Rowan Atkinson is once again using his own car. This time it's an Aston Martin V8 Vantage classic. In an interview, Atkinson told that he bought the car just six months before shooting, and had the car in mind for the film.

This will be Rowan Atkinson's first movie trilogy.

Olga Kurylenko plays a spy in this movie, which is a spoof on secret agent James Bond, and also starred as Camille, the main Bond girl in Quantum of Solace (2008), the twenty-second entry in the James Bond 007 franchise.

Legendary actors Charles Dance, Michael Gambon, and Edward Fox appear as guest stars playing three old agents. Dance, Gambon, and Fox all have ties to the James Bond franchise. Michael Gambon was asked to audition to replace George Lazenby as Bond in Diamonds Are Forever (1971), but declined the offer. Charles Dance played Claus in For Your Eyes Only (1981) and was considered for the part of Bond, but declined to audition. Dance later also played Bond creator Ian Fleming in Goldeneye (1989). Finally, Edward Fox played M in Never Say Never Again (1983), which also featured Rowan Atkinson (in his feature film debut) as Nigel Small-Fawcett.

It's rumored that this will be the last Johnny English movie and that Rowan Atkinson will play the role for the last time after 15 years.

Emma Thompson's supporting role was kept a secret during filming. Her appearance was first revealed in the theatrical trailer.

This is the only Johnny English film which doesn't have extra content during ending credits.

Ben Miller reprises his role as Bough from Johnny English (2003). He didn't appear in the first sequel, Johnny English Reborn (2011), as his scene was cut from the film.

Rowan Atkinson played Nigel Small-Fawcett, James Bond's MI6 contact in the Bahamas, in Never Say Never Again (1983).

Will be released seven years after Johnny English Reborn (2011) and 15 years after Johnny English (2003).

The road with tight bends in the South of France which appeared in the James Bond films as well as the first Johnny English film features again in this film.

Shipped to cinemas under the pseudonym "Lock Down."

Emma Thompsons husband Greg Wise played a small role as Agent One in the first part Johnny English (2003).

When English and Bough are infiltrating the meeting pretending to be part of the Scotish musicians, the tune English is playing is a very off-key version of "My Bonnie lies over the ocean", a very popular Scottish song outside of Scotland and quite possibly the only one he knows.

Filming continued in France from 26 September, at the Saint Aygulf beach in Var.

Pauline McLynn whom is famous for playing Mrs. Doyle in the Channel 4 Irish sitcom Father Ted (1995) makes a cameo in the movie as Mrs. Trattner, the driving student whom Johnny commandeers the driving school car in the car chase between him and Volta.

The film is produced by Rowan Atkinson, who reprises his role as the title character.

Charles Dance and Michael Gambon, who play two of the prospective agents to take the case, previously appeared together in Ali G Indahouse (2002) as the Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister, respectively.

Rowan Atkinson and Emma Thompson both starred in the romantic comedy Love Actually (2003)

Johnny wearing the knight's armor was a nod to Rowan Atkinson's 1980s medieval sitcom Blackadder (1982).

Emma Thompson, portraying the Prime Minister of the UK, played the Prime Minister's sister in the romantic comedy Love Actually (2003). Then, the Prime Minister was played by Hugh Grant.

Emma Thompson and Rowan Atkinson both starred in the 1990 comedy The Tall Guy (1989) along with Jeff Goldblum.

The film bares similarities with Johnny English (2003) and is as followed: When all of MI7's agents are outed following the cyber attack, the Prime Minister orders Pegasus to find an old agent. All of MI7's top agents are killed in a bombing and Johnny becomes the only spy left. Johnny accidentally kills all the agents with the explosive pen whilst waiting to see Pegasus about the assignment. Whilst waiting for Pegasus, Johnny accidentally shoots Pegasus's secretary with a stunt dart pen. Johnny and Bough goes to the South of France. Johnny, Bough and Lorna go to the South of France. Johnny joins Ophelia at a cocktail bar. Johnny meets Lorna at a sushi bar. Jason Volta is a wealthy American businessman. Pascale Suvage is a wealthy French businessman. Pegasus rejects Johnny's discovery that Jason Volta is the cyber terrorist. Pegasus rejects Johnny's discovery that Pascale Suvage is behind the theft of the Crown Jewels. Ophelia reveals herself to Johnny as a undercover Russian agent. Lorna Campbell reveals to Johnny and Bough that she is a undercover Interpol agent. Johnny breaks into Volta's home to get evidence that Volta is the cyber terrorist. Johnny and Bough break into Suvage's building to get evidence that Suvage was the culprit behind the Crown Jewels theft. The Prime Minister fires Johnny from MI7 for his antics and for implicating Volta as the cyber terrorist. Pegasus fires Johnny for breaking into Suvage's building and for disobeying a direct order to leave Suvage alone. Johnny walks home in the rain following his dismissal from the cyber terrorist mission. Johnny walks home in the rain when Pegasus fires him from the crown jewels mission. At the G12 nations' leading meeting, Volta tells the Prime Minister to "shut up" when he is exposed as the villain and his plot to take over England and other countries' data is also exposed. Suvage tells Pegasus and the attendants to "shut up" at his coronation when his scheme to steal the throne and rule England is exposed.