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  • I watched this as soon as it was over. The sub-titles come fast and hard, and you have to be able and willing to keep up. It's worth it.

    "The World Is Yours" is exactly what you might think: a throwback to the movies and ideology of Tony Montana. This is the corollary for the generations whose parents worshiped "Scarface," and had kids that made movies about it, dreamt about it, lived it.

    Imagine "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" crossed with De Palma and Tarantino and Rodriguez, along with every stylized, twisted music score you could imagine. Then make it French.

    This is that film.
  • Someone here compared this to "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and mentioned some of my other favorite movies and directors. This only confirms my suspicion that there are shill reviewers on IMDB. The only reasonable mention of those others in the same paragraph as this film is to say "The World is Yours" shows poor screenwriting, and those others are examples of how it _should_ be done. I'm and hour in and the action is yet to start. ...and now I've endured the entire thing and can accurately say it just blows. Save yourself the 90 minutes and watch a plant grow instead; you'll be just as bored but at least you won't be asking "why?"!
  • leoncohen323 December 2018
    Great talents here. You understand this shifty crazy world of la racaille française.
  • Loved this from start to finish. Wonderful to see a film with a great original story and an amazing cast. Faultless - go and see it
  • kosmasp17 May 2019
    Make it a better place, for and for me ... oh wait, I got sidetracked. But that happens when I see a title like "the world is yours", I just have to take it apart. Something that you also can do with this movie, if you are not feeling it. But if that is the case you are letting yourself down and are going to miss on a bit of fun you could have had.

    This is a crime movie as is apparent and characters may not all be likeable (understatement I know), but it also has heart and family issues in it. Not to mention a lot of characters and a lot of strings that need to be tied up by the end. Depending your threshold and your attention span and interest in this in general, you will find it either amusing or rather annoying. Still well made, with some over the top characters (again with the understatement) and quite some fun to watch