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  • SPOILER: Saw this in a theatre. Was highly anticipating it because i loved the director's earlier effort Delhi Belly which was outrageously funny. Of course the other reason is Irrfan Khan. The film follows the life of Dev (Irrfan) and his sometimes odd, sexual preferences. The missing photographs scenes were hilarious. The face cover scenes were hilarious too. Dev who is most attracted to his wife when she's sleeping, has a habit of peeping through a hole into his own bedroom. One night Dev comes early as advised by his colleague, finds his wife sleeping with another man. Surprisingly, given this dark subject matter, hilarity does in fact ensues. The film is filled with wacky complications, it takes a turn into darker territory with blackmailing, murder, conspiracy n accidents. One of the best part is that ther r no bloody songs except for one item song which was necessary for the colleague getting drunk n opening his mouth. There is some cleverly intelligent comedy here, but thats what I come to expect from Irrfan n Abhinay Deo. This film is really Irrfan's. He imbues his character with a sweetness that makes him more human and we as audiences wants him to win in his Pac-man game as well as in his revenge.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Abhinay Deo's 'Blackmail' has an interesting premise, that sadly never turns into an entirely interesting, wholesome noir-comedy, that only works in bits & pieces. Despite complete support from its cast, the film remains untapped in its potential.

    'Blackmail' Synopsis: When Dev finds out his wife is cheating on him, he secretly blackmails his wife and her lover as a form of revenge.

    'Blackmail' is the same old story of a husband's wrath on his wife after he finds out she's cheating on him. The twist here is the blackmail angle & how the protagonist literally turns things up, side, down for his wife & lover. 'Blackmail' is twisty tale of dark characters, who have very few redeeming qualities & will go to any length to their share of money. All of this appeals in the beginning, but as the film progresses & the blackmailing doesn't remain only one person hands, the story begins to fizzle out. Too much happens & very little actually works. Though the dark humor does get laugh out of you, its continuous act one blackmail after the other, wear you off. In short, 'Blackmail' engages in parts, not entirely!

    Parveez Shaikh's Screenplay is alright. Abhinay Deo's Direction is fine. Cinematography & Editing are standard.

    Performance-Wise: Irrfan, as always, is highly commendable. As the husband out for sadistic revenge, Irrfan doesn't miss a single beat. Arunoday Singh springs a pleasant surprise. The actor shines as the calculative yet dumb lover, who also flexes his gift for comic-timing here. Kirti Kulhari as the wife in trouble, is perfectly cast. She looks beautiful as well. Divya Dutta is deliciously wicked as Arunoday's wife, delivering a delightful turn, despite limited screen-time. Pradhuman Singh Mall overdoes it in his part. Omi Vaidya is fair. Anuja Sathe is fantastic.

    On the whole, 'Blackmail' is only partly engaging.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    7 years after the release of one of the best situational comedies, Abhinay Deo brings us another comedy thriller, 'Blackmail'. Considering how tough this genre of cinema is this is an excellent film. Just like 'Delhi Belly', 'Blackmail' takes its time to build the pace.

    Dev(Irrfan Khan) is living in a burdened marriage leading to a sad monotonous routine. One day he catches his wife Reema(Kirti Kulhari) in bed with her lover Ranjit Arora(Arunoday Singh) who is married to a rich brat Dolly Verma(Divya Dutta). With a bunch of loans and EMIs to pay he hatches a plan to blackmail Ranjit for a sum of Rupees 1 lakh. But what happens next turns his whole plan upside down thus starting a chain to events changing his life forever.

    Abhinay had his task cut out with a totally unknown cast to support Irrfan and barring Arunoday everyone has done a firm job. Every character is given their personal screen-time thus reducing the dependency on Irrfan who is as always fantastic. Some of the scenes are memorable and might be remembered for years. But the movie lacks in a department where most situational comedies score: dialogues. The dialogues are very simple and thus the frequent punches are missing.

    One of my personal favorites Gajraj Rao makes a refreshing appearance on the big screen as Chawla. Pradhuman Singh as Anand Tripathi is also a charm but Kirti's character is a bit of a fail. What makes 'Blackmail' even more intriguing is that you are not able to judge how to the story would unfold even till the last scene. A formidable follow up to 'Delhi Belly'.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Film has Irrfan in the lead and that is fine enough for somebody to decide whether he is going to watch or not! Director Abhinay Deo is back in his favorite genre - Dark Comedy.

    Well, comedy is something which one enjoys loudly while seeing it. One laughs out loud or cheers mainly in comic scenes. But here, not a single person in the hall was laughing. Actually, I was the only one who laughed at some points in the film. So, I would not term this film a Dark Comedy, but a Dark Humour.

    Film is about Dev (Irrfan) who finds out one night that his wife (Kirti) is cheating on him. Because of EMIs and other interests, he decides to blackmail his wife- Reena's lover for some money. The lover boy (Arunoday Singh) asks for money to his wife Dolly (Divya Dutta). But her parents want the amount back from him. So, Lover Boy also blackmails his lover a.k.a. Dev's wife. Eventually, Dev is giving money to his wife which later he collects from that Lover boy. Meanwhile, colleagues of Dev also come in the picture to make some money. The chain becomes extremely complicated. For unlocking it, watch out this one.

    Irrfan is superb. The scene of him running from his house after getting shocked to see his wife with another man is fantastic. Kirti is suitable and good. Arunoday delivers a good performance. Divya Dutta is as usual classy. Omi Vaidya is nice, too. Anuja Sathe plays an important role along with Pradhuman Singh and Gajraj Rao.

    After Irrfan, the major plus point of this film is its music and songs. Amit Trivedi has given superb songs. First time I enjoyed all the rap songs in a film. Each and every song is perfect according to the story line. Lyrics has been written accordingly as well. 'Bewafa Beauty Pyaar Mein Cheating Kar Gayi!' Urmila Matondkar is there too in this item song. 'Nindaraan Diyaan' & 'Sataasat' are perfect. Patola and Happy Happy are not in the film, but they're also good.

    Abhinay Deo is a good director. Each scene has its own element. First song of the film where Irrfan is all alone in the office and goes to bathroom says it all. The detailing of each posters and usage of props are up to the mark.

    Though, this film is not as good as Delhi Belly. It is very slow. If you don't like to see new concepts in films, you will never gonna complete this film. Background score is superb. But still, we feel too much length of many scenes. Good editing or a good screenplay could have put this film in the league of classics. As of now, if you have patience, than only you will love it. Also, post interval part is not that slow as the pre-interval part. The game is happening till the last frame. So if you are giving it a chance, wait for the end. You will surely feel that- 'The time spent well'!

    On the whole, pray for Irrfan's speedy recovery. Take your time along with you to enjoy his latest dark humour- Blackmail!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bollywood doesn't do dark comedy often; only a handful of good films come to mind. For me the list is topped by Ishqiya and its sequel. Fortunately, 'Blackmail' will be remembered as one of the good ones. And when the cast is headlined by the always brilliant Irrfan Khan (the Khan seems to back in his name) you know you're in for a treat. This is the kind of treat you chew slowly to savor all the flavors not sure what will hit you next. Should you gasp, cringe, or shake your'll do all three with a chuckle.

    When Dev (Irrfan) discovers his wife is cheating on him with a man who's married to a wealthy heiress he decides to blackmail the duo to extract money and revenge. Things don't go quite as planned when other players join the blackmailing game and you're left wondering who is trying to con whom. What works well here is that there are no innocent victims. Everyone deserves a slap on the wrist for something making this a fun watch. Writer Parveez Sheikh doesn't let up on the twists and makes sure the characters don't sit idly by for too long. Our incorrigible bunch find themselves in many hysterical predicaments and the laugher is unstoppable! Ranjit buying a gun was a personal favorite bit of mine.

    But like the characters the screenplay is far from perfect. Pacing issues play a bit of a spoilsport and not every twist in the tale works. The movie is also far too long and should've been edited for a more impactful viewing. Thankfully there are enough jokes to keep you entertained even while losing patience. Director Abhinay Deo, of Delhi Belly fame, seems comfortable with the genre. He serves up a mature comedy that doesn't hold back with the cheeky dialogues or insinuations. As one character puts it, this is humor of the 'non-veg' variety. So if you get offended easily maybe sit this one out.

    As I said earlier, Irrfan is always brilliant. He deadpans his way through the role showing actual emotion at only a couple of junctures. Such acting would've fallen flat in the hands of a lesser talent but with Irrfan it's all in capable hands. The rest of the cast does very well also. Arunoday Singh springs a pleasant surprise as the useless husband living off of his wife's money. Kirti Kulhari is competent and while Divya Dutta doesn't get much screen time she handles her part nicely. It's an effective ensemble that works in favor of the movie. The other strong point is Amit Trivedi's music which blends into the narrative perfectly. Every tune is acidic and keeps the plot rolling.

    Blackmail is a mostly solid entertainer that delivers what it promises. It might be a while before we see another Irrfan Khan movie or another black comedy done right so enjoy the absurdity while you can and laugh the hurt away.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Situational comedy is fun to watch since you might never know what will come next and the surprise element will make you laugh-a-loud. Andaz Apna Apna, Chachi 420, Padosan, Angoor, Choti Si Baat, Gol Maal (1979) , Chashme Badoor, Jaani Bhi Do Yaaron, Chameli Ki Shaadi, Pushpak or even Hera Phera were some of the films that left a lasting impression in your mind with hilarious diaologues and comic act. Come forward to 2018 and we have a similar genre of comedy in form of Blackmail. Will it be as crazy as Delhi Belly ? Let us find out ..

    Black Mail tells the story of a middle-class office going guy, Dev Kaushal (Irrfan Khan), who wants to re-ignite the sour relationship with his wife (Kirti Kulhari). After being suggested by his peer at work, he decides to surprise his wife one night when he reaches home early than his usual time. To his dismay, he finds his wife having affair with her ex-boyfriend (Arunoday Singh). Dev does not get angry at the situation but chalks out a plan so that even he can benefit from it.

    Abhinay Deo and Pervez Shaikh (writer) goes a step ahead and does not limit the movie by just husband blackmailing his wife. They create situations where there is a series of blackmailers involved and everyone wants to grab a piece of cake. Now the best part of watching Blackmail is its earnest comic scenes and timings. Secnes like Dev's boss (brilliant played by 3 idiots's Chatur a.ka. Omi Vaidya) trying to sell toilet papers, Arundhoya Singh's father-in-law threatening to take back his money at the dinner table, Dev stealing the photos of wives from his office colleague and even from his boss for pleasure every night when nobody is at office. The most hilarious scene was when he could not find anything, he took the poster of a female model to the rest room. Each and every character is brilliantly defined and it is fun to watch them play their part. While the first half has its share of moments, second half gets more meatier when more characters gets involved and it becomes a series of blackmailing. The film might get repetitive and editing could have helped making the film much more smarter than it is. Also, background score is adequate and goes well with the scenes but none of the songs will be remembered once you leave the theater. Hats off to the screenplay and dialogues who keeps you glued to the screen. Nothing much can be said about the Art Direction and Cinematography while length of the film could be trimmed by few minutes. The item song featuring Urmilla Matondkar was disappointing.

    Irrfan Khan is epitome of talent. The brilliant actor, who explored his career with serious roles like Maqbool, Haasil, Paan Singh Tomar or Talwar is giving comedy films a new meaning with his quirky and witty dialogues. With Piku, Hindi Medium, Qarib Qarib Singlle and now Blackmail, Irrfan Khan steals the show with his perfect expression of taking situation-as-it-comes and bringing out humor in it. The other actor who did well was Arunoday Singh. He was really good in his comic timings. There is a scene where he secretly meets Kirti Kulhari in a theater and instead of focusing on the situation, he checks out a girl sitting in the front row who he remembered was there with some other guy previously.

    Overall, Blackmail is one hell of a ride filled with twist and turns that will surely be enjoyed. Go for it 4/5
  • As Irfan Khan never stops giving up his amazing performance.. this film follows the same..

    The story and direction is upto par.. and every character have done justice to the movie.

    Overall an excellent movie to watch... Total worth
  • Direction:

    Delhi Belly fame Abhinav Deo is back to black comedy genre after failure of Suspense and Action saga Game and Force2. As many scenes will recall you Delhi Belly's funny incidents. As Black comedy is new harvest for Bollywood and quite refreshing with compare to silly and WhatsApp's joke based comedy movies.


    Irrfan proved his mettle again in this black adult comedy drama. Nowadays Irrfan is little bit choosy regading script and he always come up with something new and refreshing one e.g. Piku, Hindi Medium and Qarib Qarib Singlle. Aronoday Singh has done great job in the role of unlucky husband of rich wife. Pink fame Kirti Kulhari looks good in supporting role. Divya Dutta and Omi Vaidya have done justice with their roles.


    As script is quite good as Delhi Belly in terms of treatment. Some scene used as symbolic e.g. Water tap where you will be laugh based on your imagination. This means that script has great connect with the audience. As Bluffmaster movie has bluff as infection, same thing about this script because every one is blackmailing every one. Bajrangi Bhaijaan fame Parveez Sheikh has done brilliant job in great writing.


    Amit Trivedi's music is with in frequency with script and situation. Two other music directors Badshah and Guru Randhawa have great contribution in form of "Happy Happy" and "Patola" where "Patola" is already party anthem.


    Any comedy genre, Dialogue is the soul of the movie. Dialogue was witty and funny at the same time.


    As this black comedy earn 2.8 crores only which less than expected amount on day 1. Word of mouth is really good for this movie so we can expect good footfall on Saturday and Sunday.

    Last Words: Wish speedy recovery of Irrfan who are fighting with Neuroendocrine Tumour so that he can enjoy the success of his work in this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Abhinay Deo's Blackmail, a black comedy film, does not turn out to be a promising film. Abhinav Deo's Delhi Belly had become a box-office hit. He has tried the same genre in this film as well, but the film picks up only at certain shots. Irrfan Khan is a great actor and he generally brings his punches to the characters he plays on screen. But in blackmail, even his punches were missing in most of the places, could be due to the screenplay. The premise of the film is interesting that when a husband accidentally discovers his wife having an affair, how he deals with the same? Instead of confronting with his wife, he chooses to blackmail her. How does this blackmail impact his wife, wife's boyfriend and how do they respond back is shown in rest of the film. Rather the trailer revealed the flow of the film. The film suffers from repetition syndrome.

    The initial parts of the film seemed interesting. Dev (Irrfan Khan) is trapped in his mundane routine. He prefers to play games on computer in office till late evenings rather than going back home to his loveless marriage. His wife Reena (Kriti Kulhari) is shown to be very detached towards Dev and she is just bothered to know whether Dev paid the TV bill or not. Dev has a list of his expenses written viz. loan emi, bills etc. Dev wished sincerely that his relationship with Reena improves. So, one day, he decided to surprise his wife by reaching home early and that is when he finds his wife in bed with her lover Ranjeet (Arunodaya Singh). Dev decides to blackmail Ranjeet.

    Rest of the film is all about how the events unfold when Dev starts the blackmailing. Dev's blackmailing leads to a series of blackmails. It gets very repetitive and the film starts suffering as far as the content, pace, dialogues etc. are concerned. The subplots seemed forced.

    Irrfan Khan and Arunodya Singh rescue the film from being a boring one. Divya Dutt has done justice to her role, but her role itself seemed absolutely out of place in the film. Kriti is ok. The subplots involving Dev's boss Omi Vaidya's plans to capture the .market for toilet rolls did not add magic to the film. It is sad that Urmila Matondkar's item song is absolutely forgettable. Abhinav Deo's Blackmail suffers from repetition syndrome. Irrfan and Arunodaya do add value to the film with their presence. The premise of the film is interesting but it does not pick up.
  • This was unexpected. I went in the hall with low expectations, having literally no idea of what the film was going to be about. I had no idea of what I was in for. Boy, did I enjoy every bit of the roller-coaster ride! On the surface, it looks to be simple - a man finds his wife is cheating on him, he plans to blackmail on his wife's boyfriend to pay off his bills. That's where it gets complicated. What follows is an impressive accounts lesson, money changing hands as frequently as nymphomaniacs changing clothes, and shades of grey revealed in every character. Friendship, love, jobs, loyalty - everything bows their head to the almighty rupee (or dollar, depending on where you are from). The music is impressive. The soundtrack is among Amit Trivedi's top five, easily. The acting is, for lack of a better word, amazing. Irrfan Khan steals the show. Smaller actors could have easily collapsed under the weight that the film demanded from the lead role, but boy, he does not disappoint. Other actors (Arunoday Singh, Kirti Kulhari, Divya Dutta, Omi Vaidya, et al.) also make handle their roles with grace, but your eyes will never stray from Irrfan. One word of caution, though - this is full of dark humor, not dark comedy - don't go into the film expecting laughs and giggles.
  • Funny, thrilling , suspenseful and excellent performances from all. Ifran is a brilliant actor and pulls this role with aplomb. Highly recommend movie . A dark comedy, not your typical Bollywood movie. A must watch
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Main characters: Dev, Reena ; Dolly, Ranjit

    Dev is the husband of Reena. Arranged marriage. Reena had a lover (Ranjit) who had left her suddenly and when he returned, he had married a filthy rich lady - because of her money of course. Dolly was an alcoholic and suspected her good looking husband (Ranjit) - she thought he was having an affair elsewhere - she thought right. Dolly treated Ranjit like a dog and expected him to always wag his tail in front of her - or else she would stop giving him his pocket money! So basically Ranjit was an unemployed good-for-nothing male who had no brains - just a good face and body - thus had no job and all he did was lick the feet of his rich in-laws.

    Since he was being treated like a dog at home, Ranjit found out that his ex-lover - Reena was married to a non-descriptive male (Dev) and she was basically unhappy. Ranjit gets in touch with Reena and continue having fun and sex in the house of Dev - while he was in office.

    Dev had a weird problem of his own - being married to a sexy siren - he still could not perform on bed! He was probably suffering form erectile dysfunction. He tried to masturbate with the pictures of equally non-descriptive photographs of females - those lying on the desks of his colleagues - yet failed at it. This reveals a very alarming quality of males...that they actually don't need a sexy siren to get turned on - just any picture can do for them! Meaning our world is unnecessarily spending millions on making a female look sexy and clicking her pictures and selling Men's magazines with those sexy pictures! It is not required at all - males do not need smooth skin or voluptuous sexy figure....jsut anyone can do for them.....well - that is what Dev (Irfan) revealed in this film!

    Anyway the film proceeds - Dev happens to witness his wife in a compromising position with her lover and he starts blackmailing him (Ranjit). Ranjit starts blackmailing Reema in turn- so Reema extracts the same amount of money Dev had extracted from Ranjit to returns him back to him...this way the same money was rotating in different hands! Film also showed that people who know you well or know your secrets are actually the ones who screw you tight! Colleagues of Dev also start blackmailing him.

    At the end - providence punished the wicked and the evil people amply - and Dev escaped from all the miseries smoothly!

    Special Mention: Dev's boss. Shown as an extremely dumb man who is foreign returned and comes up with dumb ideas and spends thousands to materialize his dumb ideas - bribes Govt. officials to get his work done...but ultimately fails miserably! The dullard was trying to introduce toilet papers to Indians! There is no dearth of water in India - at least to wash ad clean....yet he thought it was a groovy idea to introduce toilet papers to those Indians who don't even have the concept of toilet...they go out with a lota to answer nature's call!

    End of story.
  • Its a must watch experience. I dont understand why few people gave negetive reviews. Its a good film owing to its uncommon storyline
  • BLACKMAIL has been recently released on Prime Video a few days ago. I always wanted to watch it since the trailer was very impressive. Today, as I started watching it, I couldn't just stop myself! There were a lot of great things in the film to appreciate, and it deserved a better response.

    The film is full of twists and turns, and you just can't trust anybody. It's not a mystery, but always makes you await the end. This unpredictability serves as a major plus for a film which doesn't engage in any big-budget spectacle or repeated Bollywood style musical numbers. There are plenty of funny action scenes too, and as a whole, the film has something for everyone.

    Irrfan does an outstanding job in the role of a common man. Kirti is decent. Arunoday Singh entertains with his comic antics. Omi's act is completely hilarious. Other actors too put up brilliant performances. Technical aspects are decent. The music is good. Action is neatly executed. Director Abhinay Deo has done a brilliant job.

    BLACKMAIL is blackly funny and twisted to the core. The climax has been executed very impressively. Don't miss this movie at any cost if you want a real tightly scripted entertainer.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What would you do if you return home one day to find your wife in bed with her lover? Well as the title of this Abhinay Deo directed quirky comedy suggests, the husband(Dev) decides to blackmail him. He purchases a new mobile and sim and texts him demanding I lakh rupees otherwise he would expose the affair. Now the lover(Ranjit) himself is in an unhappy marriage and is forced to cajole his bossy wife(Dolly) to lend him the money under the pretext of starting his own canine import export business. This is how the first blackmail takes place. Through the course of the film there are several blackmails which occur with Dev being the center of all of them. He is either the one who is demanding the money or the one who ends up paying it. The premise is unique and Abhinay smartly exploits it to give the audience several laughs. The side plot involving Dev's obsession with pictures of other men's wives is one that's extremely hilarious and the way Irrfan Khan goes about carrying about this obsession just adds on to the humour quotient. The script is easy flowing and the characterization is excellently done. Every character has a unique personality which gives them depth and relatability. There is never the sense of something being out of place or someone behaving in an over the top manner. This shows quality actors can pull off good comedic roles without stepping into slapstick territory. The first half is slow but the second half more than makes up for it with it's faster pace and unpredictability. If you're tired of watching Sajid Khan inspired comedies loaded with forced humour and overacting watch this movie to restore your faith in the comedy genre.
  • This is a film with outstanding writing/screenplay - PERIOD! There are many kinds of films...some are acting centric, some are direction centric and some are visual centric, this is a writing centric film, which means it's screenplay, is outstanding compared to it's other aspects, and comes out as it's primary selling point and attraction.

    It's been some time since the era of screenplay centric films in Bollywood began. I think, now it is flourishing.

    Humor is good, subtle, novel, and is well written into the script. Some new, refreshing and skilled cast is also a plus point.

    I have only one major complaint with the movie and that is it's abrupt ending. The ending is unexpected and surprising in the sense that at that point, it seems that the film will go on for atleast 15-20 minutes more. There is an improper closure, and viewers would have to use their imagination a bit to conclude things; I would have preferred a more proper closure to the investigation. But taking this aspect of the ending out, the ending seems well written with a good touch of irony.
  • Director Abhinay Deo can safely call himself the king of black comedies as Blackmail by all means surpasses his previous best, Delhi Belly (2011). Irrfan, the king of the neighbouring kingdom - subtle acting - plays Dev, a cuckold to his wife (Kirti Kulhari) and leads the show. How an ordinary office-going man with shades of grey turns into a hostile creature with inflated vile human characteristics is what is the basic setting, and why Blackmail works compared to its past contemporaries is because Dev is not the only monster here. Every single character in the film is a vile creature with sinister intentions. From Dev's wife to his colleagues to the adulterer (Arunoday Singh) - everyone is a culprit in this drama that is written with full conviction and imagination. Writer Parveez Sheikh, known for Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) and Queen (2013), weaves a story that is so well-connected and polished, it is both delightful and funny to see the events unfold. Irrfan is at his usual best who acts like he his living the character; Singh, Divya Dutta, and Omi Vaidya are other members of the cast who support Deo in creating a near modern masterpiece in storytelling. With narrative frequently taking potshots at the human nature and also sampling current affairs and trends, there is never a dull moment that will bore a discerning viewer. There is enough going on in this drama that you will want to pay close attention as there is brilliance even in the niceties. Supported by a hard-pumping soundtrack, an unnecessary Urmila Matondkar cameo, and one of the best screenplays I have seen for a Bollywood film in 2018 so far, Blackmail is like that student who gets 80+ on all the subjects. How a noxious affair leads to another nasty thought to several more beastly events is what Blackmail situates itself in, and at the end reveals the hard truth about life that it is not people who actually do the crime that always suffer for it. It's a sincere and quirky take on life and gets full points for the efforts. The ambiguous climax makes it much more of a new wave, unmissable film. Go watch it! TN.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    When a man finds out his wife is cheating on him, he secretly blackmails his wife and her lover as a form of revenge
  • When it comes to true sarcasm, Irrfan khan is a very big name. and lots of movies goes by the name of such casting.

    Really tried to watch the movie till end(two attempts) but, 1 hrs and 10 mins of cheap time pass script
  • This movie offers a dark,unique look into a regular man's life.Though unrealistic in places and maybe too dark for some,the movie rewards the patient viewer.Yes it gets repetitive at times and some subplots are unnecessary(especially since one of them takes a lot of screen time) However,there is a lot to appreciate too.Right from some smart exposition to smart gags to the claustrophobic feel of the narrow walls these characters abide in.Arunoday Singh and the ever reliable Irrfan Khan shine in their roles.There are also little tit-bits here and there,which the attentive viewer would enjoy.

    Bollywood movies generally shy away from showing the dark side of humans.So I always welcome a dark tale.Almost every character is morally corrupt here and ready to compromise relationships for financial gains.This is where the film could've done better.If all the central characters were more chalked out,the movie would've been something else! Still it's a good watch.I liked it.
  • ayanbosetatai31 December 2018
    This black comedy movie was perfect, superb acting, great storytelling, the plot gonna makes you confuse for the nicely built climax which was pretty well executed. Bollywood needs this type of movie more for sure
  • One of the most meaningless plots I have come accross in my time with bollywood movies. The storyline seems to be work of an eight year old. It was a mistake to go in blind at first day first show.
  • Veey bad movie. You will keep watching in anticipatiob that there will be conclusion but there is none. Innocent people gets killed with no reason at all. Multiple people are black mailed hence the title. Our hero is short of money but he keep shelling out money with source not explained. I would not recommend this to anyone. BTW there is no comedy as well.
  • Movie is a real snore. Basically the story rotates around 3 people, irfan, his wife and his wife's ex. There is nothing more that contributes to the overall entertainment of the movie.
  • Watching other films of Abhiney Deo, I have started to feel that Delhi Belly was good only because of Aamir Khan's involvement. Deo has a background in Advertising and directing ad films so he presents the films brilliantly but his films lack in story writing. Blackmail is one such film. You just don't get anything in the film. They refuse to explain anything to you and have tried to unapologetically copy COENian humor and failed. I think people should stay away from Coen brothers type of filmmaking because it is only they who know how to do it. It is only them who knows how to make a scene comedy and grumpy at the same time. Blackmail boasts of brilliant performances and good camera work marred by some weed smoking writer who had no clue what he was writing and an over confident director who cared more about the look of the film than the actual film. None of the characters have any closure. None of the good plot points introduced has any meaning and sometimes the most senseless things become meaningful. Characters are dumb as left activists and you don't feel a thing of excitement while watching the film. You just want the film to end because nothing much is happening in the film. Songs are useless. Characters are more useless. Story is most useless. And direction is the worst that you can witness in filmmaking. Irrfan Khan is at his best. If he was not there, this film would tank down so badly that no traces of it would have been found..
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