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  • uniden03 October 2019
    This show makes me incredibly uncomfortable. It's like how you would see a fever dream if you could remember it when you wake up in the morning. I don't know wtf is up with this show, but I cannot take my eyes away from it.
  • Definitely not for everyone. It's twisted, depressing, deep, stupid, occasionally hilarious, sometimes unsettling, and undeniably creative. If you like shows made by the PFFR team and/or things that are very unconventional and are difficult to categorise you'll like this. Otherwise you're probably best skipping this one.
  • rocco-881-4597269 December 2018
    I cannot find the right words to describe this show. I'm in utter awe. With the style of Anomalisa, this anthology is going places that are unimaginable, endlessly creative, shockingly brutal, yet somehow often deeply profound. This is, to me, by far the best, most daring TV production in a very long time. It will disgust many, but it's a highly rewarding treasure chest for those who seek for originality.
  • I absolutely love everything the PFFR crowd do (some of their crew even co-write South Park.) These episodes, only 11 minutes each, pack more madness and laughter in than entire seasons of other shows. Not for the faint-hearted. If you liked Wonder Showzen, Xavier Renegade Angel or similar, this is for you.

    And if you can't stand the dull fare of most output and wished to just try something unhinged and completely different, give it a go.
  • I saw the pilot at Sundance without any context or knowledge of the upcoming show and this is by far the funniest thing that I have seen in the whole festival and possibly in my life. I thought it was a self contained short and was elated to find out afterward that this is a pilot episode for a show. I don't know how much I can talk about, but dreamlike is an apt description. It is like if Robot Chicken had a fever dream and it is beautiful.
  • hoboss-511-90903924 December 2018
    Watched it while I couldn't sleep and started with episode 6. It was so disturbingly weird and profound at the same time that I loved it. It's surrealistic and illogical, yet deep and appealing. It's like a wonderful but weird dream.

    It is one of the most daring short animation I've seen. A must watch.

    The show is not your normal comedy. So skip it if you want to laugh.
  • hurdrandy19 December 2018
    Very creative and playful. A must watch for anyone who wants to get away from predictability. Reminds me a little of Mr. Pickles and Mr. Show.
  • irisbennun14 May 2018
    The shivering truth is a pilot by the genius creators of the cult shows ''wonder showzen'' and ''xavior the renegade angel''.it is a dreamy,surreal and nonsense yet deep travel to the paths of existence. and as pffr's past show's. it is a unique show and unfortunately we dosen't have a lot of shows like this let alone animated i really hope that adultswim will adapt this pilot
  • Eat some shrooms' and trip balls! This is classic Adult Swim. If you are not into stupid funny shows, that make no sense, this is not for you...
  • The people who moan about this clearly aren't a fan of the genre so why bother? Just watch Wallace and Gromit.
  • A truly creative show understands what sort of unseen images you can create when unbound by reality. In the case of The Shivering Truth, a relatively new show on Adult Swim, stop-motion animation is used to its utmost potential of grotesque and surreal creativity. It's nowhere near reality, yet it might also have gotten to the bottom of it.

    I have compared the show, in some ways, to Netflix's The Midnight Gospel, which sets surreal CalArts animation (in lieu of a better term for the recently popularized Adventure Time style often found under the CalArts umbrella) to the philosophical musings of Duncan Trussell - it is essentially an animated podcast à la The Ricky Gervais Show, only with heavier themes, e.g. what humans would really be conversing about once the end of the world drew near. Alas, that one has often been dismissed as simply reciting Philosophy 101 and "basic" musings in a way where you're supposed to suck on a blunt and nod at the insisted poignancy (according to Dave Trumbore's review).

    I don't know that The Shivering Truth can be discounted quite so easily. Much like Xavier: Renegade Angel, another deceptively simple-looking Vernon Chatman piece, it can be enjoyed as a brief episode of comedic rapid-fire nonsense, but all of its symbolism and visual punnery cries out to be painstakingly analyzed in terms of its commentary on spiritualism, society, humanity, existence in general, or even the very idea of worrying about these topics. The animation of The Shivering Truth visualizes Chatman's supposedly random ramblings, but after one gets done laughing at the imaginitive dream logic, one might wonder what Chatman's consciousness has tapped into that the rest of us haven't discovered yet.

    When I reviewed Xavier: Renegade Angel, I made the case that it manages to say more in its mad-yet-brilliant comedy than Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman managed in any of their serious interludes (being annoyingly preachy can be a lot less effective in communicating ideas than, say, peppering an eye-popping piece of comedy with heavy symbolism). The newly kicked-off season of The Shivering Truth proves that Chatman's still got it - even if I may not be evolved enough to know what "it" is.
  • midnightmosesuk17 June 2020
    Nothing can quite prepare you for this show when you watch it for the first time. I sat in my armchair, grinning like an idiot, thinking "What the hell was that?" I needed more. It was as if I'd just watched someone's nightmares.

    Profoundly disturbing and disturbingly profound, the show looks at the human condition through the skewed lens of surreal dream logic, it is often disturbing, usually gory but always funny. Why do butterflies hate Bali? What happens when you have to much self esteem? And what happens when you manage to get that 'little bit of God' that everyone is supposed to have inside them to leave your body at gunpoint? All these questions are answered, even though you never realised you actually wanted to know these answers in the first place.
  • As I scrolled through the adult swim section of imdb, one title conveyed to me an atmosphere of the gloriously and mysteriously bizarre. The same bizarre that stroked my fancy as a child drawn to scary movies, voodoo ritual descriptions, ghost stories and horror games.

    Today, I hypothesize the inclination towards this material to come from an innate tendency for my internal world of myth, to spiral into dark imagery, fantastical interpretations of ambiguous events and the recurring nightmares which plagued me for many nights.

    Some emotions and images remain captured to this day, on childhood drawings, where factory machinery rip people apart in imaginative ways. Flashback to the future, 15 seconds into the first episode of The Shivering Truth and my expectations are concurrently confirmed and exceeded, as I reconnect with the realm of the maliciously grotesque.

    I am reminded of the gruesomeness in the old folk tales, as woven in with a modern, less technologically saturated Black Mirror'esque vibe, that is then spun into a disturbingly abnormal, tormented and pathologically deviant perceptual universe that befall the characters of David Firth animations.

    If you, as I, find yourself gravitating toward the dark and unbalanced possibilities of the human imagination, you will likely enjoy the aesthetically pleasing warped morbidities presented in The Shivering Truth.

    Those with a well-developed radar for these exploits, will easily smell the flavor of the content from miles away. Others, will be smart enough to seek a rudimentary impression ahead of time, to determine if the show approximately aligns with their temperament for neurotic fantasies in visual entertainment.

    If you fall within one of these two groups, you may, with moderate confidence, step away from The Shivering Truth, to comparatively conventional narrative forms or step inside the belly of the beast, to the very real potential of a truly sinister thrill.

    Much admiration and appreciation for the skillful people behind this magnificent murmur of the surreal. The 21th century is a grand epoche to be breathing in moving pictures.

    Oh. And as another reviewer has noted. Low reviews are appearing from people who are rubbed the wrong way by the show, as they are in no way disposed to enjoy this peculiar genre. Which is like having a proponent of right wing politics evaluate the ideation of left wing ideology. High susceptibility of negative bias.

    The reduced Imdb score may make some people miss the treasure plainly hidden before them. And yet, many intelligent and critical people will look beyond the score, explore their own impressions and possibly derive a sort of pleasure from watching other people respond with discontent and disgust. I know I did.
  • Skekseeze13 October 2020
    Incredibly well animated and just extraordinarily bizarre. It's like a cross between a Dali painting and adventure time.
  • cezarleonascimento10 October 2020
    I've never seen something that utilizes abstraction better than something like Eraserhead and maintains a existentialist's ideal of comedy.
  • It is so aweasome to watch and its trippy which makes it a very weird and unique show. Its dark, hilarious, and very entertaining.
  • Another masterpiece by the creator of 'Xavier: Renegade Angel'. Terrifying, Unsettling, Hilarious, Clever and Creative all at the same time and Vernon Chatman's own narration makes this a hundred times better. If you liked Xavier, you're gonna LOVE this. Really hoping for a third season.
  • The idea that people find this ridiculous waste of celluloid entertaining says more about the idiocy that pervades society than it does about its sense of humor.

    It's not original; Monty Pyrhon did this stuff forty years ago with more wit and deftness than this load of garbage and all its Kraft Macaroni and Cheese sauce can muster.

    Too bad there isn't a television hell for this to be sent to and worse that I can't give it negative stars.
  • Bryan-27 May 2019
    Whether you like it or not is another story. At first I did but with each episode your brain erodes more and you sit there unaffected by what you're seeing, numb to it all. This is one of the most bizarre things I've seen. It's as if the writers dropped acid and wrote all their thoughts down and here's the result.
  • rsvp32115 May 2018
    ~ Eleven minutes of non stop rambling silliness, achieving absolutely nothing. It's not funny, it's not sad, it's not suspenseful, it's not witty. "Just noise" might be a good description.

    Also, a bit of freaky uncanny valley going on with the animation style.
  • The title says it all. Just a bunch of creepy troglodytes who forgot what comedy is all about. Shame.
  • It's pretentious, lame, stream-of-consciousness dreck. Boo!

    I was expecting something darker, edgier and funnier. Adult Swim's programming has gotten progressively worse over the past 10 years.

    This network used to be reliable for high weirdness with some wit and crudeness sprinkled throughout. Now, it's nothing but "Family Guy", "American Dad" and "Rick & Morty" re-runs along with greenlit trainwrecks like "The Shivering Truth".

    I need to lower my expectations with regards to all pop culture, I guess.
  • I like comedies, I like horror, I like animation, I like originality, and I like strange, weird content. I do NOT like this show at all. Seriously, what the hell were they going for here? It tries to do all these things, but ends up doing none of them well. There are a lot of well known talented celebrities who worked on this, but it still doesn't add up to anything that I want to watch. It's boring, aimless, not funny, and weird for the sake of being weird. If they were trying to commentary on something, well I 100% missed it and it feels like mindless absurdity. The animation looks kind of nice, but with no substance or meaning it's wasted. I'm glad some people are enjoying this, but I am not. I could barely watch them once and won't be going back for seconds. 2/10
  • And having created a job for some. otherwise .. the point of anything & everything in this 'show' defies me. maybe it's some sort of humour ...? but then again i'm on the spectrum.
  • bestford13 June 2019
    No just no...... No no no no and again
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