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  • Ok so before I start this review let me say Nickelodeon started with shows like iCarly and Drake & Josh. But then they started doing unfunny sitcoms like Henry Danger, The Thundermans, Game Shakers, The Haunted Hathaways, and THIS. The show is about a princess and a thief who go to a school for knights. These are what the jokes like: hee hee, butts and poop are SOOO funny. The characters are annoying, the acting is pretty meh, and like Henry Danger, the laugh track won't shut up. Also it suddenly goes from pee jokes to "you lied to me so you don't deserve to be on my team." So yeah, another year, another crappy nick sitcom to be avoided.
  • Worse show ever, who ever created this show clearly doesn't have humor
  • The idea/concept of this show, in which a princess has to transform herself into a knight to participate in knight school, is very promising. However, the show pretty much fails to deliver and execute itself properly. The acting is so lame, one doesn't even know when a character is joking or is serious. The scenes just go by too fast and there isn't any effort put into them. Mainly it is the poor acting and the poor execution and scripting that destroys a show that could have been really good, like The Thundermans or NRDD. Something about it is just failing. I expect more proper humour that makes one actually laugh, and more proper acting from the main actress herself, who does such a terrible job. Even some of the side actors are more talented than Ciara. Some of the dialogues can truly be cheesy and unfunny.

  • This show was made by the same guys who made "The Thundermans" so I'm not going to waste my time ranting on this show. It is pretty much you expect from Thundermans, Henry Danger, and/or Game Shakers.

    But I actually have good news: Cyma Zarghami has officially left Nickelodeon after serving 12 years as a horrible president (I think worse than Stuart Snyder by a long shot). Since she greenlit this show (because of her political support for girl power, not that there's a problem with that), there is now a good chance that the Double Dare reboot will destroy it in ratings, forcing the new executives to cancel it and the other horrible sitcoms for good.
  • amankaur-5742027 August 2018
    The acting is so bad, it makes you think that Nickelodeon only had a budget of $15 per episode. Its "humour" is honestly unbearable , just like all new shows on Disney and Nickelodeon .
  • i-2931926 February 2018
    What a horrible show. It looks like they're trying to be the new Max and Phoebe. (Which is impossible. No one can beat Max and Phoebe.) I hate this show. not funny. Don't waste your time. But has anyone else noticed that Sage the mean girl looks exactly like Jade from Victorious, a.k.a. Elizabeth Gillies?
  • To put it simply--this show is terrible.

    I have no idea how it got pass the network suits. It's supposed to be funny, but it's not. The actors can't really act and that's basically because they have no script.

    You have lines like, "Open the door" then there's the ridiculous laugh track. "I have come." more laughter. They essentially say nothing and there's the canned laughter.

    Unlike well produced Nick shows like Henry Danger and Game Shakers in which the casts has chemistry and the producer has a history of comedy, this show seems like some high schoolers created it.

    Nickelodeon--you've got to do better.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Nickelodeon has made some good modern live action shows, like Hunter Street, but their last good sitcom (like, with a laugh track and a multi camera set up) was Victorious. Like The Thundermans, Henry Danger, Nicky Ricky Dicky and Dawn, Game Shakers, and School of Rock, this is another bad modern Nickelodeon sitcom.

    What makes me sad is that the concept is very good. Even if I'm not a fan of medieval stuff, the plot of a magical school for knights in training is pretty cool. This show, however, executes it poorly.

    There are cringeworthy and downright stupid lines such as "My butt's gonna love that!". The "jokes", if you can call them that, are not that funny. Oh, and the laugh track NEVER shuts up, it plays at like every single joke. The characters are cliche, for example there's the stereotypical mean girl who's a ripoff of Jade from Victorious. Also, Arc and Ciarra have very cliche belligerent sexual tension with each other.

    The character I hate the most is Arc. He (SPOILERS) cheated and lied his way into knight school! How is that sending a positive message for kids? So basically, this show is telling kids that if you lie and cheat, you can get accepted into prestigious academies.

    Avoid this show like the plague.

    (btw: even though this show is bad, its still a more watchable knight show than "Nella the Princess Knight", which I don't even like anymore)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The title describes it all. It's just another failure of the recent sitcoms Nickelodeon has been dishing out now. The general premise of this show is about two main characters, one who is a princess that wants to be a knight and doesn't like acting with royalty(geez it's not like we had any princess not liking their royal descendants), and another who is just a common boy who cheats his way into knight school. Both decided to keep this a secret. Now let me tell you why this premise is silly. 1.) A similar concept was used in another horrible sitcom(cough The Thundermans cough) where both main cast gets tired of their old lives, so they try something sneaky/stay low to avoid being exposed for that secret they're trying to hide. Both are direct copies of The Incredibles in different ways and just falls flat trying it.

    2.) The laugh track just goes on and on and on. The "jokes" aren't even funny yet the laugh track just gets played every 4-5 second interval that my brain feels the need to explode. Half of thred "jokes" try to use gross humor most of the time it seems that or it isn't even one.

    My advice? Stay away from this show as far as possible, don't make yourself suffer like we did.
  • czcozad4 March 2018
    To the creators of this show I have two words for you... CURSE YOU!!! I cruse you for creating this insult to everything worthy of respect, you try to feed us this terrible sitcom thinking it's the new iCarly when I have heard more originality from a literal 4 year old. And not to mention this terrible idea of knights as a whole, if any real knight saw this they would hunt the actors down and kill them just to defend their honor. This show should have never existed and if the people behind Nick even look at a comments section of this show they will cancel the show and fire the actors under no uncertain terms to not come back, EVER!

    So have a nice day!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Oh my god. Even though I've never seen the show, reading the reviews, I don't think I have any intention to. Nickelodeon is just getting desperate. When will it ever produce a good sitcom like they did with iCarly and Drake and Josh and Victorious. This is the classic example of why Nickelodeon is in the dark ages of kids' TV.

    To round it off, Nickelodeon needs to produce quality shows. Children need entertainment, not gimmicks!
  • Another god awful Nickelodeon sitcom. From the moment I saw the first promo I knew this show would be a huge flop. It's painfully unfunny. The stupid laugh goes off every 5 seconds. Nobody on this show can't act their way out of a paper bag. The characters are cliched stereotypes and none of them are interesting. The generic mean girl and her bimbo idiot sidekick. Gee... we haven't seen that on countless Disney/Nick sitcoms. The storylines are weak. The writing is bad. Not surprised this show is doing terrible in the ratings. A tween sitcom set at a magical school for knights??? WTF?? It's very unappealing and corny. I expect a cancellation announcement within the next few months. Hey Nickelodeon, stop greenlighting these trashy unfunny sitcoms and cartoons. Their only good show right now is The Loud House.
  • cemk-228 December 2018
    Knight Squad is a Nick series aimed at a younger audience than Henry Danger and even than The Thundermans. So, the storylines are simple and there are some characters which are only written to provide laughs or amazement for a young audience, like the godawful younger brother character of Warwick, Fizz, or the furry creature Slobwick, or the warlock café owner. The sets are simple but not too disturbing for the series feels like a theatre show and the sets are also as good as your average low-budget theatre production. As to the cast, Owen Joyner who plays Arc is exceptional. He can act, sing, dance, and look great while doing it all. I believe his background of musical theatre helps him. Savannah May and Lilimar are quite good, too. The rest of the cast range from mediocre to very bad. Still, the series have episodes that teach an ethical lesson, there are wizards and knights and royalty around, and Owen Joyner is a pleasure to watch. I believe it is the best thing out of Nickelodeon since Henry Danger started. One thing they should improve on Season 2, though, is stunts. In many unnecessary scenes there is a stunt double for Mr Joyner and Ms Perkins and that that is another, older, more built person is way too easy to notice hence betraying the purpose.
  • euge0416 March 2018
    This show is PUNTASTIC! If you like puns this show will keep you coming back for more. So many haters on here. Chill people, you must not like puntiferic tv shows. My kids love it and so do I!
  • It dosent need to be theatrical, it is just a fun series for children and its delightful. Althogh it could be much more better.
  • daronfrench9526 March 2018
    I've been a viewer of Nickelodeon on and off since the early 2000s. Im now in my early 20s and I have to say this is the best show Nick has put on in very long time. I became hooked on the first episode ! Great cast, love the theme and diversity of the show and above all it's really funny!!

    The show is set in a modern, but medieval like society . Its about a young boy named a Arc an inspiring Knight, that mischievously gets into school that trains young people to become knights. He joins a squad which consist of three kids about his age, one guy and two girls. One girl in the group is a quarter giant with super strength and the other girl who has a rivalry with Arc is secretly a princess but creates an alter ego to able to enroll in the school. Together the four of them form the "Phoenix Squad" and they complete with other squads in the school but frequently get into mischievous situations on the show.

    The laugh track is kinda annoying but overall a great show and love the very diverse cast and humor. Hope it has more seasons!
  • twwarrior28 February 2018
    I really like this show. Im not a kid anymore but I wish this was on when I was. Characters are likeable and fun (not boring). The jokes are good too in my opinion. Even the story is interesting. Watching it really puts me in a better mood. It never starts to be boring, its a constant fun show! I hope this gets many episodes! Please do not cancel it or something!
  • It is a very entertaining series, one of my favourites is a totally healthy humor greetings from Perú
  • This show is one of the good shows nick has managed to produce in recent time. The jokes are a hit, the actors have great chemistry. It still a wonder as to why nick why cancel it. Hope they change their minds though
  • Nickelodeon was fine with iCarly, Drake and Josh, and other classics! But this show is not even funny! It's disgusting and terrible and the jokes used are just not funny! The acting is bad! Don't watch this! I'm just glad that the ratings for this show are lowering which means it will get cancelled soon!
  • isaiahidowu7 February 2019
    This is a really good show. I love it it should stay on Nickelodeon for its rest of its life
  • isaiahidowu23 March 2019
    I like this show. It is amazing. So sad it will not get renewed for a season 3.