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  • If I think a movie is really bad then like most I will write a scathing review. However this film is so bad I feel as if I would be criticizing people with mental disabilities or cognitive delay.

    What I cannot understand is how someone in this day and age when every movie is out there for renting or viewing on Netflix etc. they cannot watch them to learn what to do and what not to do.

    The dialogue seemed written by 8 to 10 year old kids that have watched every B movie out there and didn't even nail that. The pacing of the actors was terrible also. Lighting? Was there any thought given to that?

    I understand budgets can influence the outcome of a movie but in this case no budget could have saved it. If I am writing this it is at least this film can serve as an example to future film makers on what NOT TO DO! Put quality in the script. Be realistic in the production based on what budget you have. Pick quality actors (and not yourself unless you are better than what you find). Lear lighting technique or hire someone that knows it well. It's an essential to film making. Then there is editing! Get an editor and colorist that knows what they are doing.

    Yes these things cost money but this movie had more budget than most amateur films I've seen yet many of those surpassed this garbage because their story and intent was foremost.

    It's extremely difficult to be the writer, actor, director and producer in any film for extremely talented and experienced film makers. As I said this film would be a waste of time other than it can fulfill a use by being a standard of the abysmal failure.
  • jcriche6 January 2021
    Warning: Spoilers
    If I've not heard of any of the actors, I'll give a film 30 minutes to draw me in, this didnt didnt last 10 minutes.

    The scene at the start where they are being chased the 2 cars are less than 5 feet apart and doing 40 mph at most, thats a car chade is it ??

    Then the cop shows up, almost drops his gun, and just stands there with the usual put down your weapon, while a CIA chief blows up a car, with a grenade launcher, then stust stands there...

    Sorry i know aspiring directors/ actors all need their first break, but this was bad, very, very bad.
  • So what we have here is 90 minutes of horrible writing, riddled with plot and technical issues, then edited by a blender. The pacing was ok, but the ridiculously amateur directing with the lame extended long dragged out and unnecessary scenes - added to the horrible writing, made this film feel like over 3 hours long. The choreographed action scenes were laughable and lame, and the dialogue (when legible over the loud score) was worse than a 5th grade drama class project. I actually have a headache from the constant, loud, overbearing, annoying and unfitting score. I never expect a decent score for a b-grade film, but this has to be the worst. Then we have model attempting to be a filmmaker Gia Skova attempting to produce, write, direct and act - who failed miserably on all counts. Her constant straight-lipped cheek-boned static look, as well as her CIA Agent non-standard issue long straggly hair, made her role so phony and unconvincing, that a 5th grader could've played her role better and more convincingly. I'd say stick to modeling, but not sure if she still "has it" when she looks around 50 years old.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Covid has brought the worst out in many aspects, including garbage movies that were meant to be destroyed before causing pain to an audience, being released.

    This is awful.

    This gave me PTSD and diarrhea

    Added: Odd that all the general movie "star review scores" have now disappeared (which was 4.4 out of 10 before being deleted). I wonder what that's about?! Never seen that before with any other movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This remind me of an American Bollywood where cameras concentrated too much on her expressionless face.
  • The headline says it all. The only reason I'm continuing to type? It says my review is too short.
  • I'm very easy to please with movies. Give me a woman who can fight and kill and a storyline that you can semi-follow and I'm happy. This movie had the first part with Gia Skova Lucinda as a tough as nails heroine. The storyline was really difficult to follow and extremely scattered. Lucinda is running from the law, then she is the law, a special ops chick, then she's suddenly in jail, and a minute later protecting a little girl who vanishes suddenly (other characters vanish too) and then she's tracking down a mad bomber. Just pick one of those elements and there's a storyline somewhere. This movie just had the same actors doing a bunch of unrelated stuff that was kind of coherent. I saw it for free and cooked while it played. So, nothing was lost. It's a shame. I'm so easy to please. One of my favorite movies was Elektra! I liked Uwe Boll's Bloodrayne movies! Even I'm saying this was bad.
  • The stars of the movie are Gia Skova's blonde hair, her breasts and her duck lips. Why do women still think that duck lips are attractive? Duck lips are funny looking. Gia has limited acting ability - her lines are rather cold. The dialogue is shallow and disjointed. Watch it for a good laugh about how bad a movie can be. I think this movie was about promoting Gia.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sure, I hadn't even heard about the 2020 action movie titled "The Serpent" prior to sitting down to watch it. But I must say that the movie's cover and the fact that it is an action movie, then chances were that this might actually be an enjoyable movie.

    But it wasn't...

    The storyline in "The Serpent", as written by writer and director Gia Skova, was just boring and slow paced, and the movie seemed rather pointless actually. I have to admit that it was so uneventful and boring that I actually fell asleep about 1 hour into the ordeal.

    The acting in the movie was adequate, but not something you should get your hopes up for. I mean, the acting performances got the work done, but they weren't outstanding or particularly impressive.

    With "The Serpent" being an action movie, I must admit that I had hoped that the movie would have offered a bit more of excitement and adrenaline-filled action. To be perfectly honest, it was a bit stale and tale actually, and the action sequences that were in the movie, just didn't really delivered where it mattered.

    If you enjoy action movies, there are an abundance of readily available movies that offer a heck of a lot more enjoyment than "The Serpent" does. I think someone yanked out the teeth and venom glands from the serpent before letting it go. It was a very bland and boring movie experience.

    My rating of "The Serpent" lands on a generous three out of ten stars.
  • What on earth have I just watched!!

    The background music is constant and annoying - as well as being inappropriate for whatever happens to be on screen.

    The continuity is all over the place - I don't think anyone thought about joining the pieces of this film together - and the editing is constant cut scenes - sometimes with characters moving to completely different positions from shot to shot.

    The story is just ridiculous - as is the script/dialogue.

    Then we come to the 'acting'. Oh my word - it is AWFUL. Wooden doesn't come close to describing how bad it is. The main character hardly changes expression - maybe it's because of the plastic surgery - and it seems as though her 'dialogue' had been dubbed in post-production

    The stunts/action is just as stupid as the rest of the film.

    This is one you REALLY shouldn't waste your time or money on.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Lucinda Kavsky (Gia Skova) works for the CIA. She is attempting to thwart multiple bombings. Children are being used as a bomb, having a chip placed in them shortly after they were born years ago. Somehow the chip will trigger a nuclear explosion, something not explained as people do not contain enough fissile material to explode in a mushroom cloud. The reasoning was equally confusing.

    The film soundtrack played the same riff over and over again in an attempt to generate excitement. After 30 minutes of the same tune it grew boring. The story is also told as a flashback with flashbacks within the flashback making it a mess to watch. Gia Skova looks good in tight diver's suit, but was not too convincing as a killer.

    Guide: No sex or nudity. No swearing as I recall.
  • mafiawarsaddict2 March 2021
    Hot women but awful dialog, story and all over the map.
  • george-lemontzis25 February 2021
    Boring, Boring, boring... I don't have any other words to say about this. Waste of time
  • Viewing audience wrote the accurate ones.

    Gave up after 15 minutes as the actions of people was totally incomprehensible.

    2 people shooting at point blank range and missing everything (professional trained law enforcement!)

    Who funds these things, surely someone read the script?

    Just worth watching to help show how very good the pro's are I think.

    At least some people got some wages I guess lol.
  • Watched this on Sky and within 10 minutes was checking the smallprint to see if I could get my money back.

    Terrible film on every level. Acting is totally inept and lead actress deserves recognition for a quite formidable lack of acting ability. Script is awful, continuity all over the place, pacing of the edit is simply spectacularly bad. Even the "dramatic" music is annoying and misplaced.

    Congratulations on making the worst film I've ever seen - and I've watched some utter turkeys over the years!
  • nvonas9 January 2021
    It has always amused me that someone could label art as bad, good, poor, awful, laughable, lame, abysmal, horrible, or any other adjective of the day, as if it is test score. To me, art is subjective, and that is what I have always cherished it for. I believe it should be that way for everyone. I never call a movie awful. I never call a song horrible. I never call a painting lame. Because it isn't up to me. It is up to the individual viewing it. What I consider a classic movie, many would laugh at me for. Our opinions are different. You, me, everyone. That is what makes us unique. That is what makes us interesting. Otherwise we become the sheep that much of the world is becoming now.

    That being said, there are many reasons I like this film. First of all, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity of playing one of the of story's characters. It allowed me to be around a fantastic group of people, who all cared very much for each other and the project they were working on. It allowed me to connect with some talented and hard-working artists, such as Gia Skova. I have a very high respect for anyone who makes a feature and is involved with it every step of the way. Not many of us can say that, including myself. Not many people understand the amount of work involved and the sacrifices one must make to get it done. For these reasons, I feel honored to have been give the chance to work with Gia. She has taught me a lot.

    In my opinion, the acting in The Serpent is solid. Yes, it is a biased opinion. So be it. The cinematography is beautiful. Very well done. Great editing. The crew was all around fantastic to work with and everyone involved worked their hardest to put out the best product possible with the budget that they had to work with.

    We are all growing as people and artists. That is where I find the fun. In the journey itself. My goal is to enjoy the ride and improve myself every step of the way. I don't judge end results, I simply include them in my ride.

    See the movie for yourself and then move onto the next adventure in your life. Wherever your journey take you, find the positivity in everything you see and do.
  • deborahhola9 January 2021
    "Entertaining, thought-provoking, intelligent, and is sure to spark further discussion, which is precisely why the film is so important."
  • fyrkookie9 January 2021
    Gia is a dynamo, on and off the screen. Her passion for this project knows no bounds! She is the real deal and is a force to be reckoned with!
  • The star/writer/director needs to study the chapter on 'suspension of disbelief,' that part of the art of story telling that involves introducing the audience to the story and the underlying concepts, drawing them into the plot, no matter how far-fetched. This movie starts and you're in the middle of . . . Something! What a mess. I rented this POS and turned it off after 10- minutes it was so bad. Joke's on me.
  • kiminhwa11 January 2021
    This film has great over the top action scenes, an entertaining plot with some unexpected twists and a good looking star.
  • yaya-7632111 January 2021
    Don't believe everything what you read here. It's not so bad. What do you expect for the killing time movie???
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I enjoyed this film written and directed by the star Gia Skova . I got immediately hooked with the exciting 1st car chase action sequence and must admit that I was mesmerized by the beauty of Gia who fights HARD with the elegance against very tough soldiers throughout the film. I mean she KILLS a lot of guys. She even snapped this man's neck with her bare arms. How cool is that!? I think the whole cast did excellent job to give the lives to the characters in the suspenseful world Gia Skova created with her passion. She should keep creating and I look forward to her future films!
  • If you like this kind of movie, I hope you watch it. It is a very good work to spend time with. It's a good time to watch a movie because you can't go outside.
  • I originally hate doing reviews. But I think this movie is necessary, so I leave it. If I have a lot of time, I really want to watch this movie.
  • dn-6244711 January 2021
    Yes, It's a low budget film, but I think her action is Awesome, and she is very attractive.

    It's not that bad.
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