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  • I ended up at the movies because my wife, niece and daughter invited me. When they said Johnny English, I was far from excited. Turns out I ended up having a great time and a huge laugh. Would watch it again. Great mood therapy.
  • daviddunn-9065310 October 2018
    I enjoyed the first two Johnny English outings. Admittedly I wasnt expecting the latest adventure to be anywhere near as good due to Johnny being that bit older. But he still has that inimitable magic ! To appreciate these movies, it is suggested that your brain is turned off and reality is suspended for the duration. Its all incredibly silly, an unashamed spoof of Bond films. If you can do that, then you will love this movie. I have not laughed so much in years.
  • Johnny English Strikes Again (2018; Dir. David Kerr) is the third film of Johnny English franchise (2003; 2011; 2018). And it is the best of the bests among other two prequels as a parodical mixture of 007 James Bond MI6 spy action film franchise (1962-2020; total 25 films) and Bean comedy franchise (1997-2007; total 2films and cameo appearance in 1 film).

    There two important features should be mentioned at least in this remarkable film. One is that in this film Russia spy is surprisingly not demonised like in the most of action / comedy films in the West.

    The Russian spy Ophelia corroborates with Johnny English to deal with the mastermind hacker, an Internet cyber space industrial giant Jason who wants to dominate the world politics, economy and everything by forcing G12 countries to agree on authorisation of total management of national intelligence. (Use of Jason's server)

    The other important feature is that this film shows the future tendency that world nations will be threatened by this 'Jason' like cyber space industrial giants' dominance and manipulation of its intelligence and internet-driven infrastructures. AI is additional threat to replace human world.

    For solving this real terror from the private internet giants, this film sends Johnny English to save the world temporarily however in real politics, we need our governments to nationalise these cyber space giants in the near future before it looses control on them.

    This film's politically insightful points above mentioned. 1) No Demonisation of Russians; 2) Future national security threat from cyber space industrial giants and their internet crimes.

    This is a really well made comedy action in terms of insightful political view point, and it is the best among other two films.
  • ymyuseda16 September 2018
    Rating 5.0/10 I've been waiting for this movie so long. Unfortunately, characters Rowan Atkinson in this movie is very bad. He maybe funny to some, but to me he's just annoying and creepy !! Im so disappointed.
  • "Johnny English Strikes Again" is a perfectly enjoyable and hilarious, if eventually exhausting and unmemorable action-comedy. You get exactly what you expect here.

    This time around, a cyber-attack reveals all British undercover agents, so the MI7 rely on retired agent, Johnny English, to discover who the villain is, and to stop him / her.

    The plot is by-the-numbers, and the 'guess the villain' trope is mind-numbingly predictable. But let's be honest, we don't watch a Johnny English film to be bothered by plot.

    Every scene contains some slapstick shenanigans. This is the film's strength as well as its Archilles heel. There are segments in the film such as a scene in a French restaurant, an extended sequence involving virtual reality, as well as the final act, which are laugh-out-loud funny. Those expecting raunchy humour will be dissapointed, as there is none. All the humour is slapstick, and thus, family-friendly. However, every scene has humour in it, and so there is no breathing space to take in the jokes that are being hurled at you. This is where the film suffers. There is only one scene in the entire film which has any resemblance of dramatic weight; this is thanks to the talent of Emma Thompson, who plays the Prime Minister.

    Overall, you know what you're expecting with this film. It has non-stop slapstick humour, most of which land. A little bit more weight and space between humour would have improved film dramatically, and made the comedy more memorable.

    The theatre I watched it in was full from row A to Z, and the audience were clapping, cheering, and laughing the entire time. The atmosphere enhanced my film-going experience. My recommendation is to watch it once in theatres; the film is light and enjoyable throughout its runtime, even if you'll forget it afterwards.

    Just to clarify, I'm currently visiting Malaysia, where the film is in theatres as of 15 September 2018. That is why this review is up so early.
  • Take it for what it is. It's not meant to be a complexed and compellingly written story, it's meant to entertain and make people laugh and it did that every single minute. This movie does not disappoint at all, ignore any bad reviews and go and watch it. See for yourself how fantastic Rowan Atkinson is. The cinema were in stitches. My Dad (admittedly a massive Johnny English fan) complained that his face hurt from all the laughing that he did. That says it all.

    Have a great night out in good company with this hillarious film. You will not be disappointed.
  • Don't be fooled by tired reviews, this film is a comedy classic for the new age, and merits a rewatch like it's predecessors.

    The film is full of entertainment, nostalgia and British throwaway humour, and if you liked the first - then you won't be disappointed.

    Supporting actors are enjoyable in their roles and are more numerous than previous instalments. I enjoyed Boff's return, a real treat for the fans, and the technological aspects throughout the film maintained a spy theme nicely.

    The only thing I would have liked to add would be a cameo from a previous villain, or one of the leading women, but the film lacks in nothing.

    Johnny English Strikes Again.

    * * * * *
  • gabrieltobing15 September 2018
    After being in a premiere and seeing Rowan as Johnny is spectacular and I would definitely say that it is a great movie for both kids and adults with everything we love in it.

    10/10, you've outdone yourself again Johnny by entertaining us all.
  • This entire movie feels like it was made ten years ago - from the title to the poster to the bland script and its weirdly naive way of portraying the internet and the whole digital aspect of the story.

    While Rowan Atkinson is undoubtedly the king of physical comedy, his performance here felt quite uninspired and out-of-date. This seems like the ultimate irony, since the story evolves around a clash of modernity and old school espionage. However, I don't think the main problem lies in Atkinson's performance but in the poorly developed script with its lazy writing.

    Now, the JOHNNY ENGLISH franchise obviously isn't known for its high standards in film making and just wants to make people laugh. But that's the main issue here: It just isn't funny. The script lacks any sort of coherence and even comedic timing. Everything feels like we've all seen it before in a much better way.

    I ended up being quite bored while watching this new and hopefully last entry of the franchise. It seems like a mere cash grab based on a script written in 2008 and dusted just to make a fast buck at the expense of quality entertainment.
  • I've always enjoyed the Johnny English movies, so I was absolutely delighted with the third entry in the series: Johnny English Strikes Again. With the brilliantly idotic hilarity of The Pink Panther, and the fun factor of all the old Bond movies, I was laughing and smiling right the way through here, and even though there's barely anything in terms of a story to follow, it proves a thoroughly entertaining watch from beginning to end.

    I was really surprised by just how much I laughed in this movie, because while I've had good fun with the previous two films, I can't say that I've ever found one quite so funny as this, but that really is a positive for a film that's unashamedly silly and light-hearted throughout.

    Taking all of the most generic tropes of spy movies, including all the clichΓ©s of old Bond and new Mission: Impossible movies, this film tells you that it's not trying to create any sort of dramatic or exciting story right from the outset, and while that may prove a negative for lesser movies, it really doesn't here.

    There are so many jokes throughout the film, and although not every single one sticks the landing, the sheer quantity of gags coupled with the presence of a handful of properly funny ones makes the film a hugely entertaining watch, as Rowan Atkinson ups the funny factor another level with a delightfully silly performance.

    Much like the old Pink Panther movies, Johnny English Strikes Again is pretty much a series of comedic setups strung loosely together by a very basic spy plot. If you're looking for deep espionage thrills, then this definitely isn't the film to watch, but there's so much humour to enjoy throughout that the quality of the story really isn't as important, as I found myself too busy laughing to really bother about anything else.

    And what's more is that, like Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther movies, Rowan Atkinson's fantastically silly performance works perfectly once again, as we see him get into all sorts of ridiculous situations that, while entirely predictable and idiotic, are really brought to life by his onscreen brilliance, to the point that you never really get tired of watching him do the same thing over and over again.

    I can tell that this film won't be for everyone, but I had a whole lot of fun with its unrelentingly silly and light-hearted atmosphere throughout. The first two acts in particular stand out with their rapid-fire jokes per minute ratio, and while the final act gets a little too interested in the story for its own good - taking away from the pure idiocy of the comedy - I was laughing a huge amount from beginning to end.
  • gxf-389316 October 2018
    I actually loved this and had many laughs. Film was actually hilarious and the plot wasn't to bad also. If you want a good laugh go watch it
  • This movie made me laugh two times. And that comes from a Rowan Atkinson fan. Dull to non-existing humour, very very bad dialogues, very awkward moments, which should have translated in fun, but instead they turned out to be a stupidity and boredom. It looks like someone tried to implement the fun aspect of Mr Been (who almost never speaks) and force him to interact with other characters, unsuccessfully.

    Olga did her best to be the fatal/sexy russian spy, but it was extremely hard for her, because of Mr Been's character, instead of Johnny English.

    There are a lot of silent moments which bring no value, a lot of old tech references which can be fun, if used properly. This movie made British country and people look like a bunch of idiots, MI7 as vegan, politically correct, humanitarian organisation. Please avoid it at all costs. Millions of brain cells will die!
  • How THE HELL IS THIS ONLY 6.6!!?!?!?!?!?!?! It's bloody hilarious. Best Johnny English film IMO.
  • Johnny English Strikes Again continues with the adventures of MI7 spy, Johnny English(Rowan Atkinson). When a vicious cyber attack exposes all of MI7's agents, Johnny English will have to come out of retirement to save the day, yet again.

    Johnny English Strikes Again is an absolutely hilarious movie. Director David Kerr takes what makes English so funny, ups the ante & surpasses both Johnny English(2003) & Johnny English Reborn(2011). The one-liners & slapstick humor work, every single time. The viewer is guffawing continuously, until their sides hurt. The locales, just like any other spy movie, are gorgeous. The action set pieces are funny & engaging at the same time. Be prepared for many Mr. Bean references. Rowan Atkinson is spectacular as Johnny English. The fact that this is the third film in the franchise, proves Atkinson's acting ability & sheer star power. Olga Kurylenko is brilliant as Ophelia. Ben Miller is great as Bough. Jake Lacy is perfect as Jason. Emma Thompson is outstanding as the Prime Minister. Adam Jones is good as Pegasus. The supporting cast is impressive. Johnny English Strikes Again is a must watch for fans of Johnny English, Rowan Atkinson & Mr. Bean. Go & chuckle until you find it hard to breathe!
  • Johnny English Strikes Again delivers us a new chapter of collisions and botched up situations. As a fan of slapstick, the first two films in the series have always had a special place in my heart - those along with Jump Streets, Anchormans and Horrible Bosses, Bringing Up Baby, etc. are always ready to go when I want to watch something light and stupid (big fan of stupidity). Johnny English Strikes Again will be added to that list, as for my money, it's at least almost as good as the previous instalments. They're obviously nothing earth shattering but they're good for what they are.

    Atkinson's as good as ever, Bough (played by Ben Miller) is back from the first film and there are also fun cameos from Michael Gambon and Charles Dance so we have a little bit of Dumbledore and Tywin Lannister in the mix as well. Add some Atkinson dance moves, really bad fake names, and messing up with an ancient harness and you're all set. It's also fun that The Pink Panther films are referenced in the title as Mr. English can obviously be seen as the heir of Inspector Clouseau from the old film series.

    Rating: 6/10
  • Old tricks. Boring movie. Don't know why it has 6.6 points.
  • wilma-8521617 September 2018
    JE has never been about real spy movie, it's about having good laugh. Super funny movie and i love it!!!!
  • I count myself as a huge Rowan Atkinson fan, and like most but not all of his material. This film falls into the latter category. Atkinson and Miller give a good performance but the rest of the film did not work for me, and I was just waiting for it too end. The original is still the best .
  • Don't believe most reviews on this website. Hollywood has its own 50 cent army.

    I watched JESA last night. Abysmal. And I loved the previous film. This one felt written in half a day, completely undeveloped, as though shot in 2 weeks and cranked out like a flavorless halfbaked sweet roll. Although you don't need to expect highbrow anything from a slapstick film, slapstick films ought to at least be funny. I laughed ONCE during this torture fest.

    Here's an example of how badly this film was made. A room full of characters suffer a explosion. One minute their talking amongst themselves, the next they're dead, presumably. In the reveal, we see them leaning back in their chairs eyes closed. Their suits are still crisp and clean. Their hair, skin, etc just as before. It was like the director said, "There's no time, guys, so just close your eyes and play dead!"

    This film was a sad waste of Rowan Atkinson's talent, not to mention the other stellar cast members that must have signed on as a favor.
  • It seems they did the movie without a screenwriter. Rowan Atkinson gags were so funny in the 90s but they look so old in 2018. And Emma Thomson, how in the hell did you accept such a role in this movie? Dull movie. Kids like it though
  • Johnny English Strikes Again was a welcome return of Rowan Atkinson to the big screen. The film had numerous laugh out loud moments as the enduring yet foolish English stumble around everyday life in his quest to solve a high tech mystery as a spy. The idea of making English a high school teacher was also a welcome surprise and really a fun way to get to see English's more enduring side.

    A definitely must watch if you are looking for a fun night out with the family.
  • It's a HILARIOUS concept. It's Bond but not as we know it: a suave, sophisticated, well-dressed hero but someone who's a complete klutz when it comes to the spy business. Rowan Atkinson is perfect in the role: because when he plays his face ''straight" he IS strangely good-looking and certainly pulls off the air of confidence, intelligence and sophistication well.

    So it was that 2003's Johnny English was a refreshing novelty. Roll forwards 15 years (via 2011's "Johnny English Reborn") and the concoction needs... you know... actual JOKES.

    For "Johnny English Strikes Again" is unfortunately a pretty lame affair.

    Johnny English (Atkinson) is retired from MI7 and living life as a Geography teacher at a public school. Aside from teaching them about sheep farming in Australia and magma, English delights in teaching his young pupils the tricks of the spy trade: "You're looking particularly beautiful tonight", with a twinkle and a vodka martini in hand. "You're looking particularly beautiful tonight" repeats the class.

    But the quiet life of English is about to end, since a cyber-attack has exposed all of MI7's current agents and the Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) needs to re-hire a retired agent who is currently 'off the grid'. But noone - friend or foe - is safe when the bumbling English and his faithful helper Bough (Ben Miller) go back into the field.

    As UK comedy professionals, Atkinson and Miller deliver their English/Bough schtick serviceably enough. The brilliant Emma Thompson though is woefully underused as a straight-woman, being asked to do little more than an exasperated Theresa May impersonation.

    If you need a sexy and sophisticated femme fatale for a Bond spoof, what better than a real ex-Bond girl? So the extremely sexy and sophisticated Olga Kurylenko (Camille from "Quantum of Solace") plays Ophelia Bhuletova, which sounds much funnier when pronounced by Atkinson. And a very good job she does too.

    To emphasise the positive for a moment, the film is suitably glossy, which are table stakes for a spy caper like this or Austin Powers.

    But the script by William Davies (who did the previous Johnny Englishes, but nothing much since "Reborn") doesn't deliver any real laugh-out-loud moments. My hopes were raised when the "pensioner interviews" happened and Charles Dance, Edward Fox and Michael Gambon turned up. Great, I thought... having the old timers play off Atkinson will be fun. But unfortunately they were nothing but cameos and (although one of the film's comedy highlights) they came and went in the blink of an eye.

    Elsewhere the film relied too much on a few running jokes: ostensibly the need for health and safety in MI7, where guns are rather frowned upon, given their potentially to caused injury or worse. A 'virtual reality' training mission also delivers smiles but outstays its welcome.

    The film is a first-time feature for TV-comedy director David Kerr.

    There are films which are wildly offensive. There are films that are just plain bad. This is neither: it is as Douglas Adams might have described it as "Mostly Harmless". But to get any more than the rating I have given it, a comedy film has to make me laugh and this one failed miserably. It's a watchable TV film for a rainy afternoon, but not worth heading out to the cinema to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I don't understand why this has such a low rating on other sites, like Rotten Tomatoes. They're just biased.

    It's a great movie, funny, witty, and interesting. It's got plenty of clever dialogue, yet the movie is quite short. I love this movie, and I think you would too.
  • hashan_has6 October 2018
    Great movie filled with fun πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Enjoyed very well
  • jamesd-861-2742815 September 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    From start to finish it's a laugh, typical humour by the genius that is Rowan Atkinson. His first scenes are terrific. The whole cast play their part perfectly with the exception of the main villain of the piece who rather underplays his role. Former Bond girl Olga Kurylenko is very good as is English's ever dependable Bough. The film misses the score of the previous films but overall is good value. Love the nods to James Bond particularly one from Dr. No that only 007 aficionados would pick up, Highly recommend the film for young and old
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