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  • I went into "Oh, Hello" knowing very little, and I think that's the best way to go into this. "Oh, Hello" is a weird and stupidly brilliant mix of stand-up and theatre, and as a passionate fan of both of these mediums, I absolutely loved the way Nick Kroll and John Mulaney blended and created this performance. "Oh, Hello" is unique, original, and interesting, and should be considered essential for theatre and stand-up fans. The characters of George and Gil are well executed and extremely fun to watch, and I absolutely love this special. It is one of the most quotable pieces I have ever seen. Don't get me wrong, there are flaws here. The show tries to tackle a lot of different things; an interview, standup, a story, a "ballet", and all these elements are well meaning and pretty well executed, but sometimes, particularly during the interview, they feel a little bit like lulls in the performance. A lot of the jokes, as well, are very New York based, about specific parts of living in and being in New York city, and if you're not familiar with NYC then these might go over your head, even though they're quite poignant and funny. That being said, the elements that Kroll and Mulaney introduce here are extremely interesting and entertaining, and make the show incredibly unique and fun to watch, and if you like performance art of really any form, you'll probably enjoy this. "Oh, Hello" is an excellent example the great kind of creative content a platform like Netflix can provide, and is definitely deserving of at least one watch. 9.5/10
  • matt-gelfer3 October 2017
    Full disclosure- if you don't enjoy Broadway shows, subtract one star from the rating, and if you don't live in New York, subtract another. The humor is unapologetically slanted to a New York theater audience, but it is, after all, a limited run Broadway show.

    Mulaney and Kroll inhabit their characters so comfortably and completely that one tends to forget the men behind them. A two-hour show of self- absorbed, borderline delusional caricatures is so reminiscent of Steve Martin's early comedy that his cameo in the middle of the show feels like a foregone conclusion.

    The jokes are fast paced but the premise never seems rushed. The performance is loose, but scripted and theatrical enough to feel substantial. I've watched it twice. Highly, highly recommended to comedy fans.
  • jwible-8293212 October 2018
    My 2 favorite comedians at the top of their game! I'm not from NY. And not a Broadway fan. But I saw this show live and on Netflix and loved it both times! The humor isn't for everyone I guess, but it was 100% for me.
  • colephotographic16 December 2018
    Found it mildly humorous but think it's too regional specific.

    I'd imagine if your American, or more specifically from New York, it's probably absolutely hilarious but unfortunately humour that really doesn't cross the pond.

    A disjointed and bizarre show that I only watched on Netflix because it mentioned Michael J Fox and for that, I only needed to watch the 7min trailer rather than the whole show.
  • staceykempkes11 March 2019
    If you like John Mulaney's standup, you'll appreciate this show. I loved it!
  • "Oh, Hello" is the marriage of two incredibly talented comedians into one fantastic act. Apart, both Mulaney and Kroll are funny but their chemistry together is something magical. My only reservation about their project is the fact that some of the humor might not carry over to non-American audiences - I live in the States so it isn't an issue for me, but jokes about NYC might be less funny without context. Regardless, a great show and one of the few great Netflix specials.
  • Although I never saw the creation of Gil & George (2005 performing at alt comedy rooms) I feel like I've been on an amazing journey with them. Nick and John's ability to riff off each other is almost effortless.

    Listening to them on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang (hosted by Hot Saucerman) was my first experience and whenever they dropped by the show, they were funny to a degree of perfection.

    Gil and George's sketch segment on Kroll Show called Too Much Tuba really made me realize how much I hate tuna, and for that I am eternally grateful.

    I don't know them and they don't know me, but I was proud of them regardless when Oh Hello turned into a Broadway show. I'm not in theater but performing on Broadway seems like a pretty big deal. I loved when John got a Swedish Fish in his teeth. I love when Nick called the audience poor. I loved Steve Martin. But mostly, I loved when Nick accidentally sang Movin Out by Billy Joel.

    And a huge shout out to Anna who does their old man makeup. They look old as hell. You nailed it.
  • What the hell... this is so poor and so not funny, maybe if you are a New Yorker you might think it is. I wanted a good laugh and so got this film. It's vaguely and slightly amusing at the start but then just bores. How these two make a living out of this poor form of writing is hard to believe. Don't waste your time unless you somehow like these guys humor, I did not get it at all and regretted watching this movie.