Woody: That hole is a gateway. And it leads, straight down, to hell. Now, who wants to buy some drugs?

Woody: Well could've been worse

[looks down to see he has nothing below his waist]

Don Wallace: I've heard it's worse at Eton.

Wootton: And now we can blow shit up!

Meredith Houseman: Language Wooton!

Wootton: [sheepishly] Sorry Sir!

Willoughby Blake: [on Poppet] Queen Of Cunts

Smudger: They've eaten half the sixth formers

Don Wallace: [incredulously on observing an Andromeda Students' orgy] We're going to let them run our fucking country?

[last lines]

Meredith Houseman: [looking around to see his group deserted him] They left me!


Meredith Houseman: Little Shits!

Hargreaves: [seeing the crashed chopper in the eco camp] Do they have a Chanook?

The Bat: To the scooter!