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  • Anjani has not forgotten how her son almost lost his life. Now to protect him, she shelters him in a bid to keep him from harming himself again. She doesn't even allow him to go out of the house.

    When his father Senapati Kesari returns from war, he is upset to find that his brave son has become a scared little boy.
  • satishzod30 May 2020
    Disappointed with the content and language. Totally a made up story far away from the scriptures. Language that is not suitable for kids. Looks like a deliberate attempt to make fun of Indian scriptures and it's believers.
  • It has been a fashion of sorts for the Uglywood to make jokes on Hinduism and History because those who follow and know it, keep quiet and let it go.

    I do understand the prospect of making a fun filled Hanuman film with comic dialogues but that can be made without using English or Urdu words too. If kids do not understand any scene, they will ask their parents about it and they must. Which kid understands the words 'Appraisal report'? What shamelessness is this?

    Try making a film on other religions and use all the crap creatives and see what happens next. Disgusting writing in the name of freedom of speech and expressions. Even as entertainment is concerned, this film is a dull.
  • This movie is a Very good entertainment for Indian family mainly kids. I know many people have criticized the movie for its low cost animation and silly dialogues etc but I sincerely think that it is a very good effort towards reviving Indian Animation along with few other Indian Animation movies which released in past few years. It is 100 times better to 'try' rather than sit and analyze/criticize.

    The movie starts with great visuals and story set up till the lead characters goes into forest. After that it all becomes a TV show. I guess the makers also knew about this mistake, if at all it can be considered a mistake. However there should have been a balance of silliness and seriousness throughout instead of making it completely comical throughout.

    Overall me and family enjoyed the movie and we laughed when our kids laughed.