• WARNING: Spoilers

    Dev Kaushal (Irrfan Khan) is a toilet paper sales executive who is leading a dispirited life both professionally and personally. He steals the photographs of other men's wives for his personal pleasure and satisfaction.

    One day to surprise his wife Reena Kaushal (Kirti Kulhari) he arrives early from office with roses. He finds the shock of his life, Reena in bed with another man who is Ranjit "Tommy" Arora (Arunoday Singh). He imagines different scenarios, like killing the lover, then killing the wife, but above all he decides to blackmail them.

    Ranjit is a hen pecked husband married to Dolly Verma (Divya Dutta), who has an influential dad, who Ranjit is scared of. Dev shares a great bond with his Boss DK (Omi Vaidya), he asks him to promote the newly made toilet Paper rolls. Calculating all things he has to pay Dev blackmails Reena and Ranjit to give him a sum of 1 lakh. Ranjit arranges 1 Lakh from Dolly in the name of business and keeps it in a dustbin, While Dev collects it secretly. Dolly's father asks Ranjit to return the money, a jobless Ranjit decides to blackmail Reena for Money a sum of 1,20,000. In a drunken state Dev revealed all his blackmail plan to his colleague Anand (Pradhuman Singh Mall).

    Reena asks Dev for money, telling a lie as its for her dad's treatment. Dev gives her the money and in turn asks Ranjit for the money he has given. Reena keeps the money on a dustbin, Ranjit collects it then puts the money on a dustbin while Dev collects it. The money goes round and round.

    Anand who has a crush on Prabha Ghatpandey,(Anuja Sathe) a newly appointed colleague gets her on a date and unknowingly reveals everything about Dev's plans. Next day Prabha blackmails Dev for money. Dev fights with Anand for letting Prabha know all about it. Dev asks Ranjit for money, Ranjit in turn asks Reena for money, Reena then asks Dev for Money. From the cash received earlier Dev transacts the amount to Reena's account, while Reena hands keeps the money in a dustbin, Ranjit gets it, and throws it in a dustbin, while Dev collects it and gives to Prabha.

    To know who is creating this ruckus Ranjit hires a Detective, Chawla (Tripathi Gajraj Rao). Prabha blackmails Dev for more money. Dev decides to Meet Prabha. They share a heated argument in her apartment. By mistake Prabha's gets slipped, she falls down the entire shelf falls on her and she is killed in the process. Dev is shocked. Suddenly Prabha's parents arrive. To get out of there Dev covers himself with a mask made out of a Paper bag and runs outside wearing only shorts. Prabha's parents shout and many people starts following Dev and tries to catch him. A smart Dev somehow hides and wears back his clothes and mislead the following people.

    Next morning, police arrive and interrogates everyone in the office. Anand knew last night Dev has met Prabha. He blackmails Dev that he will tell Police that he murdered Prabha. On interrogation Dev reveals that Anand used to like Prabha. Dev asks Anand not to tell police about last night. For money Anand remains quiet. Dev somehow arranges the paper bag he used last night and hides it in Anand's Car. Police finds the bag and arrests Anand. In fear he reveals everything about Dev. Meanwhile Chawla calls Dev that he knows dev is the blackmailer. Ranjit arranges gun to kill The Blackmailer.

    Police questions Dev and tells that an arrest warrant soon will come for him. Dolly finds Ranjit and Reena together and decides to Kill him. Anand comes out of Police custody and tries to beat Dev. Dev calms Anand somehow. Dev meets Chawla who asks Ransom to remain quiet about his blackmailing. Dolly tries to kill Ranjit, in that fight Ranjit shoots Dolly Dead. He hides Dolly in a fridge. Dev asks Ranjit for money so that he can give Chawla. In turn Ranjit asks Reena for money. Reena asks Dev for money, this time too telling a lie its for her father's operation. Dev calls Reena's parents and comes to know there is no operation. He follows Reena, she sells her ornaments for money and puts it in the bin at a Shopping ctr. Dev goes to take it, but Ranjit comes over there and takes the money. Dev clicks photos of Ranjit taking the money. Ranjit hides the money in the dustbin and waits there to know who takes the money. Dev finds Ranjit watching and decides to do something. Dev bribes a security to take something out of the dustbin. He does so and Ranjit attacks him, meanwhile Dev collects the money, and gives to Chawla and asks for a favour. Chawla calls Ranjit and tells him the blackmailer is Anand. Ranjit kills Anand. Dev sends the pics he clicked of Ranjit to Reena. Reena came to know Ranjit was blackmailing her and deletes his contact. Meanwhile Dolly's parents came to know that Ranjit murdered their daughter and locks him up in a room and calls police.

    Reena waits For Dev with dinner ready and sends him a message asking "When will you come home?". A depressed Dev receives the message and deletes Reena's Contact, and winning a computer game he always failed.

    Next morning Boss DK came to know all his promotional tactics for his Toilet paper has failed miserably and some other company have taken over him.