Luthor's.

Beast Boy: Luthor? Throul? Dude, same letters, wickeder order!

Lena Luthor: Does somebody need the I.T girl's help? Oh, I can fix your little game, but I'd rather fix this whole city!

Blackfire: [after combining their powers] What was that?

Starfire: We are the kinifsters. We are the strongest when we do the blast of togetherness.

Lena Luthor: [facing Supergirl] Here. Take your best shot! Or you could...

[extends her suit's left arm and grabs a little girl from the fleeing crowd]

Girl: Help! Help me, Supergirl!

Supergirl: I got you!

[tries to save her, but she's suddenly hit by kryptonite beams from the Kryptomite's ships on all sides. She tries to resist, but she falls to her knees. Lena laughs victoriously while simultaneously dropping the little girl. The girl is caught by a man who hands the little girl to her mother]

Girl: [hugs her mother] Mommy!

Lena Luthor: [standing over a weakened Supergirl] You should've never come to Metropolis.

[raises her suit's foot to crush her, but Platinum wraps her arms around the suit and pulls it back, saving Supergirl]

Wonder Woman: [flying in] Get away from my friend!

[slams the suit into the wall]

Wonder Woman: [fighting Lena] Lena, please. You don't have to do this.

Lena Luthor: But I want to!

[leaps at Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman slides out of the way. Lena crashes through the wall. She tries to stop, but her suit's arms were destroyed earlier. She loses her balance and falls over the edge toward the ceremonial torch]

Wonder Woman: Lena!

[flies down after her into the fire and flies her out]

Lena Luthor: [coughs] You saved me. How dare you!

[Wonder Woman drops her on the ground]

Wonder Woman: [after locking Lena up] We'll be back to take you to Belle Reve after we finish off the robots.

[flies off]

Lena Luthor: You will be finished, Supers!

Brainiac: [after Platinum breaks free] Platinum, I command you to get back here.

Platinum: [takes off her former headpiece] I'm not just a machine anymore!

Starfire: [after the battle] I am proud to share the bond of eternity with you.

Blackfire: Me too. Too bad our bond is about as long as I'm going to be in detention. You think your principal will let me catch a boom tube back to Korugar?

Starfire: Of course! I shall get Principal Waller.

[starts to walk off, but Blackfire stops her]

Blackfire: Hey, I didn't say I had to go now. Weren't you planning a day of fun-ship?

Starfire: Mm, yes! First we shall see how many muffins made of the bran we can eat. And then to gaze upon the fishes made of jelly at the aquarium. Ooh, and then to have the fight of the fluffy pillows! And after that the mask of the magic mud...!

Starfire: [discussing how to stop the robots] What shall we do? Their metal is of the indestructibility.

Flash: Starfire's right. Every time I get a hit in, they just reform.

Batgirl: [noticing Wonder Woman's phone] That's it!

Wonder Woman: A soaked phone?

Batgirl: They're robots. Their bodies might be tough to crack, but their technology isn't. They must be powered by computers and magnets scramble computers. What if we magnetize our vehicles?

[speaks to Oracle]

Batgirl: Oracle, remote pilot Supergirl's spaceship to these coordinates.

Oracle: As you wish, Batgirl.

Starfire: [lifting Iron into the air] We bring another of the robotic beings for your scramblification.

Bumblebee: This is what I call pumping iron.

Lashina: [questioning Granny Goodness' plan] We're wanted criminals. If you think the Female Furies can just march into Super Hero High and grab that thing, you're getting dizzy.

Granny Goodness: [grabs her by the front] Lashina, don't forget your place.

Lashina: Yes, Granny Goodness.

Big Barda: [after knocking a Kryptobot into the net] All right! Ten points to Big Barda in the Villain Launch!

Blackfire: [having saved Starfire from the Kryptobots] Come on, kinifster.

Platinum: [watching the scene] Huh?

Starfire: I thought you were leaving to go to the planet of Korugar.

Blackfire: I was, but you need my help.

[Starfire takes her hand and they run off]

Platinum: Heroism. Irrational, but good.