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  • The first episode of this Irish TV show gives very little indication of where it is going. It begins slowly with a family tragedy, the random murder of Sarah Manning's husband, Lee, in Montreal.

    The series shifts its focus to the investigation of Lee's murder, which draws covert international interest. Sarah takes a central role in the investigation. She and the others involved face constant obstacles in their search for truth and justice as the investigation leads them ever deeper into a web of intrigue and corruption. I could not stop watching it until I had reached the conclusion.

    This series is unusual in that most of the main characters are strong women who have found success in tough, male-dominated professions.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    So you get taken in by some gripping corporate-thriller, which, in itself, is well made enough and intelligent enough that the unoriginal Davida vs. Goliath plot line doesn't bug you, that you hope (even as a lefty) it won't be some childish "big bad demons run evil company" scenario, and it turns out it both is and isn't that. Forgiving the relatively useless and overwrought melodramatic subplots involving little kids and their adverse reaction to loss (boring, pointless, and all too common,) you stick through the thing for the grand reveal.

    Oy Vey.

    Imagine a giant pharma concern has killed 20+ children on a single, isolated site in a relatively short time: despite more or less unlimited resources, they leave the skeletons of a score of children in the the ground, on site. Leaving aside the obvious reality (they have the resources to just remove them all under cover of night and dump them far into the ocean,) how could they possibly NOT do this after 3 separate sets of unconnected people show interest in the land and the case? Why wait for evidence to be found?

    I wouldn't bother with this if the rest of the writing weren't at least competent. But wouldn't a man with De Facto limitless resources use them to make it all go away?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    My wife and I enjoyed Elaine Cassidy in "The Paradise", but I think she is out of her depth in this one. The first couple of episodes were very promising, but by the end of the show, her character was SO strident she just became annoying. The pacing is very uneven. It seemed as though the producers were working with a limited budget. There was very little insight into the "big bad company". Subplots were boring and predictable. I suggest you check out the French show "The Disappearance" (NOT the one with Peter Coyote) if you are looking for something to binge watch!
  • iain191826 December 2018
    I kept going back to see if there would be a break in this blight of a thriller/drama. The plot is messy and generic, not to mention the fact that there are almost zero costume changes over what must be a matter of days. That's a huge clue that the production values are constrained by budget concerns and a condensed shooting schedule - or that the whole show has ambitions it was never going to deliver. The lead actor annoys. She feigns exasperation and indignation to such a high level that it makes the rest of her interactions with the cast grating at best. Oh - next time you include some Canadian context maybe you can throw in a Mountie and a beaver, such was the hacked out representation of the Montreal connection. This is tepid stuff. Don't bother unless you are snowed in or lost in Borneo with nothing else to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What kind of writer(s) ever thought that the ending of this series would be gratifying for viewers? I would say writer(s) who are either shallow or just plain stupid. Not a single bad guy was captured, no justice ever claimed for the characters (or the viewers).

    How anyone would call this a good series is beyond me. I can't believe I wasted my time watching this - don't bother making another season .....
  • Cassidy's overacting spoils what could be a reasonable drama.
  • Good intrigue and well written ( only one gratuitous bit ) along the lines of Prime Suspect. I like that it wasn't cut and dried but messy and gritty. Didn't really like the woman lead, she reminded me of an ex girlfriend who was a look alike and just as intense to the point of exasperation. Enjoy.
  • melanie_cameron16 January 2019
    The series started nicely, but the plot became tangled and hard to follow. It's very complicated, the accents are all over the place and the acting is so over the top. There are a couple of actors in it who are good like Angeline Ball. So much of the story is far fetched and just not believable.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    in this six episode series that could have been done in 3 or 4 with judicious, and welcome, editing. Many scenes are held too long, for no obvious reason, the dialogue in too many scenes repeats information already known or are there simply to re-establish a character's outrage. But this series has bigger problems....such as the writing and the acting. The incomprehensibly convoluted plot includes the FBI in Ireland (really?), the CIA, the Garda, big pharma, buried in shades of Philomena...and too many murders. Characters who have presumably made a career of being smart and careful suddenly behave stupidly....because such behavior is necessary to get the story from Point A to Point B. The dialogue doesn't help, nor do the performances, which are mostly one note, without nuance, and tiresome...and the effort to hide the Irish accent in characters supposedly from elsewhere all too apparent. And then there's the wardrobe budget, which must have been non-existent: a main character wears the same mustard yellow coat and sweater in countless scenes, over, one assumes, many days. Waiting for that coat or sweater to appear yet again became more interesting than the mystery. This is a melodramatic and ultimately lame series that is badly written and appears cheaply produced and amateurish. I gave it two points for the many outdoor scenes, which, upon reflection, were probably to save on production costs.
  • This looks like a sleek European mini-series, but it has the soul of a 90 minute Lifetime TV movie about women wronged by men who are just no damn good. Most of the men are evil, except for maybe one Canadian who is just bland. The villains are cartoonishly villainous, so clumsy and stupid in their villainy that it's not interesting. Some of the dialogue is outlandishly unbelievable. As for Elaine Cassidy, yes, grief and righteous anger are a logical reaction to the murder of a husband, but she has the same facial expressions and smoldering rage in almost every scene for six episodes. People seem to love her, so maybe she's a better actress when her character isn't incensed all of the time. With a convoluted, illogical plot, terrible dialogue, and one-dimensional characters, this series didn't work for me. You can decide for yourself whether viewing is an acceptable risk is acceptable.
  • This is a mini-series with terrible dialog, horrible acting, bad casting. The only accents that sound remotely like they should are the Irish ones. The plot is a not uncommon one of big pharma company hiding the horrible things they do. Each episode is painful to watch as the poor dialog constantly grates on your nerves and the fake accents are just very egregious to your ears! The whole 6 episodes could have been easily done as a full feature film. My guess is this was bankrolled by a streaming channel anxious to build up content. They really should have been more discriminating however as rubbish series like this have limited appeal.
  • What an excellent series, very well written, as far as I could find, by an older writer. The twists and turns will keep the viewer waiting in suspense for answers. Treachery at every turn, characters and dialogue excellent. A good even pace is achieved from the opening episode. Once I started watching I couldn't turn my tv off. I watched it all through in one sitting, all 6 episodes. An excellent Canadian an Ireland coproduction. Hope to see further by this team.
  • The only real downside for me is Morten Suurballe's strange robotic speech pattern. It sounds so unnatural.