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  • Unikitty is an animated TV series about the titular character Unikitty who is a unicorn, cat, or whatever thing that runs a monarchy. As ruler, she makes sure everyone is in a pleasant mood. Her companions include her brother and some doctor. Her foil is Mr. Frown who does the opposite of what she does.

    As for the series itself, the graphics are well-colored, the music is okay, and the humor is adequate I guess. But if there's anything that puts me totally off, it's that unicorn/pooch fella Puppycorn. Yeah he's sorta cute but his speaking ain't genuine. Instead of picking a wannabee guy, I wish they pick a boy.
  • Yeah, this animated show looks somewhat decent. But if there's anything that really puts me off, it's that Puppycorn sounds so unauthentic. Geez, why must old tomboys have to steal boys' jobs?
  • The show looks okay but Puppycorn's fake voice brings everything down.
  • abcgaming-0502729 May 2019
    This show copyed my favorite show, rainbowbutterflyunicornkitty 😡😡😡
  • It's a little too much for me, and would prefer watching Billy and Mandy. I'm very sorry if you like this show, and didn't mean to offend you, just my opinion.

    I don't recommend watching this show if you havent watched it yet.
  • Well most of these reviews have already what is needed to be said about this show and why it is not good.

    To be honest Cartoon Network has been doing very well with their new additions of brand new cartoons which include OK KO Lets be heroes, Apple and onion, Craig of the creak and hopefully Infinity train and Victor Valentino when those come out.

    Case in point:

    As for this show well I am afraid that this one is the weakest out of them. Flashy colours, loud noises and obnoxious humour doesn't really make this show any better.

    But the only good thing to come out of it is possible the fact that Roger Craig Smith (the voice of Captain America from Avengers Assemble and Thomas from Regular show) is the voice for Hawkadiole and Richard.

    Other then that there is not really anything I like about this show.

    Look if you are going to watch this show and like it more power to you but I honestly. I would not recommend it.
  • dragbehindskunkfu20 November 2018
    First there was a film called Lego Movie. Because the Unikitty character in the film somehow gained a considerable amount of attention, a studio decided to make a spin-off TV series centering on her. As to what I could I say about the show, I find it fairly funny, brightly colored, and cool use of lego design for some of the characters. But if there's anything that brings the show down, it's Puppykorn's synthetic voice.
  • If something like a book, film, or anything sells very well, some TV studio is likely to be encourage to make a show out of it. And that's the case with Unikitty which is based on the Lego Movie.

    Although I don't hate them, I can't say that I'm a fan of those lego-themed movies. And if I was, I'm not sure if I would like this show which I don't.

    With regards to the show, I can sense that it was created by a not so smart team. As to whoever picked the cast, I wonder if he/she knows that the dog/unicorn thing is actually a guy? Whoever made that pick is perhaps the least intelligent of the not so smart team.
  • Final thoughts on the series so far, this is werid like the movie, a little to much stupid like teen titans go at times, scary as shit, and nightmare inducing at times. But I can't look away its still kinda Awesome in its own way.
  • Let me start off by talking about the flash, it's very nice with extra details put into it making this already better than most flash TV shows. The reason why this show turned out to be good is because Unikitty is its own thing, nothing too exciting and nothing too boring. Unikitty is there to be a fun lovable show with many jokes. I know they didnt want to mess up on this one so they thought it through and really made this show great. Nothing too stupid and no plot holes followed by the good characters gives this a 8/10 so far in my opinion.
  • Unikitty is a pretty decent show, and despite being incredibly stupid, it's a really good guilty pleasure. Most of the characters are likable, and the jokes are surprisingly good for a show that's literally TTG's little sister.

    Basically, you shouldn't watch it if you want a show like Steven Universe, but if you want a better version of TTG or a show kinda like TAWOG, you should give it a try!
  • When the people of The Lego Movie, and Teen Titans Go! work together, they create an awesome show, for an amazing channel. I recommend this cartoon.
  • For the time being, Unikitty! is actually an okay show for Cartoon Network. It's not bad, not good, just okay. The series, to my knowledge, has no relations with The Lego Movie despite the titular Unikitty being a prominent character in that movie. Here, the show is two dimensionally animated unlike the Lego Movie. As such, it's almost easy to forget that the characters are supposed to be Lego pieces. However, I can see some reasons behind this change namely that CGI would've been more expensive, and the characters are more visually expressive.

    As for the characters, they're fine, albeit one note. Unikitty herself is a mixed bag for me. Imagine that you had Pinkie Pie from Friendship is Magic, and Star Butterfly from Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and you blend them together, and you'd get Unikitty. Princess Unikitty is always upbeat with trying to find the best in every situation, but she also has the tendency to get enraged. You wouldn't like her when she's angry. Now, there are some things about Princess Unikitty that are good, but I can also see how she would be easily annoying for anyone to genuinely like. Not featured in the movie, there's Puppycorn, her younger brother (even though Unikitty's a cat-unicorn-hybrid), Dr. Fox a scientist, Hawkodile the hawk-crocodile bodyguard of Unikitty, and Richard a grey Lego block who functions as Unikitty's royal advisor. Oh, there is also Master Frown the main antagonist of the show who serves as an antithesis of sorts to Unikitty in which he revels in the suffering of others. Other than that, he is a one note bad guy.

    The show itself is fast paced much like the movie, which can be a bit of an issue because it seems that the show never shuts up and gives the audience the time to rest and digest everything going on. The animation is also very fluid, which helps with the upbeat tone of the show. I may watch the show every now and then, because there really isn't anything deep about the show other than generic morals here and there. You really wouldn't miss much if you missed an episode. It acknowledges that it's stupid, so it doesn't have the need to feel that it should be anything other than a lighthearted comedy. As I only watched small parts of The Lego Movie, I can't definitively say you'd love it if you were a fan of the movie, but I would suggest giving it a try and if you don't like it, you could drop it and maybe watch the other Lego cartoon series.
  • When I heard the promo's directly state it was made by the crew involved with Teen Titans Go I really had my doubts. The other Lego Cartoons are 3D animated and are more action packed, and have a world to expanded and build. While this one does have it's own world inspirations from TTG are very apparent. The art and flash art style is near identical as well as the pacing and humor. The Characters are a mix for me I like Puppycorn as the upbeat lovable loser kid and DR.Fox is pretty funny. Crocdile is basically Copy and Paste Cyborg from TTG and Unikitty herself is copy and Paste Pinkie Pie from MLP which true that was intentional for her in the Lego Movie but she now has the quirk of bursting out into a fiery Tantrum every time she gets angry and that get's old very quick. I know She is voiced By Tara Strong but honestly I can only see why they chose her is because she has a lot of fans from her other many voice roles and I find that pretty manipulative from a marking stand point. The art is cute but the bright colors should be toned down. Fast paced, hi-jinks filled antics style of humor is funny for the most part but after a few episodes it get's same old a few episodes in. Over all if you like that's fine it's just that Warner Bro's animation has been pushing a show with clear inspiration form TTG and I really don't think a good Version of TTG or just a show that does the formula well is something that the animation industry should learn considering the success and drama Teen Titans go brought.
  • nateostrander12 February 2018
    This show is one of the best ever! It motivated me to watch Cartoon Network again. Since I am a fan of The Lego Movie, i feel that this show can have higher ratings. More 10/10 ratings PLZ
  • It sufficates from bad reviews based on monetary viewpoint. Many people can't accept caetoons making money from toys even if everyone is doing it. Some cartoons are just easier to pick on, especially on their early stages. All I can see that the creators of the cartoon love making this cartoon and it's just an unlicky case for anyone who loves this show, that it is easy for many to imagine that it's a mindless show.

    It has everything for a cartoon that old and jung people can all enjoy. It's a bright and actionfull cartoon with well-sided characters. It can also joke with many things while staying child friendly like: drug usage and addiction, suffering and financial problems, wastefullnes, the power and blindness of masses, manipulation and many more.

    Definitally worth a try. If you like cartoons like mlp, the w.w.o. Gumball, TTG or others, then it's a must.
  • jamievoegel12 January 2018
  • patyar727 December 2018
    I don't watch this but it sure seems like a bunch of grown people have nothing better to do than run down a kids show. My kid loves it. She's 5 and probably the target audience. She laughs and tells me about it and it entertains her. That gets it a 10 in my book. Maybe some of the ridiculous review writers should move out of their parents house and do something besides bad mouthing a cartoon meant for little kids. If you have little ones, probably between the ages of 5-7 let them watch. It's ridiculous and silly. They'll eat it up.
  • Yeah. enough animated movie spinoffs. it's always a bad idea, especially if you choose the most annoying and least interesting character from a certain franchise and put them in a tv show with equally annoying characters.
  • connorasivill17 August 2018
    I don't know what to say. This show sucks. Take all of the charm from The Lego Movie, throw that in a paper shredder, burn it, take all the "Random, LOLs" from Teen Titans Go and throw all that into a blender and you get Unikitty. A loud, annoying and painful show. If you like loud and annoying shows, this is the cartoon is for you! That's all I can really say.
  • Este cel mai prost serial de animatie facut vreodata
  • Lego is a brand of toy blocks that originated in Europe. The blocks can be used to construct stuff. Some are so creative that they use the blocks to make massive sculptures. As a child, I used to enjoy those toy blocks when my family used to buy those things for me.

    Over many years, I never knew the blocks would be a super hit. When I say super hit, studios when on to make films and TV shows featuring characters with lego-style physiques. First they made that Lego movie, Then they later created UniKitty, a TV series with similar themes.

    This TV series centers on the titular character UniKitty, a half-unicorn/half-cat who is charming but also hot-tempered. Various synopsis's say she's a princess whose responsibility is making sure that the citizens of her kingdom are happy. As to how the show is, all I could say is this. The pictures quality is fine, and the plot elements are standard for a slapstick comedy show. The voices suit the characters (but with some exceptions... Puppycorn). He (Puppycorn) sounds like some dull hag. I guess I should admit that the show's creators put some great effort but they still disappoint.
  • flyingyellowrascal18 February 2018
    When a movie or TV show releases to a good reception, there's a chance anyone associated with the media would create a spin-off. In case you don't know, a spin-off is a media certaining on a character or characters who aren't the protagonists in the previous media. For some reason, Unikitty, a pink cat and unicorn thing, got sufficient attention from the Lego film that she probably deserve to have her own media.

    Upon briefly seeing an episode about some birthday, I suppose it's a decent show. We have the title character Unikitty who's cute and hot-tempered, a dog-unicorn thing named Puppycorn who is her younger sibling, as well various other weird characters. Plot and gags are okay. The voice acting fits all the characters except for Puppycorn. Sure his voice is sorta cute but utterly unauthentic.
  • barbaradavis-3957829 January 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    Unkitty in my opinion is a bad show because cartoon network wants to make a show about a character from a awesome movie unkitty is voice by tara strong which sucks tara strong voicing unkitty is awful why did this show even exist all the characters in this show are trash garbage and lame and boring and not funny the art styles in the show look awful and not attractive everything in this show is terrible i will give unkitty a 2/10 because the show is awful the best part about unkitty is that roger craig smith is voice by hawkodile that was the only best thing about the show
  • This show does not have a single redeeming feature. It is a cheap bastardization of an above average character in a good movie.
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