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  • Drive-In Splatter House (2017)

    * 1/2 (out of 4)

    This film, currently on Amazon Prime, tries to re-create the grindhouse days by starting off with a fake trailer for a killer Easter bunny movie. From here we get the short film STUDENT ASSASSIN, which has a lesbian going after the drug dealer holding her woman hostage. The second film, titled MASSACRE AT PINE LAKE, has a crazy killer escaping from the police and heading to a summer camp to kill counselors.

    DRIVE-IN SPLATTER HOUSE doesn't really live up to its title but if you've got 64-minutes to kill then there are certainly much worse films out there. I actually thought the Easter bunny trailer was pretty funny for what it was. The first short film was mildly entertaining in its own way but it certainly wasn't anything ground- breaking. It at least offered up some nudity.

    The main "film" here was the MASSACRE AT PINE LAKE and for the most part it's a slasher movie with no budget, which means no special effects. Most of the death scenes are broken necks or strangulation's so those expecting some sort of grindhouse gore or even nudity are going to be disappointed. There's really nothing special here or original and at the end of the day it's way too tame for its own good. I mean, if you're going to push something as grindhouse then shouldn't you at least deliver something more?
  • Leofwine_draca21 June 2021
    Another cut and paste job from Old Mill Entertainment. Two old pornographic films stapled together, censored of anything explicit, leaving the whole thing disjointed and pointless.