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  • lamemoviesguy25 January 2019
    Literally, by the end of the movie my brain had been blown to bits - in a good way that is. The second half of the movies is so shockingly intense that I, for one, wanted to join in the battle, particularly because I saw the movie on a big screen. And that seems to be the main goal of the film-makers here - bring the legend of the great warrior queen, sensationalized not only by historical records but also a famous Hindi poem by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, alive on screen, so that you can live the experience of the events that occurred more than one and a half century ago. And how the film succeeds in doing so!

    Performance (especially Kangana, though the supporting cast is exceptional too), costumes, score, cinematography - everything in the film works very well. Editing could have been better - in many places, the events feel disjointed, though admittedly, because the screenplay had to jump places, I cannot imagine what could have been done to make it more easy-flowing. Kangana;'s performance goes a full arc from an innocent but brave teenager, a wife and lover, a mother and to finally a patriotic warrior, and she nails every shade with priceless facial expressions.

    To be clear, if you are expecting a multilayered biopic that explores the Rani's character in depth, this movie is not that and it is very obvious that the film-makers did not have that goal in mind. The Rani is therefore depicted somewhat like a real-life superwoman from the annals of history, and just like 'Gandhi' did for Karamchand Gandhi, everything in the film, including the supporting cast, has the sole purpose of polishing that image of Rani Laxmibai's as a virtuous warrior and a superwoman. I think it is very important for the audience to understand what expectations to go into the theater with.

    Having said that, it should be mentioned that the audience will be treated to a pretty well-depicted backstory of the Rani's life in the first half - before she became the "veerangana" who fought the British. It would not be incorrect to say that if you love emotional drama, the first is your half of the movie and if you love action, the second is your half.

    To conclude, you are in for a huge treat if you are Kangana's fan and if you have loved movies like 'Braveheart', 'Gladiator' and '300' - this movie glorifies the Rani's saga in pretty much the same manner that '300' glorified that of the Spartans.
  • Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is a biographical account of how Rani Laxmibai waged a war against the East India Company.

    Manikarnika starts with Amitabh Bachchan's booming baritone where he throws light on how the riches of India are fast being plundered by the British. Within seconds, we are led into the world of Manikarnika through Kangana Ranaut's imposing screen presence.

    Kangana captivates your attention in every frame and grows from strength to strength as the film progresses. This is clearly one of her best performances.

    The narrative of the film directed by Kangana Ranaut and Krish, stays on course showing the internal struggle within Jhansi's royal family and unraveling important historical events during the 1800s. Some incidents like the Meerut Sepoy mutiny of 1857 are used as reference points, but the focus remains on Jhansi's rebellion against the British.

    Film succeeds in stoking the patriotic passion within the audience without being too overbearing.

    The second half is where the real drama unfolds with scenes on the battlefield, intense action sequences, bloody killings, escape, loss and triumph.

    There aren't much dull moments in this rousing war drama.

    Overall, Manikarnika is a well-made film that highlights Kangana's prowess as an actor.

    Short of an epic, this larger-than-life war drama has enough valour and spirit to keep you engaged in these pages of history.

    Worth a watch..!!
  • Truly a block buster! The storyline is so great and Miss Kangana Ranaut has performed trumendoesly well. Loved her watching in this film.
  • Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is truly a must watch blockbuster movie which gives us the essence of the sacrifices made by our ancestors so that we could live in a free country. It shows how a young girl who turned into a queen, broke all stereotypes while making all the sacrifices for the motherland. Coming onto the movie, the direction is absolutely beautiful. The cinematography has also been done beautifully and successfully connects us to that era where all these incidents took place. Before the release of the movie, their were some critics saying that Kangana Ranaut may not be perfect for the role. But I have to admit it that she has answered very well through her acting skills. Personally, after watching the movie, I can't think of any other actress who could have done this role better than Kangan Ranaut. All the war scenes, especially the sword fighting scenes have been beautifully choreographed. If their was one thing where the movie needed more attention, it was the visual effects. There were many scenes which could have had much greater impact with some better visuals. Other than that, the movie is simply awesome.
  • prabalstar25 January 2019
    Please go and see this movie. The sets, the acting, the dialogues, are all spot on. I am a fan of Kangana after watching this movie. Many scenes thrill you and chill you, you may even weep at times with tears rolling down your cheeks. You may exit the movie hall but the movie doesn't exit you easily .
  • Best cinematic experience and Unable to differentiate between the actor and the real Queen.

    Waited for a long time. But finally had the experience. This will be known as one of the best movie made in Bollywood. I am sure this is going to rock box office too. Will leave an impact on u & fill u with patriotism
  • I love the movie the way kangna did acting in movie is mind blowing no other actor could works this movie like how kangna did thumbs girl keep the good work
  • Watched last night at cenima. The best movie of 2019. Kangna have brought back Jhansi ki Rani into life. I will watch again. 9/10. The highest rating from me to any movie.
  • Post Bahubali didn't expect to see another brilliantly made film with brillaint storyline.. that too on the fallen heroes of 1857,(first war of Independence) .This movie is simply amazing,kept me wanting more and on the edge of my seat ..must watch for everyone who love a good movie..!!
  • First of all people should go m watch movies like this in which there is not decrimination for who u are this movie explore what really happened during British ruling and unexpected alliances rank got See this movie instead of watching thugs of Hindustan or any other movies without s riot because this movie has unexpected thing which Is "script." Which other movie don't even know or heard off
  • Without comparing this movie with any other movie on the planet, I can simple say - it is an awesome movie.

    Kangana - you nailed it.Best direction with with few hiccups here and there.
  • The film is quite full, but the one girl playing a titular role keeps you engaged till end.. Film is much better in second half and quite dull in first half though one scene just before the interval is well filmed and acted too... One can see the Kangana how effortlessly she fits into the role of Jhansi ki Rani with the fierce and determination which the character demands...
  • Queen Kangana Ranaut dazzles as 'Jhansi ki Rani Lakshmi Bai'. This is a must watch movie for every Indian.
  • While the story tries to stay on the historical facts, over dramatics tends to lose focus and makes the movie disinteresting. The 3 stars are for good set/cinematography, veteran actors & Kangana.

    Indian History is always something where every Film-maker try to find a story which should be liked by audience. Then how could a story of The Queen Of Jhansi, Rani Laxmibai left out? If not today then tomorrow someone would have surely made a film on it as we all know it is a Potential Story to make a Great Film. Team Manikarnika Glorifies this Great story in thier stucked and average execution.

    The first half of the film is nothing less than a Fiasco where you keep waiting for Quality but you never find it. At one point it even feels like this one might turn out to be a huge disappointment. But somehow the second half does the job, it saves Manikarnika from that Debacle tag and pushes it to safe Average mark. And there also most of the credit goes to the Actual Story which happened 170 years ago. Thanks to the sympathy which goes to the Legacy of Rani Laxmibai and her Bravery despite knowing that the film is not justifying her standard upto that level. It was a Script with Potential of turning it into a Best Historic Film of Bollywood but the entire team of Manikarnika Misses this Opportunity.

    Kangana Ranaut as Manikarnika doesn't look like the one in the first half, she looks a cute and sweet doll. Then in 2nd half you see real anger and that enthusiasm in Kangana. Supporting cast could have been much better, so does the direction. I could even say that Make-up man does a better job than Director. Writer too doesn't bring anything interesting, neither in script nor in screenplay. Dialogues are much better comparatively, though. Execution is mediocre, it has unnecessary loudness, poor VFX, goofs, loo breaks, couple of songs on wrong occasions etc. Overall, Manikarnika is a Golden Opportunity missed, and reason could be the pressure of handling big story of big name from the history, so big responsibility it was aftreall. But still the questions appears that it had all the needed ingredients like story, budget, production value, canvas, everything then why? This one is still watchable for some Goosebumps moments of Pride, war, patriotism and our Precious History.

    RATING - 5/10*
  • I am not an intellectual or a professional movie critic. So my review goes as follow. Pros
    • Fantastic performance lead by Kangana Ranaut and all the co-stars.
    • Direction, screenplay, action scenes and everything is well implemented.
    • If you like period dramas then this is one of the best ever from the Bollywood.
    • Movie is so lengthy, almost two and half hours!!
    • First half of the film feels boring sometimes.

    Verdict: A good film to watch along with your family and friends.
  • A must watch movie in the theatre,go with your family specially with your mother, sister , daughter and kids....a must watch movie
  • This is the best film by Kangna, The film is full of rich spectacular scenes.Acting wise is also great. overall it is the best movie of this year!!!
  • Very rarely you get to watch our India's strength being portrayed in the age of item songs and sob stories. Movies like this must be a must watch for every Indian for them to know of what our rich history really stands for and who better than Kangana Ranaut to bring Jhaansi Ki Rani alive. The various roles played by a woman, the tenderness of her being coupled with fierceness of her character is very well written. Every frame is owned by all the actors from Ankita Lokhande to Suresh Oberoi.

    Wish it becomes a super global success and saddened to see the nepotism in Bollywood as none of the superstars came out to support this movie fully.
  • I found 1st half is slightly boring....but after interval..... OMG , u'll see the acting level of Kangana ... overall...must watch movie
  • Kangana's avatar as fiercely & ferociously patriotic warrior queen is worth watching.Spectacular performances by all casts.Every string of emotions is portraited so beautifully on-screen.Breathtaking performance by Kangana, period appropriate costumes, heart-warming music,superb dialogues & marvellous action scenes make it one of the most powerful movie ever made by Bollywood.
  • gaurkartikeygaur25 January 2019
    A must watch, beautiful direction and kangana is just into the moment
  • hylobatine25 January 2019
    I've never seen kangana perform such an intense role so magnificently. This movie is a bomb. It shows the true side of rani laxmibai and her fight against British empire. But once again, kangana killed it with her awesome performance.
  • sdamit19 March 2019
    I don't know why it is rated 7.2 on IMDb. I've loved Kangana for Queen and Tanu weds Manu series. But this movie was horrible. Neither did the movie had that zeal that is required from a war film nor did it had any acting or directing sense. There was no justice to the character. Sorry, but the movie was not upto the mark at all.
  • cpspraveen25 January 2019
    What a movie, Kangana has not only proved on her acting skill but has proven herself on the directorial cap also.
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